20 Best Diversion Safes Reviews 2022

Diversion safes are a great way to hide your valuables in plain sight. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that will fit perfectly into your home. Most diversion safes are made from common household items, so they won’t stand out from the rest of your décor. Plus, they’re easy to use; just hide your valuables inside and forget about them.

Diversion safes are an ingenious way to protect your most valuable items from burglars, and thieves. Diversion safes is secret safe box looks like ordinary objects in plain sight that no one would suspect of being a safe or vault. The only issue is that they can be expensive and not always practical for all homeowners. Here we will review some of the best diversion safes on the market today and what makes them so great.

Our 5 Favorite Diversion Safes

List of 20 Best Diversion Safes for 2022

Despite all the changes the world has undergone over the past few years, both the better and the worse, there is no doubt that the world has changed enormously. Robberies and thefts are still occurring on a daily basis despite the advancement of science and technology. It is important to remain vigilant at all times. You may find the following information useful after researching this topic on SafeNow.org.

We’ve selected ten of our favorite diversion safes for protecting your valuables – you’ll never suspect that they are safes at all since they’re all so brilliantly crafted. There may be variations in the dimensions and appearances of the diversion safes below, which may make them unable to hide identical items of the same value. Continue reading to discover why we chose the Book Safe with Metal Lockbox as our top pick. Here are the highlights:

1. Hengsheng book lockbox

Book safe with Metal Lock box - HENGSHENG Hidden Secret Diversion Book Safe with Key Lock ,Full Size 9.5 x 6.1 x 2.1 inches

We have selected our winner! Hengsheng’s book diversion safe is suitable for storing small valuable items and more substantial items, such as handguns. There is more than enough space for its intended purpose with 2 x 5.625 x 9-inch storage.

It is remarkable in terms of design. The safe appears to be made from a real book – unlike other ones that are made of plastic. Both books and this safe weigh the same. The key lock was also a nice feature. The safe keeps your valuables safe.


  • Suitable for: Hiding any kind of valuable
  • Size of the package: 9.5 by 6.1 by 2.2 inches
  • 1 pound, 7 ounces

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2. A spare-key hidden rock by Ram-Pro

RamPro Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock - Looks & Feels like Real Stone - Safe for Outdoor Garden or Yard, Geocaching (1)

It happens to everyone that sometimes one forgets their home keys when getting out of the house. The spare keys of your roommates and relatives must be left on the doorstep so you can enter. This can be accomplished with a Ram-Pro Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock. The hidden safes in plain sight would be more noticeable if it was kept visible. You can store spare keys in this rock-like device. Further, you are able to purchase this diversion safe for only 6.99$ for two items, or for 10.99$ for two.

Despite being 2-3/8′′ long and 1′′ wide, this safe can accommodate most keys. It has the appearance, feel, and texture of a real rock because it is made of polyresin. Some people question whether it is wind- and weather-resistant. This makes sense when you consider the weight of the key hider. The item is still valuable, however. Both rocky and stable surfaces look good with it, and it makes a great camouflage material. Depending on the terrain, it may not work.


  • Keys can be hidden in these
  • Eleven by eleven by eleven inches
  • 0.25 pounds in weight

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3. Combination Lock Book Safe – JSSMT Home Dictionary

Book Safe with Combination Lock - Jssmst Home Dictionary Diversion Metal Safe Lock Box for Home Office Code Lock Money Box High Capacity, 9.5 x 6.2 x 2.2 inch, SM-BS0402L, black large

Can a thief lure you into stealing books from your bookshelf? Not really. Small valuables can be hidden in the JSSMT Dictionary diversion safe, which is a great place to hide small valuables. There are three different colors of book safes available: black, navy blue, and pink. In addition to having the same appearance and dimensions as a real dictionary, it can also be hidden. It is possible to choose one that is larger, and one that is smaller if needed.

If you wish to use the diversion safe in the future, enter your password. As a result, there is no need to worry about changing the code anytime soon. Manufacturers also introduced a revised code design. This book is made from high-grade materials and is designed to look like an actual book. Inside the safe are enough compartments for keys, money, passports, and paper bills. In addition to concealing a firearm, the bag has enough space to conceal one as well.


  • Passports, bills, and any other larger items can be hidden with this.
  • The dimensions of this item are 6.42 x 2.36 x 10.04 inches
  • 1 pound, 6.5 oz

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4. Keeping Your Hair Clean with a Stash-it Hairbrush

Diversion Safe Hair Brush by Stash-it, Can Safe to Hide Money, Jewelry, or Valuables with Discreet Secret Removable Lid and, New Version

In addition to being a diversion safe, it’s also a real hairbrush: This diversion safe hairbrush from Stash-It is more than a diversion safe, it’s also functional and it’s also a hairbrush. Unlike other diversion safes that do not look authentic, the Stash-it hairbrush blends seamlessly into other beauty products. The false top can be removed to reveal a hidden compartment. The dimensions of the inside are 1.25 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep. In addition to money, jewelry, keys, and flash drives, it can also hold other important documents. Those who wish to secure their important documents much more safely can also consult our recommendations for fireproof document bags and fireproof document safes.

With the latest version of STASH-IT’s diversion safe, the handle feels even stronger, giving it an even more realistic look. The quality of this product, therefore, means its use will undoubtedly help you hide your most valuable items.


  • Ideally used to hide small valuables, such as money, keys, and jewelry
  • Measures 8.9 by 3.39 by 3.31 inches
  • It weighs 0.25 pounds

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5. The Stash-it Hazard Diversion Safe

Hanger Diversion Safe by Stash-it, Hidden Pocket Safe, Fits Under Hanging Clothes with Pocket to Hide Valuables for Home or Travel

Another diversion safe is on the list from Stash-it. The owners of this diversion safe are still attached to it, unlike some other diversion safes.

A closet hanger-mounted safe such as this can easily be hidden among clothes within the closet. Neither thieves nor your roommate will be able to find valuables in this manner. Safes keep your valuables secure and protected. With its 17-inch zipper opening and flexible materials, the compartment can hold up to 20 pounds without causing suspicion. Apart from being convenient to handle and fold, it does not attract attention, so if you’re staying at a hotel most of the time, this is the ideal diversion safe for you.

A large compartment allows you to store much more than cash in this bag. It can store credit cards, passports, jewelry, and much more.


  • Perfect for securing documents, bills, jewelry, and money
  • This item measures 9.96 cm x 6.89 cm x 1.3 cm
  • This item weighs 0.24 pounds

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6. Safe Can Stash of Arizona Green Tea

Arizona Green Tea Diversion Safe Can Stash

If you fall in love with these diversion safe cans, you don’t have to love green tea. There is no doubt that tea lovers will be overjoyed with this Arizona Green Tea can stash diversion safe. The safe is essentially the same size as a full can. The top needs to be unscrewed – something that is undetectable without the knowledge that it is a diversion safe. The diversion safe on the market is not the biggest one. This diversion safe might not be the best choice if you plan to hide large items. However, it might be useful if you intend to hide keys or cash inside. The bag is also odor-proof.


  • The best way to conceal keys, jewelry, cash
  • Approximately 7 inches wide by 3 inches tall by 3 inches tall
  • 0.8 pounds in weight

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7. Campbell’s Noodle Soup is properly labeled by Big Mouth Inc

Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup Can Safe

The best hiding place in a diversion safe is always the generic one, which can take many forms and shapes. A chicken noodle soup can was designed by BigMouth Inc to serve as a diversion safe. The dimensions of this can are similar to those of a real can, so valuables can be hidden inside. A diversion safe can be used to safely store any type of item – money, jewelry, gift cards, wallets, or documents that need to be accessible.


  • Money and documents are best hidden with this device
  • 3x3x4.5 inches Package Dimensions
  • 0.01 pound in weight

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8. Can Safe by Stash-it for Diversion Water Bottles

Diversion Water Bottle Can Safe by Stash-it, Stainless Steel Tumbler with Hiding Spot for Money, Discreet Decoy for Travel or at Home, Bottom Unscrews to Store your Valuables

Featuring a stainless steel exterior and a high-quality locking system, the Stash-it diversion safe will allow you to conceal valuables in plain sight. With the bottle’s bottom unscrewed, you can use it as a secret storage device. As a real water bottle, it is also extremely practical! Regardless of how much fluid it holds, there will be no leaks into the hidden storage when filled with up to 16 ounces.

Small objects and cash can be stored in the storage compartment. The compartment measures 2.5 x 2.5 inches, so you can easily and discreetly store jewelry, keys, flash drives, and important documents. 

Our favorite thing about this divert safe is how portable it is. No matter where you go, it can stay at home. Stylish and realistic, it won’t attract unwanted attention if you are about to have valuables stolen. The diversion safe from Stash-it is a superb product, and it’s also practical! The product is ideal for people who spend too much time outdoors while still wanting to keep their valuables close. The bag keeps everything smell-free.


  • Ideal for: Hiding jewelry, money, keys, etc.
  • The dimensions of this item are 10.5 x 3 x 3 inches
  • This item weighs 0.01 ounces

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9. Travelers can safely divert water bottles

Diversion Safe Water Bottle Stash Can Hidden Bottom for Valuables 17ounce Liquid Capacity Dry Storage Compartment Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Leak Proof BONUS Smell Proof Bag Included (Silver)

This water bottle safe has a few additional features over the one we already listed. A water bottle is being used as a diversion safe. You can keep your items safe and secure with this stainless steel container. Whether you are leaving the water bottle at home or you are going out, the water bottle is always safe when you use the secure vault.

This bottle diversion safe is completed with an attached carabiner and scent-proof bag. Because of its double-wall construction, it provides an insulated exterior that is sweat-free. 

You can see hidden storage at the bottom of the bottle when you open it. In order to open it, a hidden screw must be found. This device is a diversion safe with a larger capacity than just about any other similar device, with a dry storage area of 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 and a liquid storage area on top. It also kept beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours, which was noteworthy.


  • Hiding money, keys, and watches is the best use for this.
  • This item is 12.87 x 3.54 x 3.43 inches in size
  • One pound in weight

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10. Sprinkler Head To Hide A Cash Hider

Hide A Key Cash Hider Sprinkler Head, Key Holder Outdoor/Garden/Yard Hiding Vault Case. Waterproof, Corrosion and Impact Resistant

It is a good idea to keep your valuables hidden outdoors with the Sprinkler Head Diversion Safe by Ventasii. This might be a good choice if you are seeking a safe place to keep a spare key and some cash out in the open. Materials used in its manufacture are resistant to heat, corrosion, and impact. Despite its practicality, you may primarily use it for keys or emergency money in the 3″ X 1.5″ secret compartment.

These diversion safes look like sprinkler heads, so they blend into their surroundings well. We were particularly impressed by the safe’s built-in key chain, which we thought added a layer of safety.


  • Keys can be hidden in these
  • This product measures 3.9 inches by 2.13 inches by 2.13 inches
  • 0.01 pound in weight

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11. Trademark Gambler’s Wall Clock Diversion Safe

Hide your stuff in plain sight with this Trademark Gambler’s Wall Clock Diversion Safe. It looks like a regular clock, but it has a secret compartment behind the face where you can hide your jewelry, cash, or other small valuables. So keep your things safe and sound while you’re out and about – no one will ever know they’re lurking right under your nose.

Clock Safe – 10-Inch Battery-Operated Analog Clock with Hidden Wall Safe for Jewelry, Cash, Valuables, and More by Trademark Home (Silver)
  • WALL CLOCK SAFE – Keep jewelry, extra cash, your bank cards, or other small valuables safe in this battery-operated clock with safe. Behind the face of this simple looking décor item is a secret compartment with 3 shelves where you can hide items.
  • FULLY FUNCTIONING – The hidden section of this secret storage clock sits behind a functioning analog clock face, adding to the discreteness of the secret wall compartment. This diversion clock requires a single AA battery (not included) to operate.
  • MULTIPLE STORAGE SHELVES – Two shelves within the wall clock with secret compartment make three divided spaces, each 2.75-inches-tall, to maximize the number of small objects that can be stored behind the security wall clock.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN – This wall clock with safe is simple to hang, requiring only 3 screws (not included) and is easy to open to retrieve your valuables. The face of the diversion clock is designed in a sleek and classic style, suitable for any room.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS – Dimensions: (L) 10” x (W) 3” x (H) 10”; Interior Shelves: (H) 2.75” Each. Kitchen Wall Clock Safe Requires 1AA Battery (Not Included) and 3 Screws for Hanging (Not Included). Color: Silver.

12. Real Paper Transfer Book Safe for Jewelry

This clever little book is designed to look like an ordinary paperback, but it’s actually a secret hiding place for your most valuable possessions. Now you can stash your bling wherever you please, without worrying about nosy burglars or sticky-fingered kids. The Real Paper Transfer Book Safe is perfect for keeping your treasures close at hand – and out of sight!

Real Paper Transfer Book Safe, Hollow with Secret Hidden Compartment, Combination Lock, 8.7"×6"×2" (Blue Dictionary-Combination)
  • Ideal for storing valuables or personal items safely, hiding them in ordinary view, so that only you can know where to access valuables
  • Open the book and find a secret storage compartment, ideal for home, office, school, travel, RV etc.Ideal for gifts, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Mother's Day and Father's Day or other holidays, will satisfy people of all ages
  • Inside storage area measures: 6.5x 3.7 x 1.4inches(16.5X9.4X3.6CM),Complete book measures: 8.7x 6 x 2(22X15.2X5CM) inches
  • Can store cash, jewelry, cards, passports, coins and other items
  • Real paper, real books that can be seamlessly integrated with the bookshelf

13. Hanger Diversion Safe by Stash-it, Hidden Pocket Sa

You can never be too safe when it comes to safeguarding your valuables, and with the Hanger Diversion Safe by Stash-it, you can rest assured that your precious items are well-hidden. This clever little safe is designed to look just like a regular clothes hanger, so it can easily be tucked away among your other hanging garments in your closet. It’s perfect for hiding money, jewelry, or any other small items you want to keep out of sight. With its discrete design and easy-to-use operation, the Hanger Diversion Safe is the perfect way to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Hanger Diversion Safe by Stash-it, Hidden Pocket Safe, Fits Under Hanging Clothes with Pocket to Hide Valuables for Home or Travel
  • ✔️ HIDE AND STASH YOUR VALUABLES - Fits underneath your hanging garments and hidden from sight in your closet among your other hidden clothes.
  • ✔️ FOR AT HOME OR ON-THE-GO - Great hiding spot when traveling or staying at hotels to hide your cash, cards, passports, documents, jewelery, etc.
  • ✔️ LARGE STORAGE CAPACITY - 17" wide zipper opening and flexible material allows for LOTS of storage.
  • ✔️ WHEN IN DOUBT WHERE TO HIDE IT, STASH-IT! Stop worrying about your valuables, rest easy knowing you've stashed em' away in safe and hidden place!

14. Barska Antique Book Lock Box with Key Lock

Keep your valuables safe and out of sight with this Antique Book Lock Box. The clever design allows it to blend in with any home décor, making it the perfect place to hide your jewelry, cash, or other small items. The key lock ensures that your belongings are secure.

This is the perfect safe for anyone with a collector’s spirit and an appreciation for the finer things in life. This Barska Antique Book Lock Box with Key Lock looks like a normal book on your shelf, but it’s actually a cleverly disguised security box! It comes with a key lock for added security and blends easily with any home décor. So if you’re looking for a safe that will keep your valuables hidden from view, this is the perfect option!

Barska Antique Book Lock Box with Key Lock
  • This Antique Book Safe can be hidden in plain sight and blends easily with any home décor
  • Hidden in the book is a concealed compartment to store valuables such as passports, documents, money, jewelry and much more
  • The front cover of the book features a magnetic closure ensuring that the antique book safe stays closed
  • Outer Dimensions: 7 Inches x 2.75 Inches x 10.75 Inches
  • Inner Dimensions: 5.5 Inches x 2.25 Inches x 9.25 Inches

15. Diversion Water Bottle Can Safe by Stash-it

The Stash-it diversion Water Bottle is the perfect way to hide and store your valuables! The bottom of the bottle unscrews to reveal a secret stash, so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and sound. With its clever design, this water bottle is sure to blend in with the rest of your belongings, so you can keep your possessions hidden from prying eyes.

Made of BPA free stainless steel, this clever container is leak proof and will keep your cold drinks cold for hours. Best of all, the convenient lid creates an airtight seal so you can be sure your belongings are safe and sound. So ditch your run-of-the-mill water bottle and grab a Diversion Water Bottle Can Safe by Stash-it – you won’t regret it!

Diversion Water Bottle Can Safe by Stash-it, Stainless Steel Tumbler with Hiding Spot for Money, Discreet Decoy for Travel or at Home, Bottom Unscrews to Store your Valuables
  • ✔️ HIDE AND STORE YOUR VALUABLES in a CAN SAFE! Bottom of Water Bottle Secretly unscrews to display hidden secret stash. The Stash-it diversion Water Bottle is designed to blend in while safely storing and hiding your valuables!
  • 🏠 USE AT HOME or ON-THE-GO! ✈️ Great for hiding in your house, or while you are out. This safe for money fits nicely into a normal cup holder, and is great for traveling, camping, at the beach, hiking or to take to the gym.
  • ✔️ DUAL-PURPOSE ! You can ACTUALLY USE this Water Bottle to drink out of. The lid creates an air-tight seal, so the bottle is leak proof. This great Mug will keep for hours your Cold Drinks.! BPA free stainless-steel stash safe.

16. TIGERKING Personal Safe Security Digital Lock Box

This TIGERKING digital safe is the perfect solution to keep your belongings secure. The high-security keyboard lock system and two strong live locking bolts make it impossible for anyone to get into your stuff without your permission. Plus, the durable thick steel construction means this safe box can withstand any attack. So go ahead and stash your cash, jewelry, documents, or whatever else you want to keep safe – with the TIGERKING personal safe security digital lock box, you know they’ll be well protected.

his digital lock box is equipped with a warning beep that will activate if it’s subjected to violent vibration or three incorrect entries, making it an extra layer of protection for your valuable items. Don’t worry about the alarm lasting 60 seconds- just enter the correct code and you’re good to go!

TIGERKING Personal Safe Security Digital Lock Box Key Combination Code Safe Box Steel Money Box Electronic Small Safes for Home, Office, Hotel
  • 【Security Safe Box】:The TIGERKING digital safe is made of durable thick steel, equipped with a high-security keyboard lock system and two strong live locking bolts (10mm in diameter). Exterior :12.2 in. W x 7.9 in. D x 7.9 in. H(Please pay full attention to the dimension for this smart safe box before purchase)
  • 【Double Protection Security Mode】:Key plus code locking system offers double protection, even someone gets your code, it is impossible to access the contents of your home safe without the master key. Two override keys for manual access(Master key plus emergency key), and the smart keypad (with led indicate light) allows you to program two different pin codes with 3-8 digits
  • 【Dual Alarm Warning System】:Violent vibration or three- incorrect entries can activate the warning beep which adds additional protection to this security safe box. The alarm will last 60 seconds unless you enter the correct code
  • 【Back-Up Power Via Mario-USB Plug】:When the low battery, the red led light will flash, with the USB-Micro USB label, you can easily use a power bank to power up the system via the Mario-USB plug which hides in the bottom of the keypad
  • 【Safes for Home, Hotel, Office】:With 2 Pre-drilled holes both in the back and bottom (comes with 2 mounting bolts), the small safe can be fixed to the wall/floor or hidden space in the cabinet/shelf, it is perfect to protect your cash, handgun, jewelry, documents, passports, heirlooms and more. Suitable for home, office, and other business use.

17. Streetwise Fake Large Hardbound Diversion Book Gun Safe

This safe is perfect for law-abiding citizens who want a discreet way to store their firearms. Made from real, hardbound books, this safe looks like an ordinary book on your shelf – until you remove the cover to reveal the hidden gun compartment! Keep your firearms out of sight and secure with this Streetwise Fake Large Hardbound Diversion Book Gun Safe.

This Streetwise Fake Large Hardbound Diversion Book Gun Safe is the perfect solution! Compact and discreet, this safe can be hidden anywhere – in your home, office, or even while traveling. Simply open the book to reveal a secret storage compartment that’s 6 3/4 x 3 3/4 x 1 1/4 inches in size. So don’t go another day without the peace of mind that comes with owning a Streetwise Fake Large Hardbound Diversion Book Gun Safe!

Streetwise Fake Large Hardbound Diversion Book Gun Safe Secret Compartment
  • Made from Real, Genuine Books (Remove the "Undercover Book Safe" cover before using to show the actual book cover). These are made from REAL BOOKS so there is no lock. They are diversion safes.
  • Open book to reveal a secret storage compartment
  • Hidden Compartment is 6 3/4 x 3 3/4 x 1 1/4 inches.
  • Perfect for home, office, school, travel, RV's, and boats
  • Hide your passports, currency, documents, jewelry, account numbers, credit cards, and keepsakes

18. Jiffy Peanut Butter Diversion Stash Safe

Streetwise Fake Large Hardbound Diversion Book Gun Safe is the perfect place to store your valuables. It’s handcrafted and looks like a real book, making it the perfect disguise. Plus, it functions as a great safe – it’s virtually impossible to break into! And at just over a pound in weight, you’ll never know it’s there until you need it. So make sure your valuables are stored safely and securely with Streetwise Fake Large Hardbound Diversion Book Gun Safe.

Jiffy Peanut Butter Diversion Stash Safe Model: Tools & Home Improvement
  • Handcrafted.
  • Hide your valuable in plain sight.
  • Functionality that is unbeatable.
  • Weighs the same as full can.
  • Design is stylish and innovative.

19. x2 Secret Stash Spot-Diversion Safe

Hide your cash, jewelry, and other valuables in plain sight with our Secret Stash Light Bulb Diversion Safes! These clever little containers are made from genuine light bulbs and can easily be hidden in plain sight. Perfect for hiding your stash from thieves and nosy guests, these safes are a great way to keep your belongings safe and secure.

x2 Secret Stash Spot-Diversion Safe Light Bulb-Hidden Compartment by Deals n Sight
  • You get : x2 Secret Stash Light Bulb Diversion Safes
  • Made from Genuine containers.
  • Hide your Money,Pills,Jewelry & Other Small Valuables in plain sight!
  • Perfect Stash for Home,Office or even Travel!
  • Large Storage Capacity! (A whole bottle of advil doesn't even come close to filling it up)

20. Phillips Head Screwdriver Security Container – Diversion Safe Stash Safe

Looking for a way to stash your valuables without anyone knowing? Look no further than the Phillips Head Screwdriver Security Container! This clever little device looks exactly like a working screwdriver, but it’s actually weighted and designed to conceal your belongings. Whether you’re looking to hide cash, jewelry, or important documents, this safe is perfect for keeping your possessions under wraps. Plus, it makes a great diversion safe in case of an emergency. So don’t wait – order your Phillips Head Screwdriver Security Container today!

Buying Guide to The Best Diversion Safes 

Best Diversion Safes
Diversion Safes


Locks are traditional features of safes. Diversion safes usually don’t have locks, but you can choose keyed, coded, or biometric locks.

Thieves can easily open diversion safes, look inside them, and find your stash if they find your diversion safe and become curious. Traditional safes are rather difficult to open. Despite the issue of diversion safe locks having been addressed with manufacturers now providing locks to a larger number of diversion safes than ever before.


Using a conventional safe is inconvenient because the average person will know there is something valuable inside. As soon as you see one, a criminal knows it is a treasure chest full of valuable items. Furthermore, who puts trash in a safe? Our jars hold $100 bills, gold coins, family heirlooms, and expensive jewelry.

If a thief sees such a chance, they will not hesitate to pick your safe. They know how to open it “back at the shop” so it is probably safer to hide important items in plain sight rather than removing them from the wall. Safes that are conventional are not removed from this list.


Traditional safes need to be bolted to the floor for extra security, making them totally immobile. Contrary to diversion safes, diversion safes are usually lightweight, and can, therefore, be carried easily, but come with their own disadvantages, since thieves can slip them into their pockets and run away.

Pick a dull-looking safe

As long as a diversion safe ensures better security, it is better if it looks mundane. By standing out from the surroundings, these safes lose their purpose because your valuables become vulnerable to theft. It is also important to know where your safe is located. A hairbrush would make a good diversion safe. You could attract unwanted attention if you leave it lying around the house.

Looks believable

Diversion safes carved out of books are a distinctive stock in a gift shop; they are not mistaken for books. The diversion safe works a little like a “safe.” However, the diversion safe is just an ordinary object.


Even though it’s quite easy to put a lot of money in an old toothpaste container, what happens when a friend or roommate uses the toothpaste? If you can trust them, they won’t steal from you, but more often than not, people use diversion safes purely for disguise.

Junk items

It is tempting for most people to hide their valuables in old paint cans or shoeboxes. Things like these get misplaced or thrown out, especially if you live with someone or if you host guests often. The next time close friends come to visit, they might not think twice before discarding the old hairbrush you stashed with some cash in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define diversion as safe?

Secret or security-related items can be hidden in a diversion safe for secrecy or security purposes. An ordinary household object such as a book, soda can, candle, or coin can be used to make them.

What is the best place to put a safe in a house?

Building it into the structure of the house should make it out of plain sight. It would be best to put it in the coat closet or guest bedroom closet. Safes should be installed in the wall and covered with match-colored doors or cabinetry that blends in with the closet.

What is the best way to hide a safe in a wall?

A wall-mounted safe or cylinder floor safe should be bolted to the ground. (Most hidden safes have holes inside that are designed just for this purpose). Keep it hidden in a closet corner or other inconspicuous location. Put a picture on top of the wall safe or mount it inside a wall.

How does a decoy safe work?

Cash and valuables can be safely stored in decoy safes at a low cost. Many different designs are available to suit any situation. You can install the wireless alarm on your windows and doors to inform you when someone has broken in.

Is an old safe better than a new one?

Safes have not changed that much over the years. Among the most critical aspects of construction haven’t changed: thick walls and high-quality steel remain as important today as they were fifty years ago. A new safe is going to have a new locking mechanism as opposed to an old one.


Here, the Diversion book safe with a metal lockbox has been recommended as the top pick. The key difference between it and the rest is that it has a locking system.

If a safe doesn’t lock, then what is the point? The bag has a large compartment where a handgun can be conveniently stored. In addition to being easily concealable, it can also be moved around relatively easily. In many ways, it resembles the 2-diversion safe book. However, it only has one drawback: water exposure.

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