Best Drawer Safe In 2022

Drawer safes are an excellent option for storing small valuables. This is a small safe that can be stowed inside a drawer. A cabinet or closet would be a good place for it. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate lockboxes, handguns, and media. Their small size makes them easy to move, or even transport as required. As an added security measure, you can mount the safe inside a wall if you want to keep it in one location.

Considerations for Buying the Right Drawer Safe

Best Drawer Safe
Drawer Safe

UL-Approved Lock

These locks have earned UL ratings and are considered to be the most reliable. A certain period of time has been proven that these locks can resist tool and hand attacks. Consider this factor particularly if there are children in your household and you want to purchase a gun drawer safe. Gun safes can be a dangerous place for kids to try to get into (and many reports suggest they’ve done so successfully), so inferior locks will not keep your kids safe.

Strong construction

An intruder is particularly likely to attack a drawer safe with extreme force. Lightweight, portable, and easily thrown, they can be dropped from a considerable distance or banged against surfaces. Choose a steel safe that will be strong enough to withstand such abuse. You should be able to pry the door open.

Mounting Options

A burglar may simply take your safety and take the time to break it open elsewhere. It may be a good idea to mount it in that case. The mounting kits for some safes come with pre-drilled holes already drilled. If you are mounting your safe on a wall, beneath your bed, or in some other position, make sure the mounting kit will allow you to do this.

Discreet Opening

A compression gas strut is an excellent feature on drawer safes. Additionally, it allows rapid entry into the building (see above), as well as its ability to ensure that a door is silently opened. If an intruder is approaching you, it may also be vitally important to take this measure. Intruders do not need to be alerted to your position by the sound of the safe opening. If you want to get the upper hand, you need a chance.


It is important that you purchase a drawer safe made of high-quality steel. Check the drawer’s locking system to be sure it is strong enough. Make sure it has a pry-proof door.

Interior Lining

Jewelry or other valuables that are fragile should not be scratched or scuffed in your drawer safe. A protective layer may be useful even though you should keep them in separate boxes or pouches. Jewelry items could easily fall out of pouches if an intruder bangs your safe around or you grab it in a hurry. Choose a case with an interior that is soft-lined to protect these valuables. Ensure your firearms don’t get scratches or blemishes by lining them with foam.

Key Access

Is it possible to access a safe that has been damaged by an intruder and still needs to enter it? Would you be able to access your safe if you were out of the house, but didn’t remember the combination? In situations such as these, a key can come in handy. Backup keys can be used in case of a malfunctioning lock. When the key combination is forgotten, family members can receive keys.


You should buy a lightweight drawer safe if you will be carrying it while traveling. If you do not want to feel fatigued carrying your drawer safe, choose one that is not heavy. You should also find a safe that has multiple mounting possibilities so you can mount it in various locations.

Safe Door

Different safes have different types of doors, so the placement of the safe depends in part on the type of door. Safes come with top-loading drawers that fit deep into the desk, but, if needed, it is also possible to hide your safe if that is what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best size for a safe?

As for deciding the right size, we have to consider what we’ll use it for. The size of your safe will depend on the specs of your gun, so take those measurements into account. Gun safes, however, usually store one gun and a few rounds of ammunition.

Do drawer safes really offer a high level of safety?

It is important to use them properly since they aren’t as durable as other safes. You can find instructions on how to use them in the user guide.

Why is a biometric safe better than a regular safe?

Safes that use biometrics are secured by your fingerprints. When you open the safe, you do not need to turn a dial, but rather your finger. Biometrics are being added to a growing number of combination handgun safes in order to provide even more security.

Is it possible to anchor pistol safes to the floor or walls?

Anchor or mount almost all of them, and you should think about doing that. The safe will be drilled with mounting holes or a mounting kit will be included with the instructions if the safe is mountable.

Final Verdict

The Barska Biometric Safe is the best drawer safe that I’ve reviewed. Barska and V-Line were not in competition, but Barska won out for its biometric capabilities and ease of use. Safety, security, and accessibility are incredibly important factors to consider when choosing a pistol safe, and cannot be overemphasized. Review the top drawer safes presented here to determine which one is right for you.

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