Top 8 Best Home Security Signs

If you’ve ever been robbed before at your home, then you know how scary it truly can be. This is why more and more people have started to put signs in their yards advertising that they have a home security system when they really don’t. Research has shown that criminals do not want to break into a house if there is a security system in place. While this may seem like an easy way out of a burglary or vandalism, it also could deter crime. With so many home security systems on the market today, it can be difficult to figure out which one you want. You are probably wondering exactly why you need to put up a sign advertising your home security system anyway and what sort of feedback you are going to get from people who see the sign. Are they going to hire you to protect them?  Is it just for fun?  These questions will be answered in this article discussing whether or not these signs actually work.

Comparison Table

8 Best Home Security Signs Reviews

1. FIRST ALERT YS-1 Video Security Surveillance Yard Sign

FIRST ALERT YS-1 Video Security Surveillance Yard Sign, White

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Product Dimensions0.25 x 8.75 x 18.8 inches
Item Weight3.01 ounces
ManufacturerFirst Alert
Country of OriginChina
Item model numberYS-1
Best Sellers Rank#35,120 in Patio, Lawn & Garden
#477 in Yard Signs
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

The First Alert is issued. YS-1 Video Surveillance Yard is a video security surveillance yard. The presence of a surveillance system is signaled by a sign, which warns potential criminals. There are four security surveillance sign window decals included with this security surveillance sign, along with a sturdy yard post for outdoor installation. Trespassers will be warned by the security signs that your property is being watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Smoke Alarms

Best Home Security Signs
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To prevent attracting attention, place at least 10 feet away from the kitchen/stove and no higher than 10 inches from the ceiling or wall.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Best Home Security Signs
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Carbon monoxide detectors may be placed practically everywhere in a structure, not simply on the tallest point. Every 5–7 years, they should be changed.

Fire Extinguishers

Best Home Security Signs
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Keep one in the kitchen and one in the garage, but make sure it’s rated for the sort of fire you’re dealing with.

Escape Ladders

Best Home Security Signs
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If your home has many floors, buy one for each level. Because the majority of bedrooms have windows, have a ladder handy.

2. Sheenwang 2-Pack Private Property No Trespassing Sign

Sheenwang 2-Pack Private Property No Trespassing Sign, video surveillance signs outdoor, UV Printed .040 Mil Rust Free Aluminum 10 x 7 in, Security camera sign for home, Business, Driveway Alert, CCTV

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Brand Namesheenwang
ColorBright Red, Matte black and metal white
Item Thickness0.08 inches
Model NumberSW-166
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Number of Items2

Clear to Read

The fact that this is a private property sign with 24-hour video monitoring on the interior will be understood by everybody, regardless of their language skills.

Durable in Use

40 mil rust-free aluminum with a glossy surface that is reflective and UV coated, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Dramatic Colors

Security camera sign in bright red, matte black, and metal white that is sure to capture the attention of onlookers. The surface has a high degree of reflectivity. You’ll need extra security for your property once the lights are turned on, as well as a sign to let passersby know you’re recording at all hours of the day.

Easy to Install

Each corner is punctured with a hole. Screws, nails, and wrapping are not included in this price.


Please contact me if you are interested in making a risk-free purchase.

3. Home Business CCTV Security Camera By Faittoo

2-Pack Video Surveillance Sign, 10 x 10 Rust Free .040 Aluminum Security Warning Reflective Metal Signs, Indoor or Outdoor Use for Home Business CCTV Security Camera, UV Protected & Waterproof,Red

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Brand NameFaittoo
Color2-Pack video surveillance signs – Red
Fabric TypeAluminum, Reflective coating, Fade-resistant, UV Protected and Waterproof
Item Thickness0.04 inches
Item Weight7.1 ounces
Model NumberCCTV SIGN-1010R
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Number of Items2
Part NumberCCTV SIGN-1010R
SizeOctagon 10″ x 10″ Metal Signs

Wide Applications

Best Home Security Signs
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With our products, you can protect your family, your company, and yourself while saving money.

Heavy-duty Aluminum

Best Home Security Signs
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Aluminum has a long lifespan that is corrosion-free In contrast to the competition. It has a thickness of 40 mils.

Photoluminescent Surface

Best Home Security Signs
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This Symbol is pondering something. After the sign has been illuminated, the notion of light refraction allows it to reflect light back to the viewer.

Weather Resistant

Best Home Security Signs
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To survive heavy rain, thunderstorms, and other harsh weather conditions, all signs are fitted with exceptional waterproof technology. The surface is UV and dust-resistant, so it won’t become filthy. In direct sunshine, the text will not fade, and our metal logo will not corrode. If signs are kept outside, they can last up to seven years.

Easy to Install

Best Home Security Signs
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It is possible to place the aluminum Video Surveillance Sign on any surface since it includes four pre-drilled holes.

What Is Included

Best Home Security Signs
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2 x Faittoo (10″ x 10″) Security Alert Signs


  • The “24 Hour Video Surveillance Alert Monitored & Recorded Activities sign” is a large graphic in red, black, and white that serves to dissuade possible intruders.
  • 10 x 10-inch sign made with rust-free 0.40 aluminum that is both robust and effective.
  • Graphics and paint can have an outdoor service life of up to 7 years.
  • Installation on walls, fences, poles, and gates is facilitated by the four pre-drilled holes.
  • Reflective Signs Are Difficult to Miss. When struck by headlights or other light sources, reflective signs illuminate. This increases the visibility of the message in low light.

4. Video Surveillance Warning Sign By Sigo Signs

Video Surveillance Sign, CCTV Security Alert, 12x12 Inches, Rust Free .040 Aluminum, Fade Resistant, Made in USA by Sigo Signs

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Ean0641171988072, 0739472128195
Item Thickness0.00004 inches inches
Model NumberSI-815
Number of Items1
Part NumberFBA_SI-815
UNSPSC Code55121700

Long-lasting, High Quality

High-quality materials are used in the production of our signage. Designed to survive for years indoors or out, thanks to its rust-free aluminum construction. In addition, we manufacture our signage in the United States!

Uv Printed

This implies that neither the images nor the text will fade or degrade. Long-term

Professional Graphics

Our signs are sleek, authoritative, and easy to see, making them suitable for both residential and business applications.

Pre-drilled Holes For Easy Mounting

Our premium signage comes with pre-drilled holes to make installation a breeze. There is no need for adhesive or additional equipment!

Perfect Size

This sign has been created with much care and consideration. This different size helps the words to stand out and be easily comprehended without the need to be pushy.

5. Home Security Camera Signs for House Yard By KooMate

You're on Camera Sign with Stake, Metal No Trespassing Sign with Posts, Aluminum Video Surveillance Signs for Yard Outdoor, 11.8'x 7.9' Home Security Camera Signs for House Yard with 15.7' Tall Stake, Kits Included, Easy to Install

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Item Weight‎10.8 ounces
Product Dimensions‎7.87 x 11.81 x 0.39 inches
Color‎Video Surveillance Sign-01A
Material Type‎Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Metal
Manufacturer Part Number‎Video Surveillance Sign

Durable Metal Sign

This yard security sign is constructed of heavy-duty thick aluminum plate, aluminum alloy stakes, stainless steel screws, nuts, and washers, and is designed to withstand the elements. Yard signs made of metal that are waterproof, rust-free, and weather-resistant are the ideal metal video surveillance yard signs for homes, lawns, and other outdoor applications.

Highly Visible

Potential thieves will be deterred from breaking into your home by the fantastic designs of these you’re on camera signs. ‘Warning You’re on Camera No Trespassing’ is written on the plate in large letters. The metal plate’s dimensions are 11.8″ x 7.9.” The two stakes given are 15.7 inches in length, which is significantly longer than the 11.8-inch stakes seen on most other video surveillance signs.

Easy To Install

These home security yard signs with stakes have four pre-punched holes, two on the top edge and two on the bottom edge, on the top and bottom edges, respectively. Alternatively, this no trespassing sign may be used as a yard sign with the included stakes, or it can be fastened on doors or fences or gates with nails or screws, or it can be strung together with ropes.

Long Outdoor Life

This metal no trespassing sign is printed with long-lasting ink and coated with a UV coating to ensure that it remains visible for a long time. Our “you’re on camera, don’t trespass” signs are made of high-quality materials that will not fade with time (more than 8 years).

Useful Warning Sign

This security camera yard sign serves to warn possible burglars or trespassers that they are being observed by a surveillance camera system. Deterring illegal or unauthorized activity while also protecting your own property are two important goals.

6. 5 Door/Window Stickers – Home Security Alarm Decal for Simpli-Safe

5 Door/Window Stickers - Home Security Alarm Decal for Simpli-Safe

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Package Dimensions7.28 x 4.96 x 0.35 inches
Item Weight0.317 ounces
Best Sellers Rank#66,418 in Home & Kitchen
#76 in Window Stickers


  • Window Stickers with Five Layers of Security
  • Each sticker is 3.5″ x 3.0″ and is double-sided for use indoors or out.
  • The sticker has a scratch-resistant semi-gloss finish.

7. 1 Home Security Yard Sign 4 Security Sticker Window Decals

1 Home Security Yard Sign 4 Security Sticker Window Decals

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Product Dimensions9 x 1 x 9 inches
Item Weight2.08 ounces
ManufacturerHome Security
Item model number1 – Yard Sign w/ 5 – Decal Stickers
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Batteries Required?No


  • There is just one Reflective Home Security Yard Sign available.
  • The sign is made of PVC plastic and may be displayed with or without a yard stake.
  • On the top and bottom of the sign, there are two mounting holes.
  • Four reflective stickers for use on doors and windows are included.

8. Home Alarm Yard Security Reflective Sign By Authentic Brinks

Home Alarm Yard Security Reflective Sign with Post and Window Decal Stickers

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Package Dimensions14.13 x 11.89 x 0.79 inches
Item Weight10.2 ounces
Best Sellers Rank#75,051 in Patio, Lawn & Garden
#1,259 in Yard Signs

Home Yard Security Is Enhanced By A Decal Reflective Protection System. Signature Of Alarm Reflective PVC Weatherproof Sign (one piece) 4 x 12″x11″ Weatherproof Reflective Stickers (12″x11″) 1 Brinks 4.5″x4″ 1 Brinks Sign your name on a stake The highest level of protection for your home. With the deterrent, you can defend yourself. Get your sign and stickers as soon as possible!

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Home Security Signs

A notion serves as the starting point. Light bulb cameras are the solution to your covert camera requirements. Possessing the ability to covertly spy on one’s own home and property increases one’s sense of security. Choosing an LED light camera might be a difficult task.

Light bulbs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The same may be said with bulb cameras. Depending on your requirements, you may choose from simple designs to full-blown lighting installations. To help you pick which light bulb security camera is best for you and your family, we’ve researched the top five best light bulb security cameras available. You don’t want to squander your money on stuff that you don’t actually need or desire.

Do Security System Signs Deter Burglars?

It has been shown that home security indications deter burglars from entering a home. The majority of burglars and criminals are looking for an easy target. A large number of these offenders will be discouraged by home security signals since it is quite simple for them to relocate to a less unsafe region.

Some thieves will scout out a location for a few days before attempting to break into the building. It is doubtful that this group will be deterred by CCTV warning signs, and it is probable that they will find out whether you have one or not. They may even be able to disable your alarm system if they have access to it.

Fortunately, they are a small minority. A motivated professional criminal can find a way into your home, which is why having a security system in place is critical to protecting your family. It is also possible to utilize generic home security signs rather than ones that advertise your security company as an alternative. It gives some thieves an advantage if they know how to disarm specific types of weapons.

Are Dummy Cameras Illegal?

False cameras are permitted under the law. They may be prohibited by some homeowners associations, but they are not illegal. It is possible that a fake camera or fictitious security indicators will not be a good idea.

According to the Homeland Security News Wire, such cameras may result in legal ramifications. CCTV warning indications can provide a false sense of security, which can be detrimental to a company’s bottom line. It has happened that people have been sued because they had a false camera put up and relied on it for protection while driving.

The usage of fake security stickers and warning signs has its advantages, but there are certain limitations. Fake ADT security signs may appear to be an excellent offer at first glance. In certain states, it is permissible to pretend to be illegal. Home security signs that are not real do not deter crime in the same way as CCTV signs do.

Getting Some Signs

It is possible that using a sign to falsely claim you have security would deter certain criminals. It may help, but smart and determined criminals can usually figure out whether or not you have a security system in place.

Having a strategy in place might help you avoid being a victim of crime. Some signs may need to be updated if they get damaged or deteriorate over time. Extra signs at various sites may be required at different times.

Frequently Asked Question

With so many choices, it’s fair if you have concerns about home security indicators. I will make every attempt to respond to your main concerns.

Can You Buy Adt Signs?

Yes, ADT signs are available for purchase on eBay Inc. Some establishments provide price guarantees.

How Much Is Adt Per Month?

You can check out how much it will cost on the ADT website. The menu options categories can also be used to find alternatives. Depending on the bundle you pick and where you live in the United States, ADT costs $$ per month.

Final Thought

Make sure you put your home security sign in highly visible areas. It can deter would-be intruders from even trying to break into your home. Never rely solely on the appearance of your security system to keep your property safe, however; make sure it is adequately protected by a reliable service provider as well.

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