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Grimm Book Safes makes it easy to hide valuables in plain sight! Lockboxes housed inside book covers. They can be personalized within 1-2 working days so that you can purchase them right away or get them by the last minute! This low-profile book safe is 8 1/4″ x 12″ x 2 1/8″. Looks about the size of a dictionary and fits on a bookshelf easily among other titles.

Best Diversion Book Safe 2022- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Book Safe
Book Safe

Is it important to store valuables in diversion safes? Book safes that look like real books, but are highly secure, have been compiled by us. Following thorough research, tests, and expert consultations, the list is determined. Upon researching BARSKA Hidden Real Book Lock Box, the best diversion book safe available today is the BARSKA Hidden Real Book Lock Box.


Book safes are most secure when the book is credible. It would be difficult for anyone with ill intentions to locate the safe if it is well concealed by the cover and pages. How the actual book looks is what we mentioned all along. In addition to the fact that it uses a design that resembles that of books, most of the safes we mentioned in our list use hardcovers. The cover is similar to that of the original Oxford Dictionary. Believability is also enhanced by pages. A real book’s pages should contain the content of the book. The BARSKA Hidden Real Book Lock Box is by far the most convincing book safe we have on our list.


It is possible to judge the quality of a safe by the material it is made of. Any safety device should be constructed of high-grade steel. Steel is the material of construction of every safe on our list. Although the thickness of the lock isn’t as high as that of conventional safes, 2-3mm is enough for small portable safes. When purchasing, you can choose what material is used for the interior of the safe. while making your purchase. Protect your valuables with materials such as foam that are soft and do not scratch. Among the book safes that have a soft interior is the Streetwise Large Hardbound Diversion Book Gun Safe.


Book safes have a big space limitation. A limited number of books make it impossible to store a lot of information together. The bible and dictionaries are great books for a book safe with plenty of space. They are one of the heaviest books you can find. A novel is typically shorter than these types of books. We have several good-quality book safes that mimic dictionaries or bibles, such as the JSSMT Home Dictionary Diversion Metal Safe and the KASLVOX Real Pages Portable Diversion Book Safe. Space won’t be an issue if you’re storing jewelry, but you’ll need to consider it if you’re storing handguns.


Travelers would benefit from keeping valuables such as cash, jewelry, passports, etc. in a safety deposit box like a book safe. It is the most convenient thing you can carry on your trip because of its size. The book is portable and is easy to carry. With the KASLVOX Real Pages Portable Diversion Book Safe, you can easily carry your valuable books with you wherever you go. This type of safe can be carried easily, so you won’t have a problem with portability.

 Locking system

Book safes use either a key lock or a combination lock as the locking mechanism. The UniquExceptional 2-DIVERSION BOOK SAFE even lacks a locking system but we recommend going with the book safe that has a combination lock. Two advantages come with combination locks. It eliminates the concerns of carrying a key. A second problem is that without the right code it is hard to unlock.


What’s the meaning of that line at the bottom of the book?

Those lines you see are the entrance cuts made by the saw. We don’t have to spend half an hour cutting a book with a jigsaw every year, so prices stay reasonable from year to year. Jigsaws and scroll saws require two pieces of wood with a book sandwiched between them, resulting in increased costs for the wood, as well as wood wastage. 

Is this really a book?

Authentic editions of real published books form the basis for every Secret Safe Book. Authentic dust jackets are included with books that first came with these jackets.

Is it possible to find reviews and feedback on Secret Safe Books?

We have over 2,000 5-star reviews on our Etsy store feedback page.


The best book safes are the ones that have enough space for your documents, but they’re not so big that they become bulky. This is perfect if you want to keep them concealed in a drawer or on top of a bookshelf with other novels. A great way to find the right size is by asking yourself how many papers and what type of document do I need to hide? For example, if you have receipts from this year only then it would be ok to get one that fits around 20 sheets.

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