7 Best Gun Safe Under 300 Of 2022

There is no reason to keep your gun under your bed or on the top shelf of your closet. It becomes even more important to store guns properly when children are around.

It only takes a fraction of a second for an accident to occur if you look away from them.

I’ve outlined several low-cost alternatives that are just as good as high-end safes and may even be cheaper. Since protecting our children is so vital, here are some suggestions.

We’ve compiled a list of the best gun safes under $300 currently available on the market for you. Read on to learn more.

7 Best Gun Safe Under 300 Of 2022 Rviewed:

1. VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

Vaultek VT20i Bluetooth and Biometric with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery (Not Bluetooth 2.0 and Not compatible with Nano Key 2.0)

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A modern gun owner will find all the features and qualities in the VAULTEK VT20i that he or she can ever hope for in a gun safe.

There is also a biometric scanner and a backlit keypad on this safe, but that’s not all. You can rest assured that your valuables are safe with anti-pry bars and interior hinges, as well as two-point anti-impact latches.

An app called VAULTEK, which not only lets you track the safe’s battery status but also shows its battery level, captured my attention. The safe can even be unlocked remotely with the app!

While I enjoyed the app and found it helpful in some situations, such as checking the battery level, I found the fact that it only used Bluetooth at close range a bit frustrating.

The only drawback is that it takes a bit longer to walk to the safe than it does to check something by simply pairing it with a device.


  • A number of anti-theft features are provided
  • This 16-gauge model is made from carbon steel
  • The keypad features a backlight and a biometric scanner
  • Four-month battery life
  • A low-light LED light
  • You can keep track of things with Vaultek Smart App


  • Only Bluetooth-enabled devices can use the app

2. STEALTH Handgun Hanger Safe

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box

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STEALTH handgun safes are the best choice if you want a little bit more storage space without breaking the bank.

Keeping your weapons at hand is the best option when you only need quick access to them. A drop-down door with a spring-loaded release and three guns hanging from steel rods, that’s what you get! It holds five handguns and two magazines as well as two magazines!

The system is also highly secure. The backlit keypad is Straw and Pickproof, has four bolt-down holes, and has a security cable that will make it extremely difficult to tamper with.

On the other hand, the beeping sound on the keypad is way too loud. This safe will not allow you to access it in secret unless the silent mode is activated.

Furthermore, this thing does not seem to be explained in the manual – I am an expert in safes, and I still had trouble understanding it.


  • An optional silent mode is available on the backlit keypad
  • It can hold up to five guns
  • Quick access is provided by the drop-down door
  • No straws or picks
  • Bolts down with four holes
  • Secure cable included


  • It’s difficult to understand the manual
  • It’s a bit loud when the beeping sounds

3. AdirOffice Portable Travel Gun Safe

AdirOffice Portable Travel Gun Safe - Heavy Duty Pistol Box with 3 Digit Combination Lock & Carrying Cable - Secures Firearms Cash Jewelry Documents & More

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Is your car seat too small to hold an emergency safe? AdirOffice may be the best companion for you! Moreover, this model has the most affordable price.

Since it’s portable and small, you can take it with you anywhere. With the padding removed, you will have more room for valuables like your passport.

The safe can be used for travel, but if it is stolen, you could lose your valuable items. Steel cables anchor the safe to prevent theft.

While the padding was advertised as being four layers thick, I found it to be very thin. Having it just a little thicker would have made it perfect. It’s sliding around, so nothing’s secure in there.

A cheap-feeling can also be felt in the lock. Although I haven’t experienced any problems so far, I am curious about how long it will last.


  • More storage space with removable foam padding
  • Holds your passport, prescriptions, and other valuable papers
  • Portable, compact, and lightweight
  • For added security, the anchor cable is steel
  • Affordably priced


  • It feels cheap to use the locking mechanism
  • There is not much foam

4. Stack-On 18 Gun Convertible Cabinet

Stack-On GCB-18C Steel 18-Gun Convertible Steel Security Cabinet, Black

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The rifle owners are probably growing impatient, as I have only discussed handgun safes up until now. Stack-On gun cabinets are designed with gun enthusiasts in mind.

With 18 slots, this gun cabinet can accommodate your prized rifles. The barrel rests are contoured for maximum comfort. However, the cabinet still provides maximum versatility.

We have adjustable shelves so you can rearrange them to suit your needs even if you want to keep your guns and other valuables too.

A triple-point locking system with a double-bitted lock is included, which ensures your safety. A cabinet’s door features three barring points: top, bottom, and side.

One thing I didn’t like about the shelves was their flimsiness. If some of them develop minor dents during installation, it may be that they are prone to bending. Despite the fact that it is not a major issue, I felt you should know about it.


  • The lock is three-pointed
  • 18 rifles can be stored in it
  • The barrel rests are patented by Stack-On
  • It is possible to store guns on adjustable shelves, as well
  • Hardware is included
  • Preventing scratches with foam padding


  • A bendable shelf

5. SentrySafe Pistol Safe Quick Access Gun Safe

SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe with Digital Keypad One Handgun Capacity

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My top pick for the best gun safe under $300 is SentrySafe’s model. If you want to ensure that you can quickly access your handguns during an emergency, then this is the most appropriate option.

You can store two handguns in the safe (or a big pistol with more ammo, depending on your needs), while it is small enough to be stored in your nightstand or drawer.

Using the interior LED light, which is programmable to three different intervals, you will be able to see what’s going on inside the safe in dim light.

In order to enter your combination, the safe must be “awakened” first. You need to press five buttons instead of four – one to turn it on, four to turn it off. Remember this when you are rushing to open the safe.

This program opens loudly, despite its claims. The door opens with a distinct hissing sound, even though it’s not loud. Just wondering why it is advertised as “dead silent” when it isn’t.


  • A large pistol and two handguns can be stored here
  • This lock comes with one manual key and one digital key
  • An interior LED light that can be programmed
  • It is designed to resist prying
  • Certified by the DOJ


  • When you dial your combination, you need to “wake it up”
  • Silently, it opens

6. Homegear Large 5 Rifle Electronic Gun Safe

Homegear 5 Rifle Electronic Gun Safe with Internal Lockbox for Jewelry/Valuables

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A large gun safe can be found at Homegear. With a steel door and walls that are 2mm thick, this is a sturdy, heavy-duty safe. Whenever I think of this unit, I think of “sturdy”.

You can either mount it on the wall or leave it on the floor. The anchor bolts that come with the package do not seem to be doing the job well, so I strongly recommend that you use your own.

If you need to store optics in addition to rifles, you can fit three rifles in this safe, but five rifles should be plenty. It comes with its own set of keys and sits on top of the safe. Small valuables or a handgun can be securely stored in this lockbox.

For locking this unit, you can use either a biometric lock or keys. There is no way to break the biometric lock. In case you’re still unsure, consider a lock with a double digital locking system and a PIN number.

One thing that bothered me about this safe was its small keypad. If you have thick fingers, you will probably miss the lock button a few times, causing it to take longer to be opened, which is inconvenient since time is of the essence in an emergency.


  • Construction of high quality
  • A maximum of five rifles can be stored here
  • It comes with an extra lockbox
  • Locks digitally and with a key


  • A safe cannot be secured to its place with anchor bolts that are not strong enough
  • Keypads are small

7. 7501 Paragon Lock & Safe Electronic 5 Gun Rifle Safe

7501 Paragon Lock & Safe Electronic 5 Gun Rifle Safe 4.26cf Gun Cabinet for Firearms

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18 gauge steel is the material of the Paragon 7501 safe. Besides ammunition, it holds five rifles comfortably. The unit also includes an additional lockbox on top to keep valuables and small guns secure.

To prevent the unit from falling, anchor bolts must be used. Steel is not a sturdy material because of its proneness to denting.

Safes are most important for their locks, of course. Because the 7501 has an easy-to-use program and a digital lock, you can feel comfortable using it. In addition to the manual key, the security system includes a set of extra keys. It is possible to change the codes unlimited times.

My complaint about the opening system is that there are several aspects that I don’t like. A pinwheel-style three-peg opening system can be seen at first glance on this safe. You must therefore follow a more detailed procedure than you think. You can open the door after entering the PIN code and rotating the pegs.

Additionally, the unit has a loud buzzer that can alert intruders in an emergency, but it is too loud for my taste.


  • Locks with two keys
  • Adds a lockbox
  • Program with a user-friendly interface
  • It is possible to change codes as often as you like


  • Mounting is necessary for safety
  • Dents easily
  • Opens in a complicated manner
  • It’s too loud that buzzer

Factors to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe Under $300

When selecting a gun safe, there are a few factors you need to take into account. Continue reading.

Optional attachments

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a gun safe is the possibility that a thief can easily flee with the safe if you are able to bring it in.

To prevent this, you might want to consider installing an electronic gun safe in your home. It can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor. Security is of the utmost importance for your gun safe.

Different types of locks

Three types of locking mechanisms are available for gun safes: keys, biometrics, and electronic locks. There are pros and cons to each type of locking mechanism.

Although it is important to know the differences between each type of locking mechanism, you can choose the type that suits your tastes.

The fireproofing process

To make sure you’ll be able to protect your collection, you should purchase a gun safe. You can make a wise decision by investing in a fire-resistant gun safe.

With this feature, your gun collection will remain protected even in a fire.

False Information

In the majority of safe manufacturers’ literature, they describe the locks, bolts, and hinges used on the safe, but these specifications are meaningless if the safe is poorly constructed.

Keep the details to a minimum. To determine whether the hardware provided by the safe will be adequate, you need to check its main structure first.

FAQ’S About best Gun Safe Under $300

When you are purchasing a gun safe, you may have a lot of questions. The following questions should be considered when you are buying your gun safely.

How should guns be stored legally?

The laws and guidelines governing the storage of guns vary depending on where you live, but there are always requirements and guidelines to follow. To make sure that the safe you purchase will meet all of the guidelines and requirements, you should review the guidelines and requirements before you purchase one.

How can I choose a gun safe with the best locking mechanism?

Each type of locking mechanism has its own pros and cons. If you do not remember to keep your batteries charged, electronic locks, for example, can be tricky to use since they run on batteries.

The contents of your safe can be accessed more quickly with combination locks since they don’t require batteries to operate. A biometric lock can reduce the complexity involved, but can also help you access safe contents more easily.

Would an adjustable shelf safe be better?

This does not guarantee that a gun safe is sound, but it does help, especially if you want to store guns of different sizes. Additionally, shelves can be adjusted to accommodate other contents like ammo, if required.


The options are plentiful, regardless of your budget. Now the only thing left is to announce the winner – the best gun safe under $300.

 My personal favorite Biometric Handgun Safe is the VAULTEK VT20i. Today’s gun owners will find it ideal.

As far as you can tell, which seems to be the best overall? If you have any thoughts, please comment below!

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