Arcadia Power Review – What Makes It Stand Out Among Its Competitors

Renewable energy sources for electricity is our world’s future. No matter how long coal, oil, and natural gas try to hold out, the fossil fuels are finite resources and have a limited amount of time before they run out. While many scientists argue that nuclear energy is a great alternative and can last us for thousands of years, there are still other alternatives like wind power and solar energy. This Arcadia Power review post will share more.

In this post, we will learn how renewable energy sources are injecting themselves into the energy grid. Such companies are leveraging green energy as their marketing tool and excellent customer service as their hook to keep their customers.

What Is Arcadia Power?

Arcadia Power is a utility company that ensures its customers source their energy through wind or solar power. They are not a direct energy company, meaning they can’t directly send the power through your lines. Rather, you can make sure that a portion of your energy is used through renewable energy sources.



For free, you can be sure that 50% of your energy usage is through wind power. For a percentage extra of your normal electric bill , you can ensure that 100% of your electricity is sourced through wind power.

You pay Arcadia Power through your bank, and then they pay your current electric company. They typically bill you about 10 days before your electric bill is due to make sure they pay your electric bill on time each month.

This is extremely useful in states like Ohio, who still source up to 86% of their energy through coal. It is even a great alternative in states where natural gas is being used to power electricity since natural gas, while cleaner, is still a fossil fuel based energy source.



Arcadia Power has solar energy programs too. While currently out of reach for lower income budgets, for a fee per solar panel, you can participate in a community solar energy project to have your energy bill based on solar energy.

It’s far more expensive to take part in this program versus the wind program they have, but they have it calculated over time how long it would take for pay for itself. It means, of course, you’d have to have the money up front to participate in the solar program, but it is still a great option for the people who have the money to make this sort of energy investment.



Through this Arcadia Power review, we have learned they even have programs where with referrals you can save money off your monthly energy bill with them. They also give you tips to maximize your home or apartment’s efficiency to save on your electricity bill. The Arcadia Power review by their customers remains positive as well.

Arcadia Power believes in keeping its customers completely satisfied and happy – not only to grow their business but to support their philosophy of making it easy for people to access renewable energy options for their homes.

Company Profile


Arcadia was founded in 2014 by a native of Kentucky coal country. Knowing that coal was a dying business already, Arcadia wanted to give people a user-friendly and accessible platform to help people grab on to wind and solar energy at a faster pace than what was offered at the time.

Superior customer service and offering savings for referrals are two big features beyond the assurance that green renewable energy sources are being used to power your home. By the end of 2014, residents of all 50 states could participate in their renewable energy programs. They also have no contract, so you can start and stop their program at any time.

How Arcadia Compares to Other Companies

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare. There is no other company currently offering the exact services Arcadia Power offers. Some companies are internet based and seek to connect their customers to local energy sources to lower their customers’ energy bill, but they are not 100% committed to renewable energy.

Other companies simply offer an energy monitoring service for your home while yet others are solar power companies. In this Arcadia Power Review, we’ve chosen to compare some solar power companies to highlight whether you’d want to purchase solar power directly or invest through Arcadia’s solar community program as a cheaper option that will save you some money on your electric bill.


Arcadia Power


Type of Energy

Through the Arcadia Power review, we’ve learned they offer both wind and solar utility options.

Installation Time

There is no installation time. You invest in Arcadia Power’s use of solar and wind energy that already exists, and they pay your current electric company.


There is no contract with Arcadia Power, so you can start and stop their services at any time.


  • There is a free option available for those who cannot afford to invest extra money into their program
  • Arcadia Power reviews reveal they have excellent customer service
  • You can invest in either wind or solar energy
  • Through their website, you can calculate how long it will take for the community solar panel(s) to pay for itself after the upfront expense


  • You’re buying REC (Renewable Energy Credits) while your base energy company could still be using fossil fuels

SunLux Energy


SunLux Energy is a full-service solar energy company. They boast being able to take care of everything from paperwork to the maintenance of your solar panels so that the only thing you have to really worry about is watching the savings roll in on your electric bill. They design the best solar panel system for your home and even take care of the construction permits needed for your area.

SunLux Energy was started by three people who invested in their own company to make it work the way they want it too. They partner with solar panel companies like Tesla to offer the best solar panels the industry has to offer. They also provide lifetime support and not only the consultation and installing process.

Type of Energy

SunLux is a renewable energy company based completely on solar energy.

Installation Time

The total process from beginning to end can take weeks to complete, but SunLux does provide estimates for how many days to expect each step to take.


SunLux offers a 25-year warranty on their solar panel system.


  • Sunlux takes care of the entire process from consultation to turning on your solar panels to start receiving energy savings
  • Saves on electric bills immediately after installation
  • Offers lifetime support and 25-year system warranty


  • Solar Energy panels are still an expensive energy not accessible to many people
  • Is installed on top of existing roofs, which could damage them



Sunrun is currently the number one residential solar company in the US serving 22 states with various solar energy plans. They have been in business for 11 years now. Unlike other companies, Sunrun tells you up front that the average solar system can be rather expensive.

While financing is available, it is still a significant investment people will need to consider since it will take a bit of time for the savings in electric bills to net a payoff for the upfront expenses of a solar panel system.

Sunrun also offers system monitoring, free maintenance and a 20-year warranty on their system. They use a system to use satellite images to custom match the best solar panel design for your home to maximize solar energy output and usage.

Type of Energy

Sunrun is an energy company 100% dealing with solar energy.

Installation Time

Installation could take weeks to complete from beginning to end.


Sunrun offers a 20-year warranty for their solar panel system.


  • Saves on electric bills immediately after installation
  • Design program customizes your solar panel plan
  • Sunrun offers multiple packages and no money down financing
  • They offer a 20-year warranty for their system, support, and free maintenance


  • Solar Energy panels are still an expensive energy option not accessible to many people
  • Is installed on top of existing roofs, which could damage them

Vivint Solar

vivint solar

Vivint Solar is currently operational in 21 states so far offering solar energy packages. They offer a map on their website to take out the guesswork on if their services cover your state or not.

Vivint Solar has been around since 2011 and also boasts taking care of the entire solar panel installation process from beginning to end. They also offer plans including no money down for upfront expenses. They also boast excellent customer service and a 25-year warranty on their solar panel system.

Type of Energy

Vivint Solar is an energy company dealing in 100% solar energy.

Installation Time

Installation could take weeks to complete, but Vivint Solar promises to take care of everything from beginning to end including any local permits.


Vivint Solar offers a 25-year warranty on their solar panel system.


  • Vivint Solar takes care of the entire installation process from beginning to the end
  • They offer a 25-year warranty on their solar panel system
  • Vivint Solar has won awards for their excellent customer service
  • This company says they do not outsource any part of their services


  • Solar Energy panels are still an expensive energy option not accessible to many people
  • Is installed on top of existing roofs, which could damage them


From this Arcadia Power review, we have concluded that Arcadia Power deserves the praise they regularly recieve. Solar panels are not accessible to millions of people. Whether the reason is purely the budget, or because solar power companies are not offering services yet in all 50 states, Arcadia offers an affordable way for people to source their electricity through renewable energy.

Arcadia is offered in all 50 states. For people who live in apartments or who just cannot afford any extra expenses on their electricity bills, they offer a free service where up to 50% of your electricity can be sourced through wind power. For people who can afford a slight increase in their electric bill, you can have 100% of your electricity sourced through wind power.

Arcadia Power has a unique competitive advantage that makes them accessible and affordable to millions of people while other options aren’t. Besides all this, they’re also committed to excellent customer service to resolve all issues you may have.

The solar panel companies, while offering a 10-year waterproof guarantee on roof installations, are still installing solar panels on top of existing house roofs. The risk of damage is still real for these types of systems. With Arcadia, you don’t have to worry about any installation hassles or possible roof damage at all when you purchase however many community solar panels you want. Purchasing solar panels in a community will still generate savings on your electric bill for picking the solar energy option.

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  1. The only option in my area for Arcadia is Evergreen. If I sign up for that, I’d be sending about $7 a month to Arcadia, while still sending over $100 a month to my local utility monopoly, who would have no knowledge of the deal with Arcadia and would still be burning my entire payment on dirty energy. So I don’t understand how Arcadia is going to displace my entire usage with $7 of RECs. Please explain.


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