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Home security is a prominent concern right now, as consumers lose trust in banks and burglars become significantly more sophisticated. It’s no surprise that wall-safe sales have soared in recent years. There are several options for home or office safes, each with its own perks and idiosyncrasies. A wall safe is a wonderful alternative for storing crucial documents like passports and birth certificates, as well as valuable family heirlooms. We’ve compiled a list of the top wall safes on the market so you can pick the best one for you.

Our 5 Favorite Hidden Wall Safe

Hidden Wall Safe Reviews – Detailed Reviews

1. Waterproof and fireproof safe from SentrySafe

SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Waterproof Safe with Dial Combination, 2.05 Cubic Feet, Black

Due to its waterproof and fireproof features, the Sentry safe can be hidden in virtually any wall. A 15-foot fall is no problem for this safe, which is also very well made. Due to its thick steel construction, it offers a safe and secure place to keep your valuables. It’s also completely burglar-proof since it’s equipped with a dial combination.


  • Besides being fire-resistant, it’s also water-resistant
  • Is cleverly designed
  • Secure and solid
  • Space to spare
  • The childproof feature makes it easy to use


  • Quite Expensive
  • The number pad contains too many numbers
  • It’s hard to move

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2. Secret Wall Safe from Giantex

Giantex Electronic Wall Hidden Safe Security Box,.83 CF Built-In Wall Electronic Flat Security Safety Cabinet

It is a very easy-to-use electronic wall safe that is specially designed for Giantex. Both the installation and operation of the safe are simple. With the help of your personalized PIN code or the provided emergency key, there are many ways to lock and unlock your vehicle. Strong steel makes this product sturdy and durable. In addition, the secure lock is particularly strong. For those who enter a multitude of PIN codes, the safe automatically locks for a During the time-out period, burglary attempts are less likely to succeed. Approximately 22 inches high, 16 inches wide, and 4 1/7 inches deep. On the inside, it measures 19 inches high, 13 1/2 inches wide, and three-quarters deep.


  • Sturdy locks, nice material
  • Installs and hides easily
  • Designed to resist burglaries
  • Easily adjustable shelves that are highly reliable


  • The device barely beeps at all
  • The front panel feels cheap

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3. Protected Electronic Wall Safe by Protex

Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe (FW-1814Z)

The Protex Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe is the best choice if you need a more spacious, safe. Additionally, the safe is fireproof, unlike others. It is very durable and has a very good quality. A velvet interior design gives this a feeling of elegance and comfort that cannot be denied. Steel is used for the door’s construction. It also comes with an interior shelf, unlike other simple safes. The safe may seem to be oversized now, but in the future, when you have more valuable things to store, it will be of benefit to you.


  • Perfect for storing large amounts of items
  • Installation is easy
  • Style and quality are of the highest quality
  • It is fireproof


  • An expensive purchase
  • Needs a large area

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4. For Large Jewelry Security .83 Cubic Feet Flat Electronic Wall Safe Paragon Lock & Safe 7700

Digital Wall Safe – Flat, Electronic, Steel, Keypad, 2 Manual Override Keys – Protect Money, Jewelry, Passports – For Home or Business by Paragon

Concealment is a great use for this product. Due to the safe’s construction of solid steel material and predrilled holes inside it with anchor bolts, it has proven durability. Both the inside and outside of the safe are well coated. On the front of the safe, there is a visible frame that extends for one inch that conceals the irregularities in the cuts along the drywall. A programmed PIN code can be used to open the safe and keys are provided as well. A buzzer and LED are built into its electronic lock, which can easily be programmed. A total of 39 pounds is required to operate it. Because the codes are not limited, you can change them whenever you want. The battery operates on AAs.


  • Operation and programming are easy
  • Structured and larger than normal safes
  • It is possible to change the code indefinitely
  • Install yourself in no time
  • An anchoring system is built into the safe through predrilled holes and fixing bolts
  • Bolts included


  • Product transfer quality issues
  • There is no room on the door for anything else but the locking mechanism

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5. Secure storage in V-Line Quick Vaults

V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage for Guns and Valuables, Ivory

This wall-safe has a 16-inch stud spacing and is made in the USA. An attractive wall-finished look is provided by the large flange. Easily installed, the lag bolts are used to secure the unit to the wall studs. You can also customize the configuration of the interior with the wall safe’s adjustable shelf.


  • A product of the United States
  • The design is clean and simple
  • Installation is easy
  • A shelf that can be adjusted


  • An expensive purchase
  • A bit on the small side

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Wall Safe Buying Guide

Best Hidden Wall Safe
Hidden Wall Safe

When buying your first wall safe, you should take note of a few key features. You don’t look at these products on a monthly basis, so it can be a bit daunting to buy. Below, we’ve outlined some of the key factors to consider when choosing a wall safe.


Wall safes need to be tough enough to fend off code crackers, but they also need to be easily accessible for your hands and eyes. Even though budget safes will keep your things safe, they won’t necessarily prevent seasoned thieves from filling them with valuables. Additionally, the safe needs to be located in your home so that it can be found. Keeping your documents and belongings hidden under a painting or out of reach can make them more difficult to access without help. You should keep it hidden but accessible, and somewhere you can easily access it.


Choosing a lock for your safety is an important step to make. In any case, we recommend that you choose the lock that is most comfortable for you, one that you don’t have trouble opening and closing. This is because no lock is indestructible, so instead of concentrating on how difficult a criminal will find it to break in, you should pay more attention to how easy your lock is to use for you. The lock market offers a variety of choices, such as biometric, keypads, and round dials. There are sometimes even two locks on the wall safes for even more security.


When purchasing your wall safe, it is probably important to consider the material. Your belongings will stay safe and sound if you choose something tough and durable.

Transporting heavier safes away from a location is more difficult, and breaking into steel safes may prove far more difficult. A durable material usually commands a higher price point, but sometimes the opposite is true. Fire damage should be considered as well. Materials with a high fire resistance will reduce the chances of your belongings being damaged by fire.


You can buy wall safes in a variety of different sizes to accommodate whatever you need to store. The location of the safe in your house is another important thing to consider since the size determines how it needs to be installed and kept concealed.


The long presence of such brands on the market can be attributed to the high quality of their products. A wall safe of higher quality can give you more peace of mind about the security of your belongings.

Location in Your Home 

Start your search for a wall safe by considering where you would like it to be located. Wall safe location is very important since it determines the installation process and if you can set up that safe in that particular room or area.

Additional Features 

If you’re looking for a wall safe, it’s important to ask what additional features it comes with, such as two locks, an extended warranty, or internal light. You should make decisions now about whatever is important to you, and you won’t waste your money on things that don’t fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deepest safe on a wall?

An inexpensive four-inch wall safe should suffice if you need to store a few small valuables. You might want to consider a deep wall safe if you need to store more items. You must determine what is safe for you.

Safes on our walls?

Because the burglar does not know where the safe is, wall safes can provide excellent protection against burglars when they are properly concealed. Make sure your installer has adequate insurance coverage and has undergone a background check, is bonded, and has a criminal background check.

Do you know where the best place is to keep yourself safe?

An ideal location for a safe would be at the junction of two exterior walls. A heavy safe can be best protected and supported by this. Whenever possible, keep the safety of the ground floor in a house with several levels.

What is the cost of a wall safe?

For $250 you can install a wall safe on your own, saving 44 percent off the contractor’s cost of $450. Many households are replacing their safety deposit boxes with home safes because they are more convenient than bank safes.

Is my safe bolted to the floor?

Your safe should always be anchored to the ground. Anchoring your home can help prevent damage to your property and injuries or fatalities to your family members should your safety tip over. In case of bolts in your floor are making you nervous, consider what can happen if 1000-pound safe tips over.


You should now know which safe is best for you. If not, you should know what to look for when buying a wall safe. But first, make sure the one you buy is within your budget. A biometric locking feature makes Viking Safe VS-52BLX one of the greatest wall safes. The device includes a heavy-duty steel body, biometric lock, replacement keys, and adequate storage space for your belongings.

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