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In a key safe, or lockbox, your house keys are stored in an accessible, safe, and secure place. In case of an emergency, the elderly person will have access to the house if they are unable to get to the door.

It is always a good idea to lock your doors for security purposes.

When an emergency strikes, it is important to have quick, easy access to the information. Seniors are, particularly at risk. Having a medical emergency when they live alone is crucial. It is forbidden for medical personnel to break through windows or doors to gain entry quickly. Access must be gained quickly. You should be able to get to yourself quickly, too, if someone is checking on you or trying to help you.

I have compiled a list of my top picks for the best key safes for elders and their caregivers.

Best Key Safe Security Box

Best key safe
key safe

Choosing one of the best outdoor key safes involves considering certain features. It may be best to use different products according to your specific situation. Is there anything you think a key safe should include?

Secure and Tamper Proof

An effective product can’t easily be broken into and serves its purpose. If a thief can easily break into the key-safe lockbox, there’s no point in having it. My reviews of these products indicate that they are all highly secure.

Discreet and Easy to Hide

The key lock box should blend in well with its surroundings. A key that screams that it has your home’s key inside is not the one you want. You should also be able to hide the device in any location that you deem appropriate.

Large Enough to Hold Several Keys

There must be enough room inside the product you select. One key holder can hold from one to five keys, and there are various options available. It becomes more difficult to conceal the lockbox if it has a larger interior space.

Easy to use

It should be easy to use for you and others who will use it. Opening a lockbox and getting a key should not take a long time.

Durable to Last a Long Time

These products are mostly made from steel, which gives them a very sturdy feel. In any weather condition – hot or cold, rain or snow – it should endure.

Affordable Too

Many people find this important as well. To keep your keys secure you need a product that doesn’t take a huge toll on your budget. The products I chose to review were chosen with this in mind too.


A tamper-resistant, durable box that’s made of hardened steel is ideal for mounting outside. As a precaution, it’s also a good idea to choose a lockbox with an ice- and water-resistant rubber cover.


If you run a lettings business with a lot of visitors, changing the lock code often is a good idea to help protect your lockbox and keep it safe. Also, make sure that the lockbox isn’t located so close to the main street that it can be found easily, but somewhere that’s more discreet. Naturally, this may not always be possible to ensure that the lockbox you buy is one that is difficult to breach unless you are a locksmith.


Is it possible to break into a key safe?

If you use a key safe, we recommend a five or six-digit code. Smashing the box would require a heavy hammer and chisel, which are time-consuming and noisy. It is much more likely for an opportunist thief to shatter a window or shoulder a door than to attack the safe.

How effective are our key safes?

In case you have a family and are forgetting keys a lot, indoor key safes are a good choice. If you want to let people easily access your property, you should use an outdoor key safe. It may be difficult for your loved ones to answer the door if they live alone.

How secure are our key lockboxes?

Lockboxes are usually fairly secured (strong lockboxes can usually withstand a hammer banging for about 45 minutes), however, hosts should remain vigilant and take measures to minimize risk, such as changing the lock code frequently (ideally after each guest leaves).

Keys are burglars looking for where?

In addition to the door ledge, a burglar can easily access the spot by lifting the ledge up. During porch light. One reason a burglar will look at porch lights is that they have a lot of nooks where a key can hide. 

Is it easy to break into lockboxes?

As soon as we discovered how flimsy button locks and wheel locks were, we dismissed many competitors. It is easy to break the wheel combo system, of course.

Final Thoughts

Getting old people to help at the right time is much easier with the help of key safes. The key does not have to be duplicated. MasterLock 5401D Key Lock Box (Amazon Link) is most appropriate for addressing the specific needs the elderly have.

It has enough space inside and is easy to use. You can also mount it anywhere you like and the build quality is fantastic. Be certain that whichever lockbox you select from this list will not disappoint you.

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