6 Best Laptop Lock On The Market

If you want to protect your laptop from theft, laptop locks are a must-have regardless of whether you work from home, a coffee shop, or a classroom. In today’s world, more and more employees are working remotely, and laptop locks are a reliable, simple way to prevent someone from gaining access to your information, or from stealing your equipment wherever you are.

There are, however, some locks that are better than others. The best laptop locks are those that meet your budget, security needs, and equipment requirements. Check out our list of the top laptop locks available today.

Best Laptop Lock Reviews:

1. Kensington Combination Cable Lock

Kensington Combination Cable Lock for Laptops and Other Devices (K64673AM),Black

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As far as laptop security is concerned, Kensington is a household name. Several laptop manufacturers specify whether their devices come with Kensington locks due to their durability. Integrated into this lock is a woven carbon steel cable that provides cut resistance. It must be used with a Kensington Lock Slot.

2. FOLAI Combination Lock

FOLAI Notebook Laptop Combination Lock Portable Laptop Locking Cable Security Combination Lock with Adhesive Security Plate compatible Tablet Laptop Projector and Other Devices

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This combination lock can be used on any device with a security slot. The cable is six feet long and is cut-resistant. With the adhesive security plate, even devices without a lock slot can use this setup. Don’t place the security plate flush with a table or desk, as it will bump the device.

3. iDOO USB Fingerprint Reader

Mini USB Fingerprint Reader for Windows 7/8/10 Hello, iDOO Bio-metric Fingerprint Scanner PC Dongle for Password-Free and File Encryption, 360° Touch Speedy Matching Security Key

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With this lock you can scan your finger to add another layer of security to your computer, though it won’t prevent someone from opening it, stealing it, or using your regular password (or the backup PIN you must set up to use this device). Only those with very complicated passwords who are unable to type them manually should use this device. Here’s how to prevent hackers from accessing those people’s internal files (almost) foolproof. Reviewers indicate that the iDOO Lockey can operate only on Windows OSes and USB 2.0 ports.

4. Maclocks Blade Universal Laptop and Tablet Bracket

Maclocks BLD01KL Blade Universal Laptop and Tablet Bracket with Keyed Straight Cable Lock (Silver)

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The MacBook lacks a built-in lock slot, unlike most laptops. The Maclocks Blade fixes this issue. 

A switchblade-style arm and a Kensington-style lock slot are included on the bracket that attaches to the bottom of your MacBook. After that, you can select any Kensington lock you prefer.

5. Staples WordLock for Notebook Computers

Kensington Portable Laptop Combination Cable Lock - Letter Combination Lock (K64684US)

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If numbers don’t appeal to you, Staples offers a variation on a traditional combination lock that relies on letters instead of numbers. Words are used in place of numbers instead of combinations. When creating a password, you should use words that are easily recognizable, so it will be easier to gain access to the lock. It would be much better for you to use AGBJ over BIKE. This is a good option for people who remember letters better than numbers.

6. Ruban Notebook Lock and Security Cable

RUBAN Notebook Lock and Security Cable (PC/Laptop) Two Keys 6.6 Foot (Black)

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RUBAN offers a key-secured laptop lock if remembering a combination is not your thing. As with conventional locks, this one comes with two keys, unlike more complex locks that require combinations of numbers and letters for unlocking.

Purchasing a laptop lock: Things to consider

  • The locking mechanism: There are different types of laptop locks, with a variety of locking mechanisms. Others have a keyed lock, and some use an electronic lock or combination lock. Consider the level of security you require along with your personal tastes when choosing the right lock. An electronic or combination lock may be a better choice if you tend to lose keys.
  • Strength of the core: Durable cords are a must-have for best laptop locks. Since the cord is connected to a laptop, a thief could just stroll by and cut it. Cords made from a strong material and difficult to cut are the best anti-theft cords.
  • Weight: There are many laptop locks available that are extremely lightweight and portable. Some options might be heavier, but they may also be built for different uses, such as securing several pieces of equipment at once. Finding a lightweight lock is a must if you travel or work in various locations.
  • Features and design: You should look for a laptop lock that has a design that fits the type of equipment you have. If your computer has a Kensington lock slot, make sure the lock is compatible with it. A lock can be attached to your device in a number of ways if it isn’t already affixed. In addition, if you move your laptop a lot or tend to walk around a lot, you may want a lock that rotates. You may want to look for a type of design that is most suitable for your everyday needs.
  • Ease of installation: Laptop locks that feature Kensington lock slots are typically pretty straightforward to install. You may need to use an adhesive if your computer does not have a lock slot. Generally, installations are pretty simple, but sometimes a combination lock needs to be set.


Do laptop locks really work?

It’s not the coolest thing to do, however, to physically lock your laptop to an immovable object. A laptop lock essentially works the same way as a bicycle chain lock: You wrap a metal cable around an object that is large and immovable, such as your desk.

How do I securely lock my laptop?

If you need to leave your PC unattended, the easiest way to lock it is by pressing Windows key + L. You can lock your device in just a few seconds by pressing this keyboard command. Your PC will need to be logged in as a different user or the password will have to be entered if someone tries to use your computer.

Is Kensington lock good?

Despite the fact that Kensington makes many good locks, its Kensington Combination Laptop Lock offers an ideal combination of price, security, and ease of use. The Kensington Lock Slot isn’t available on your laptop, or if you prefer a lock and key over a combination, you can use another option.

Final thoughts

The best laptop locks will keep your belongings protected whether you’re at the office, at a coffee shop or on the go. You can use these products to make sure your expensive equipment stays safe at an affordable price. Make sure you check first to make sure the lock you are considering is compatible with your laptop before you buy. In addition to our picks for the best parental control apps, you may also want to consider checking out our picks for the best laptops for children.

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