Best Car Security Camera In The Market 2021

Despite our best efforts, cars no longer provide a secure haven against crime. There are several risks associated with cars, including theft, carjacking, or vandalism. While thieves may get a kick out of scratching your car or slashing the tires, vandals might just want to slash the wheels.

With security cameras we protect our homes, but should we not do the same with our cars? It is becoming more and more popular to use car security cameras since they provide better surveillance compared to dashcams. When purchasing a car security camera, what are the features that you should look for? Is it possible to use a microscope in a short period of time?

The Top 5 Best Car Security Cameras

1. VAVA Dual Dash Cam

Featuring excellent technical specifications coupled with a host of innovative features, we chose the VAVA Dual Dash Cam as our top pick for security cameras. It provides you with the peace of mind you need.

Regardless of which camera you use, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro can record video at a maximum resolution of 1080p at 30 frames per second, with the front camera offering even higher resolutions up to 1440p. Several of these cameras come with top-notch levels of detail and the field of view is extra-wide at 155 degrees so you can view up to five lanes in front of and behind you. The dual cameras provide surveillance footage even when it is dark because they feature a Sony IMX307 sensor and an infrared LED light.

Through the VAVA Dash app, which is currently available only for iOS devices, you can pair the dash cams with your phone. By way of this additional concept, you can stream live video to your phone from the cameras and save it quickly when you need it. You can also trim the videos quickly with this app in order for you to share them with your friends, family members, or insurers.

With VAVA dual dash cams, you can use them as parking monitors as well. A 15-second video will be recorded when the cameras detect motion. There is only one downside of this product: when in parking monitor mode you are limited to using the camera’s small 320 mAh battery, so you should still connect them to a power source if your car will be left parked for a long time.

There is no cloud storage option available on the VAVA dash cams. Rather, the videos can be directly stored on your phone using the mobile app or on a microSD card with the integrated microSD card reader. The device also features an internal G-sensor that is capable of detecting sudden braking, turning, and accelerating events, as well as automatically preserving videos from those events.

Its Snapshot button, which can be attached to the steering wheel, is a great feature of the VAVA dual dash camera. With this, you can take a picture or record a video in less than a second. We like the peace of mind that this button provides because you never know what to expect on the road.


  • Night vision is good
  • 360-degree swivel on front camera
  • Installation is easy
  • Compact and small size


  • Inexpensive
  • Batteries are limited
  • Currently, only iOS devices are supported by the app

2. APEMAN Mini Dash Cam

There are many people who lack the financial resources to purchase $100 to $200 in car security cameras. Including all the basic safety features you need in a budget-friendly camera, this car security camera can be purchased for around $50.

We were surprised at how small and lightweight the APEMAN MINI Dash Cam is, despite its name. The lightweight design makes mounting it with the included suction cup on your windshield easy. Full HD videos are recorded at a resolution of 1080p at a frame rate of 30 fps. With its large f/1.8 aperture and advanced sensor, it enables it to record in low light with good quality.

This small dash cam has a field of view of 170 degrees, which is one of its most impressive features. The number of models available here far exceeds even a few of the top-tier models.

 Consequently, you can see all the objects in front of your car, to include the vehicle itself, and with a minimum amount of distortion, too!

Upon detection of any vibration on your car, the APEMAN dash cam will also begin recording. This dash camera only has a short battery life due to its compact design. Besides selling external power kits, Apeman also sells a variety of external power adapters.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Night vision is good
  • Installation is easy
  • Compact design, making the device easier to carry


  • Batteries are limited
  • Apps are not supported

3. 4G LTE Smart Dash Camera

Its unique capacity to connect to a 4G network enables real-time live streaming, making it one of the top car security cameras. Among many other families, these abilities alone have made it a common choice for parents who let their kids borrow their cars.

There are two cameras in the Owlcam dash cam kit, a 1440p camera on the front of the car and a 720p camera on the rear, which captures videos from inside the car. Among the many distinct features of this camera system is its field of view, which is meticulously chosen to minimize distortions when viewing fine details like license plates and human faces.

SD cards are not supported by this dashcam. The companion mobile app allows users to access and store all images and videos for up to two weeks. Multiple family members can also have access to the cameras.

By turning on Guard Mode while you are parked, you can prevent potential thieves or vandals from entering your car. This may not work for you, in that case the camera will send you a notification if it detects any activity and send it to your phone. In addition to Live View, you can use the feature to view what is happening in and around your car.

One major disadvantage to these tablets is that you will have to pay about $100 a year for 4G connectivity and cloud storage which is not something I would recommend. There is no guarantee that your access to the plan, even at this rate, will be unlimited since you are only allocated a maximum of 60 credits per month. In order to access Live View and to view the video history of your camera, you have to consume these credits. Taking this into account, this camera may require a higher price tag in order to take advantage of its wireless access features.


  • Installation is easy
  • Connected wirelessly
  • Remote monitoring is possible


  • You will need to subscribe to the service before you can use it

4. Car Charger Hidden Camera

Unlike any other product in this list, this car security camera from Lawmate is designed to be hidden, making it a difference among the rest. A car charger can be attached to the camera; it looks almost like a normal USB speed adapter and plugs right in. As a result of the unique design, we are able to accomplish two major tasks. Firstly, the camera receives continuous power and Secondly, the camera is hidden.

Though the Lawmate hidden camera appears small, it is capable of recording videos in 1080p resolution despite its diminutive size. All the videos that are recorded by the camera are saved on a microSD card, and the recording begins as soon as the engine of the car starts.

A camera that small has an extremely limited field of view, as you might expect. Considering this, the camera has been designed to be freely swivelled in order to allow you to focus on the specific area of the car you want to see. In fact, you will even be able to see what is going on inside your vehicle at night, so you will always know what is happening in your car.

It comes without any audio recording capabilities, which is quite a surprise. Lawmate’s hidden camera can be a significant asset in a variety of situations, but it is severely limited due to government regulations. In terms of price alone, it is one of the most expensive cameras on this list – which is a bit surprising, since it doesn’t provide any of the higher-end features we are accustomed to seeing on high-end cameras.


  • Always on
  • Designed to be stealthy


  • Inexpensive
  • Recording videos locally is the only option

5. TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam

TOGUARD’s dual dash cam has some surprisingly great features, given the friendly price tag. They can each rotate 180 degrees. In accordance with their 170° field of view, this double dash cam setup offers the potential to provide 360° coverage throughout your vehicle and cabin.

It is worth mentioning that both cameras are able to record full 1080p HD videos and have a Sony IMX323 image sensor that has an aperture of f/2.0, which makes them quite suitable for low-light conditions. It is recorded in a loop on the microSD card and every time the microSD card reaches its capacity, all the recordings on the card are automatically paused in order to avoid overwriting all the recorded videos.

Furthermore, it was also fitted with a G-sensor in order to detect sudden brakes or bumps and begin recording as soon as they occur. Should you ever be in an accident on the road, this can prove to be extremely useful. However painful such events may seem, at least you’ll have evidence to back up any insurance claims that you might make when they occur.

With the camera, you can activate a Parking Mode when the car stops to enable a snapshot of the surroundings when parking. It is in this mode when motion or vibration is detected by the camera, that the camera will begin automatically recording videos.

It goes without saying that because the videos are only able to be recorded on microSD cards, they can only be viewed afterward. As a result, there is a lack of synergy between the TOGUARD dual dashcam and the smartphones that greatly hampers its usefulness. Nonetheless, with such a cheap product, one is hard pressed to complain.


  • Budget-friendly
  • 360-degree swivels are available on both cameras
  • Installs easily
  • The performance of the device in low lighting conditions is excellent


  • Batteries have a limited lifespan
  • App support is not available

How Can a Safety Camera Help You In Your Car?

Best Car Security Camera

In the last few years, dashcams have become incredibly popular, far more so than they were even a few years ago. How does a car security camera help you? So, what can you do if you don’t have one? What is the difference between them and regular dash cams?

1. Stealth-oriented design

Dashcams are familiar to everyone. An automobile rearview mirror camera usually looks at the road and is mounted to its rear. Depending on the model, the interior of the car may also be captured by another camera. Thieves and other criminals know now to stay away from them since they are so common.

There are car security cameras designed to be hidden which you can use whenever you suspect something strange going on around your car. An example is a dashboard ornament or car charger which is conspicuous but not shocking. It’s much more effective to use a security camera for your car when you need a touch of stealth than a dashcam.

2. Multiple lenses may be included

Designed for more than just recording videos, car security cameras can also monitor what goes on right outside of your car as you drive. Furthermore, they can be used for keeping track of what’s going on around the car or at the wheel. The purpose of these lenses is to hide the fact that there are multiple lenses or dual lenses on the security system. It is usually possible to mount an additional lens in your car somewhere else if you want. A dashboard camera, atop the dashboard, will not allow you to capture the majority of what’s happening. However, you can see something very interesting from this perspective.

3. Notifies your phone of new notifications

In addition to its ability to capture many of the features we have grown accustomed to seeing in modern security cameras, a car security camera has several obvious advantages over a dashcam. There will also be smart features to enable you to view live video on your smartphone or tablet through a mobile app that is offered by a private partner of ours. The security camera in your car may only end up being used as a dashcam, but if your kids decide to borrow the car just for a few days, this feature can still prove to be quite useful.

4. Parks protected by this device

Many dashcams can be particularly useful during a drive. However, it is still very possible for the cars to be stolen or vandalized even when they are parked. It is common to find security cameras installed in cars that have a vehicle parking mode that records whatever it detects, whether it is vibrations or any movement at all.

Car security cameras: factors to consider

It is important to keep in mind that a car security camera is not the same as a dash camera. It can help you monitor and prevent serious crimes, like thefts and carjackings, not just capture video evidence of mishaps on the road. The following are the biggest advantages of installing a car security camera that you need to keep in mind when purchasing one.

1. Video resolution

At least 1080p resolution is required for any security camera worth its salt. Even from 15 miles away, this would be sufficiently clear to allow an individual to distinguish the possible perpetrators between them. Although the price tag for a security camera may be higher, nothing prevents you from getting one with an even higher resolution.

2. Night vision

The addition of night vision to a car security camera is just an easy and effective way to identify criminal activity at night, when most crimes occur. There are different types of night vision, and you should determine which number will be appropriate for your use – different cameras offer different levels of clarity and range. Longer ranges are obviously preferred. If you want high-end specs, prepare to spend a lot.

3. Viewpoint

There is no way your security camera could provide comprehensive footage of every area of your vehicle, regardless of the model you get. Wide-angle security cameras are designed to compensate for the imperfections of lenses that offer a larger field of view. As with field of view, there is a balance to achieve, as very wide lenses tend to distort a lot.

4. Size and design

A security camera is extremely difficult to install inside your vehicle, so choose a model that will hold all the essential components in a very small space. There are two major approaches to car security camera design when it comes to choosing the camera to use. You either make the cameras as obvious as possible to deter potential attackers or they can be made inconspicuous to catch any unruly behavior around the vehicle. If you want to install a car security camera, it is important to consider the purpose that you intend to use it for.

5. Storage and connectivity

The security camera installed in your car will give you a full-time view of what is going on right when you are driving it. This is in contrast to a home security system which is always at home and can rely on Internet connectivity. In fact, car security cameras must have the option for interfacing with 3G or 4G technology. In addition to storing recordings in secure, foolproof cloud storage, it may even be possible for a car security camera to archive videos in this safe mode of recording.

For those of you who are concerned about storing videos on the cloud and having the capability to monitor your house in real-time, you can always opt for a model that stores videos locally on the device’s microSD card. Furthermore, this will also ensure that there is no risk of identity theft or privacy concerns arising from this.

6. Battery life

Unlike home security cameras, car security cameras rely on batteries and cannot use a wired connection to power. Battery capacity is one of the drawbacks of an electronic device: it can only deliver power for a short period of time. It is true that a battery that lasts longer will eventually also become physically larger due to its greater capacity. If you prefer ultra-compact car security cameras, you may unavoidably have a battery that lasts only a couple of hours, which is the result of choosing ultra-compact cameras.


It is easier to prepare for the possibility of crimes anywhere if we accept that they could happen anywhere. Criminals can commit crimes inside as well as outside your car. It’s even a more attractive target because it’s valuable.

It is always a good idea to have a security camera installed on your vehicle in order to ensure that you will have video evidence in case of crime. In most situations, the mere existence of a security camera mounted on your parked vehicle is enough to discourage anyone who may attempt to steal or vandalize your car.

When you consider the value a car security camera can provide in investigating automobile crimes and proving your insurance claim, a car security camera is such an insignificant investment.

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