Best Child Safety Gate

Keep your little one away from dangerous items such as stairs, fireplaces, and electronics with a baby gate. With this easy-to-set-up safety feature, parents can rest easy, especially when their baby starts to move around. The BabyCenter Community reviewed and analyzed reviews and combined that with our editors’ knowledge and research to identify the best baby gates. Find out which is the best retractable baby gate, which is the best baby gate for stairs, and much more.

Buying Guide for the Best Child Safety Gate 

Best Child Safety Gate
Child Safety Gate


A tension system keeps these baby gates upright. Baby gates that are pressure-mounted are easy to move. The gates don’t require much assembly and don’t leave holes in the wall. Strong pressure or someone falling over them will not be able to hold them up. This gate could be pushed over by a strong child.


The safest solution is to use a hardware-mounted gate. A hardware-mounted gate is anchored into the wall by screwing into a cap. By fortifying your baby gate in this manner, it is very unlikely that it will be knocked over. When you install caps in different locations, they are still very durable and can be moved around the house.


There are a lot of simple wooden gates that easily block entryways and make passing through them require stepping over or removing the gate. They provide an easy way to walk through the barrier without having to remove it since they have a built-in doorway.


You will not want to restrict your furry children from roaming the house while your child is learning to use his or her new legs. Many baby gates include small openings through which cats can pass. Dogs can pass through larger gates as well. The gate won’t function if the opening is too large for your child.

Measure the slats

A child’s arms and legs can become stuck between the slats of your gate if they are more than three inches apart. If you choose a gate without slats, such as our number three pick above, you can avoid this concern altogether. Your pets will also thank you for it. Also, keep in mind that pets can become trapped between slats, so measure with them in mind.

Baby gates with unusual spaces should be avoided. There are reports that rambunctious puppies and kittens get their heads snagged in the spot where the bars stop on this gate.


Is metal safe for infants?

Once the hardware is installed, it becomes a safe stair gate. The baby gate should be placed between doors, against walls, or at the bottom of stairs using pressure mounting. You can also easily wipe away small spills or dirt with a damp cloth. ASTM and JPMA standards are met by this baby gate.

What is the safety of pressure-mounted baby gates?

No matter how much you want to avoid drilling holes in your walls, pressure-mounted gates are not secure enough to be used at the top of the stairs. Keep your gates clear of horizontal slats and footholds from accordion-style gates.

Which baby gate should I choose?

Ensure that the baby gate will fit in the opening. The height of the stairs should also be measured from both ends. The perfect fit for a doorway can be achieved by measuring between the walls and the skirting boards. Gates that are pressure mounted, or on-pressure, can be installed in any doorway or staircase.

What age does a stair gate become unnecessary?

EU guidelines say that stair gates should cease to be used when a child reaches 2 years old. When they are that age, they could dislodge or climb over the gate and injure themselves. Your child may be able to climb over the gates sooner if they are able to do so. Teach your child how to climb stairs safely and slowly when they are old enough.

Does my staircase need a gate at the bottom?

In a house with stairs, gates are of particular importance. An emergency room visit is the most common reason for a child younger than 2 years old to fall downstairs. The top of the stairs is a critical place for safety gates, but the bottom of the stairs can be ignored.


Best child safety gate is a blog post about the top 10 gates for families with small children. Safety gates are designed to keep your little ones from getting into areas of the house that could be dangerous, but there’s more than one kind! This article will give you tips on choosing between pressure mounted and hardware installed options as well as how to measure correctly so you get the right size.

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