10 Best Safety Razor For Balls in 2022– Reviews & Top Picks

As the fashion world evolves, more and more new trends are being introduced which are slowly becoming a permanent practice in our lives. In today’s fashion industry, men’s fashion is rapidly improving and men and boys are becoming more cautious of how they look, how they smell, and so on.

We spend hundreds of dollars in clothes, colognes, shoes, haircare, skincare, and so many more things. The majority of men spend a lot of money each month grooming their hair and beard, making their looks more stylish and attractive, but what about pubic hair?

Manscaping is as important as grooming one’s hair and beard but we do not see men putting much thought or effort to it. Well, shaving the private parts can feel a bit complicated if you do not have access to the right tools. There are thousands of different razors available in the market today but not all of them are suitable for shaving your balls.

Our team has put immense effort and combed the market in search of the best razor for balls. In this guide, we will discuss some of the best safety razor for balls and several factors associated with it.

10 Safety Razor For Balls Comparison Chart

Product NameWaterproofReplaceable BladeRazor Type
Gillette Styler 3-in-1YesYesClassic
Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100YesYesElectric
King C. Gillette Double Edge Safety RazorYesYesDouble Edged
YASUN YS5800 Electric Razor For MenYesYesElectric
Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100YesYesElectric
MANSCAPED™ The Plow™ 2.0YesYesDouble Edged
Braun 310S Electric Razor For MenYesYesElectric

Our Best Safety Razor For Balls Reviews in 2022

1. Gillette Styler 3-in-1

Gillette is one of the top performing razor brands all over the world. The brand is well known for its amazing quality, performing, durability, and so on. The Gillette Styler 3-in-1 is an outstanding product by the company and is a proof of its quality of product.

This safety razor is available to the people as an entire combo that includes 1 ProGlide Blade Refill, 1 Trimmer, battery, 3 different comb attachments and a beautiful organizer. All of these attachments that comes with the razor are safe to use, easy to handle, and completely waterproof. This means that it is entirely safe to use in the shower and you do not have to worry about the rusting of the blades or attachments.

The three comb attachments are 2mm, 4mm, and 6mm which makes the safety razor suitable for all sorts of hair length. The precision of the trimmer makes its suitable for hard to reach areas and help you to safety shave your balls without any cuts. The trimmer also comes with an easy grip handle making it easier for use and ensures a precise and smooth trim.

The 3-in-1 feature of this safety razor allows you to trim, shave, and edge your hair at the price of one and it is available at an affordable price. However, the only downside of this razor is that it has an adequate lifespan and requires replacement in a few months or a year depending on use.

Highlighted Features:

3-in-1 safety razor combo

Includes three comb attachments

Outstanding trimmer precision

Comes with an easy to grip handle


Easy to handle

Waterproof and prevents the blade from rusting

Great for trimming hard to reach areas

Available at an affordable price


Has an adequate lifespan

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2. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100

Philips is a big name in the conglomerate industry and have over hundreds of different types and models available in all parts of the world. This company from the Netherlands has made an outstanding reputation for itself all around the globe due to its superior product quality, performance, and durability. The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100 is an example of the amazing quality, performance and one of the best safety razor for balls that the brand offers.

The trimmer in this high quality bodygroom series is an extremely reliable bi-directional trimmer and ensures a smooth performance. Bi-directional blade of the trimmer means that it can easily trim hair in both direction, making it easier for you to operate. The series comes with a trimmer, trimming comb, battery, and a shower cord included in the package.

It is a battery operated hair trimmer and the 1/8-inch trimming comb makes sure that it is suitable for hair of all lengths. It also comes with a high quality shower cord and this allows you to store the trimmer easily and without any hassle. You will find this trimmer and trimming comb series in three different colors: blue, silver, and black. The waterproof feature allows you to use comfortably in the shower and you do not have to worry about the blades rusting.

The blade of this trimmer is smooth on your skin and will make sure that you do not experience any sort of discomfort after use. It is completely gentle on the sensitive areas of your body such as chest, underarms, and balls. This series is available at a highly affordable price, but the only downside is that it takes a long time to shave.

Highlighted Features:

·        Extraordinary performance

·        Trimmer comes with a shower cord, battery, and trimming comb

·        Battery operated

·        Available in three colors


·        Available at an affordable price

·        Suitable for sensitive areas of the body

·        Waterproof

·        Ensures a smooth trimming experience


·        Takes a lot of time to trim hair

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3. King C. Gillette Double Edge Safety Razor

In the market of safety razors and trimmers, the King C. Gillette controls a significant part with its amazing quality, performance, and reliability. The Double Edge Safety Razor by the brand is an outstanding representation of the durability and functionality of the product.

It is a chrome-plated safety razor that functions with a single blade that makes sure you have a smooth shaving experience. This double edged safety razor makes it easier for you to shave without having to worry about accidents and cuts. It comes with 5 single blades made out of stainless steel and you can easily replace the razor blade with a new one when needed.

The stainless steel body of the razor and the blades makes it suitable for use in the shower and significantly reduces the chances of rusting. This safety razor will make sure that your skin is not irritated in any way after use. The sharp blades ensure a proper and accurate cutting and the classic design of the razor makes it easy to store and handle, preventing the risks of cuts.

This razor is suitable for all parts of your body, including the sensitive ones. As it comes with 5 single blades included in the package, it is extremely durable and lasts for a long time. The price may seem a bit high but given the performance and durability, it is worth it.

Highlighted Features:

·        Smooth shaving experience

·        Chrome-plated stainless steel razor

·        Comes with 5 stainless steel blades

·        Double-edged razor ensures easy shave


·        Offers high durability

·        Easy blade replacement

·        Suitable for susceptible parts of the body

·        Easy to handle and store


·        Slightly expensive compared to many similar products

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4. YASUN YS5800 Electric Razor For Men

In today’s razor and trimmer market, electric shavers are gaining popularity as they are stylish and convenient to use. We have picked one of the best ball shaver men in the market and that is the YASUN YS5800 Electric Razor For Men.

This electric shavers features an outstanding ultra thin foil technology that ensures a close and precise shave without irritating or cutting the skin. The shave head is easy to clean and replace as it is washable and waterproof. You will find this shaver in two colors: black and silver along with 2 AA batteries required to power the razor.

It is a rechargeable electric razor that runs for at least 2 hours on a 5 minute charge and you can easily recharge it with any standard DC output such as power bank, adapter, laptop, and so on. The safety feature of this electric razor allows you to easily turn on and off the shaver. Not only that, but it can be stored easily and is travel-friendly.

The waterproof and washable feature of this electric razor makes it suitable for use in both dry and wet conditions, meaning you can use it in the shower as well. It provides a gentle experience on the skin and works appropriately on sensitive parts of the body as well such as underarms, chest, and balls.

Highlighted Features:

Features ultra thin foil technology

Comes with two AA batteries

Rechargeable electric razor

Waterproof and washable


Ensures precise hair trimming

Works in both wet and dry conditions

Easy to clean, carry, and store

Compatible with all skin types and body parts


Does not come with a battery indicator

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5. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100 is another outstanding product manufactured by Philips. Similar to the YASUN electric razor mentioned above, it is also a high quality and performing rechargeable shaver.

It is a lightweight rechargeable electric razor that comes with three trimming combs, making this product suitable for hair of all lengths. The blades are made up of stainless steel and this prevents the blades from rusting. It also comes with a cordless charger and this makes it easier for you to charge and store the trimmer easily.

The product features a long back attachment which makes it convenient for use and helps the users to shave their backs and other hard to reach areas. The safety trimming combs prevent accidents, cuts, and so on during shaving. Not only that, but it easily cuts the thickest hairs and is suitable for all parts of the body. It leaves a gentle shaving experience without causing any sort of irritation to the skin.

The waterproof feature of the electric razor allows you to use it in the washroom and makes it easy to clean. You can use this trimmer for at least 30 minutes on a charge of 8 hours. The foil head of the razor makes sure that the hair is cut precisely and does not cause any ingrown hair. However, the only problem with this product is that it comes with a significantly high price tag.

Highlighted Features:

·        Comes with three trimming combs

·        Razor head is manufactured with foil

·        Comes with a long attachment for comfort and grip

·        Rechargeable


·        Waterproof

·        Easy to clean, store, and carry

·        Durable and lightweight

·        Prevents cuts, nicks, and accidents


·        Operating time is low compared to the charging time.

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6. MANSCAPED™ The Plow™ 2.0

It is hard to find the perfect safety razor for the important and sensitive bits that will not irritate or cut the skin. To put an end to this search, Manscaped™ introduced The Plow™ 2.0, suitable for all skin types.

It is a single blade double edged safety razor like the King C. Gillette razor mentioned above. The black and lightweight razor is made up of brass and zinc, and comes with three stainless steel blades. It is a high quality product that has been specifically designed to be gentle on the skin during and after shaving. While the majority of razors in the market expose the skin to cuts and breakouts, this product ensures a smooth shaving finish.

The handle is made up of brass while the shaving head is manufactured using zinc, making the razor easy to clean and maintain. It is a waterproof razor and can be used in shower, bathroom, or wherever you want to. This razor works smoothly on all types of skin and can easily reach the hard to reach areas.

You will feel a major difference in performance and shaving experience when you switch to this razor. You can easily switch the blades and replace the old blade with a new one. The best part is that it is available at an affordable price.

Highlighted Features:

·        Double-edged safety razor

·        Comes with three stainless steel blades

·        Suitable for all skin types

·        Ensures a smooth performance


·        Lightweight and durable

·        Highly convenient and easy to use

·        Waterproof

·        Budget-friendly


·        Takes a long time to shave precisely

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7. Braun 310S Electric Razor For Men

While searching for the top performing safety razors in the industry, we stumbled upon the Braun 310S Electric Razor For Men. It is made up of high quality materials and ensures comfort along with an outstanding shaving experience.

This highly functional electric razor has been designed and manufactured in Germany by the company. The razor comes with three pressure sensitive stages which makes the blade suitable for all lengths of hair and all skin types. This makes sure that your skin is smooth and the cut is precise to the smallest degree possible.

It is a washable and waterproof electric shave and can be used in the shower and bathroom with gel, shaving foam, and water. You can easily clean the blade after you are done shaving and the protective cap helps you to store and carry the trimmer easily. It is a rechargeable battery operated electric shaver that can be cordlessly charged.

The safety feature of the blade comes with a smooth foil technology which makes sure that you do not cut or nick yourself while shaving and the lightweight stainless steel body of the razor ensures a better grip. Not only that, you can purchase a replacement head which allows you to replace the blade easily instead of purchasing a new electric razor. Manufacturers typically recommend a razor head replacement once in every 18 months.

Highlighted Features:

Manufactured and designed in Germany

Comes with three pressure sensitive stages


Features smooth foil technology


Washable and waterproof

Suitable for use on all skin types

Replaceable razor head

Affordable price


Not suitable for trimming

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8. Hatteker Men’s 3-in-1 Beard Trimmer

The Hatteker Men’s 3-in-1 Beard Trimmer is one of the top safety razors in the industry suitable for your beard, underarms, and balls. Its extraordinary features make it a great choice for personal use and a perfect gift idea as well.

It is a complete men’s grooming kit that comes with a high quality trimmer and three attachments including precision dial, tunable blade, and 6 trimming combs suitable for different lengths of hair. The blade is made up of ceramic titanium which makes sure that it lasts for a longer time and stays sharp ensuring a smooth and precise shave.

The precision dial allows you to get the desired shaving experience while the tunable blade ensures that it works of all lengths of hair. The entire body and the blades of the trimmer are washable, making it compatible for use in wet conditions and also makes cleaning easier. It can be simply turned on and off with the help of a switch and the led indicator shows the amount of charge left.

It ensures a quite shaving performance and does not make much noise like the majority of electric shavers. The battery life is amazing as you can use the trimmer for at least 2.5 hours over a charging period of 90 minutes. The price of this top quality trimmer is highly affordable compared to several similar products.

Highlighted Features:

Comes with 3 different attachments

Outstanding battery life

Ceramic titanium blade

Cordless charging feature


The entire trimmer is waterproof

Led indicator shows battery level

Available at a reasonable price

Suitable for all hair lengths and body parts


Reported noise in a few pieces

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9. Vikings Blade The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor

The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor by the Vikings Blade is known for its efficient performance, outstanding quality, and all-round precision.

It is a lightweight double edge safety razor that comes with two top quality Swedish 13C26 steel mild blades that are sharp, high performing, and lasts for a longer period. The body of the razor is also made up of high quality alloy steel and the design ensures a comfortable grip and makes it easier for the user to glide the blade over the skin.

It is suitable for each and every skin type and makes sure that the shave is precise and does not irritate the skin in any manner. You can easily use it in the shower and it is suitable for facial hair along with chest, underarms, and other sensitive bits of the body. You can easily replace the blades when required and this makes the razor last for a longer period.

It comes in an elegant packaging which makes it a decent and thoughtful gift to give to your partner or friends. Not only that, but it is easy to carry and it only takes a few seconds to clean the blade after use. You will experience an undoubtedly smooth and precise hair cut with this razor.

Highlighted Features:

·        Comes with two high quality blades

·        Double edged safety razor

·        Lightweight and durable

·        Replaceable blades


·        Glides smoothly over the skin

·        Available at a budget-friendly price

·        Perfect gift idea

·        Showerproof and easy to clean


·        The size of the razor is small

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10. Remington PG525 Body Groomer Kit

Last but not least, we will discuss about the Remington PG525 Body Groomer Kit. The brand is well-known for its amazing product quality, performance, and durability, and the PG525 Kit is proof of the quality offered by the company.

This high quality body grooming kit is suitable for hair starting from head to toe, including nose, ear, beard, chest, underarm, balls, and legs. You will find 9 different attachments with the kit to meet all of your grooming requirements. All of these attachments along with the body of the trimmer are washable and can be cleaned within a few seconds after use.

The lithium battery included with the trimmer can be charged easily with a cordless charger and the amazing battery life ensures a long-lasting performance. All the included attachments are self sharpening and this means that the blades provide a smooth performance for a longer time.

This electric razor can be stored easily and carried from one place to another without hassle. Not only that, but you can use it on all hair lengths and skin types, allowing it to glide and cut the hair precisely without any accidents. The entire kit is available at a reasonable price.

Highlighted Features:

·        Comes with 9 different attachments

·        Suitable for head to toe grooming

·        Cordless charging

·        Waterproof


·        Operating time is at least 60 minutes per charge

·        Outstanding brand reputation

·        Can be cleaned within a few seconds

·        Inexpensive


·        Few complaints regarding battery health

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Buying Guide For A Balls Safety Razor

The balls are an essential body part and an extremely sensitive one. You will have to be careful when it comes to choosing one as shaving accidents are nothing new. Here, we will discuss a few factors that will allow you to buy the best safety razor for balls. These are:

Type Of Razor

Razors are available in quite a few types, including the classic T-shaped razor and electric shavers. You will have to choose the safety razor for yourself depending on your comfortability and requirement. Make sure that you also keep the grip and storage option of the razor into consideration as well.

Blade And Replacement Options

The blades of the razor you are choosing is an essential factor to consider as well as the performance of the trimmer depends on the sharpness of the blade. While an extra sharp blade will work at a faster speed than usual, it will also increase the risks of causing cuts and nicks on the sensitive areas. On the other hand, a dull blade can cause bumps, ingrown hair, and so on. Thus, choosing the right sharpness of the blade is important.

The majority of blades in the market are best disposable razor for balls, but a few manufacturers offer replaceable blades. You can easily replace the old blades with a new one once they are dull and this significantly includes the longevity of the razor.


We typically use razors in the shower or in the bathroom with the presence of water. Thus, it is essential for the razor and the blades to be waterproof otherwise the blade can start rusting. Not only that, but waterproof and washable razors are easier to clean and more convenient to use. Waterproofing is specifically important when it comes to electric razors as water can ruin the machinery inside if they are not waterproof.

Battery Life

This factor is important to consider when it comes to using or purchasing an electric razor. The battery life on each charge will tell you about the performance of the razor and how long it will work on a single charge.


Razor is an essential and regular hygiene product and therefore, the price of the razor is a factor that you have to consider. Before purchasing the razor, check the price of the product and the details. Make sure that you research the market well as there are several alternatives that you will find at a lower price but that come with the same quality, performance, and so on.

How to Shave Your Balls?

Genital hygiene is an important part as there are quite a few benefits included with it. However, many people have questions about how to shave their balls properly, and we have the answer to that question. The steps are:

Trim The Hair:

Take the trimmer and adjust the blade and the trimming comb properly. Trim the hair to prep the area for a clean and safe shave.

Soak And Apply A Shaving Product:

Once you are done trimming the hair, it is now time to soak the area with warm water and apply a shaving product. You can use any shaving product that is suitable with your skin and does not cause allergies or irritate the skin. Make sure that you use products that do not contain any sort of artificial scents as they can often cause swelling and itching.

Shave Your Balls

After soaking and applying the shaving product, you now have to shave your balls. If you are using a classic razor, make sure that you have a good grip on the handle and replace the blade before use if required. On the other hand, if you are using an electric razor, make sure that it is charged and adjusted at the right setting of precision.

Gently pull the skin taut to avoid cuts and nicks and shave the area in slow and gentle strokes. Make sure that you grip the razor properly and apply a slight pressure to shave in the direction of hair growth. Rinse the area with warm water once you are done and gently dry the area.


Aftershave is typically used on facial hair after shaving, but it is something you cannot use on your balls as the area is sensitive. However, aftercare is essential, so make sure that you use a balm or oil that suits your skin and is gentle. Similar to the shaving products, ensure that the aftercare item does not contain any such ingredients that can cause itching, swelling, or discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It A Good Idea To Use Safety Razors On Your Balls?

Safety razors are the best type of razors to shave your balls as it significantly reduces the risks of cuts and nicks. Not only that, but it decreases the chances of skin irritation, swelling, or ingrown hair.

2. How Often Should I Shave My Balls?

When it comes to shaving your balls, it typically depends on the hair growth and your comfort. Health professionals and experts usually recommend shaving the balls once every two weeks or once a month.

3. What To Do In Case You Nick Or Cut Yourself While Shaving?

In case you cut or nick yourself when it comes to shaving your balls, you cannot put a band-aid on it as the skin is being stretched constantly. Take a tissue paper and place it over the nick to stop bleeding. Apply a gentle balm or oil with a soothing agent as it will help you to get rid of the burning sensation caused by the nick.

4. Can I Use Scissors To Trim The Hair On Your Balls?

The first step of shaving your balls is to trim the area before preparing the skin for the shave. You can use the scissors to trim the hair on the area but you have to make sure to do that carefully in order to avoid cuts. However, we typically recommend the use of a trimmer to trim the hair.

Final Words

Shaving your balls is essential to maintain hygiene as an unshaved genital can cause bacterial growth while causing uncomfortableness due to the coarse nature of the hair. However, since the area is sensitive, it is essential to make sure that you use a safety razor. The products mentioned in the guide above are considered to be the best safety razor for balls available in the market right now. Make sure that you properly research the buying factors before purchasing a razor for your balls.

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