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"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I live alone and never felt entirely safe until now. I know that now, I'm covered by the REACTOR."
--Olivia A.


"It's really wonderful. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product. The Reactor is the most valuable home accessory we have EVER purchased." --James R.


"Money well spent. Your company is great to work with. I was amazed at the quality and ease of use of the Reactor." --Matt L.


"Finally, a home security system that I can control with NO monthly fees."

--Mario S.


"The Reactor did exactly what you said it does. You guys rock! I was a skeptic, but now I'm a true believer."

--Ryan W.


"It usually takes me a while to learn how a product works. However, the Reactor is so easy to use and the customer service I received was top-notch." --Beverly H.


"As a new home owner we were not sure what type of system to install in our home. Due to the economy we knew it had to be effective and affordable. We are so glad we purchased the Reactor not only for our new home but our RV as well..."

--Melissa C.


"I don't normally write to a company but, this item is AMAZING. When I demonstrate it to friends and family on how it works their mouths drop open in amazement. Kudos Safeguard."

--Aiden Q.


"Everyday I learn more and more about my Reactor. I can't believe it covers my basement too!!! It's so cool! --Kelli G.


What’s the sense in having a security system for your home… If you can’t prevent the crime.


Safeguard Agent

Frank Mooneyhan

Safeguard Jupiter

19428 Pinetree Dr
Jupiter, FL 33469 USA

(561) 935-9779

Almost 20 yrs ago my wife and I began searching for the perfect community for our family in which to raise our children. After we selected the Jupiter area, we enjoyed reading the police report from the Jupiter Courier. It reminded us of what we might read from a newspaper in Mayberry: "Ernest T. threw another rock today and broke a window at the courthouse." The crime stats then were not too worrisome. Times change. Today that report has been removed from the paper, because, though Jupiter and the Palm Beaches are generally still safe places to live, crime has taken a sharp increase.

Reading current events here and all over the world, it doesn't take much imagination to foresee problems arising in any neighborhood, even a paradise such as we enjoy in the Palm Beaches and coastal communities. Any disruption in our stretched society could trigger dangerous activity, especially in a down economy.

I like to be proactive in keeping my community safe. After I discovered the products and corporate culture at SAFEGUARD Security, I had to be a part of it. SAFEGUARD Security is numbered among many home security companies in this area, but we are the ONLY security company that offers home alarm systems that can prevent a crime before it occurs. I invite you to take a few minutes to look over our site to discover how our technology can make that claim. All other home security companies and their home alarm systems base your home security on alarm systems being triggered some time after a burglar has already entered. I think you'll agree that your home safety and personal security is better served if that criminal hears or sees alarm systems being activated before he's entered your door or window.

When the outside world seems to be coming apart at times, nothing is more important than your home security. Your home is your refuge from the world. Let us give you a free demonstration how adding our extra layer of protection will give you much more peace of mind than you ever had before.


The Need for Security is Real

Crime doesn't sleep, your home alarm systems shouldn't either! It's one of the hard, cruel facts of life: Crime happens, and more than we'd like to believe. Unfortunately, it looks like crime, especially home invasions, may be on the increase.

Police officials say they are concerned the troubled US economy could lead to a swelling in suburban crime. As home foreclosures increase and unemployment skyrockets, break-ins and theft may start to set records.

There's another issue to consider as well: Many law enforcement agencies are facing severe budget cuts, resulting in service reductions - and creating longer response times.

A police executive research forum survey recently released reported that 45% of 180 police chiefs polled nationwide admitted losing crime-fighting strength in their departments due to economic woes. Home alarm systems are no longer a luxury… they are a true necessity.

Don't Be an Easy Target

A homeowner's only option is to remove any opportunities for a burglar to have an easy target. One of the greatest deterrents is noise or other attention grabbing actions. Once a burglar senses his cover is gone, he'll move on from your home and look for a more inviting (and less threatening) target.

However, only about 30% of private homes & apartments actually have security systems, and many of those may not even work correctly.

The sad part is that many people don't think about their security needs until AFTER they've become a victim of a crime. Unfortunately, for some, this mistake will not only cost them financial loss, it may very well cost them their lives.

The time is NOW to make the decision for protecting your valuables - and your family.

Remember: Property can be replaced - your family can't.