5 Best Mechanical Gun Safe In The Market 2022

It is essential to select the right quick-access gun safe for your bedside. The balance between gun security, functionality, and accessibility needs to be struck. Choosing a bedside safe that suits your needs will depend on more factors than just these. In this post, I’ll show you my top picks for the best bedside pistol safes, along with tips, tricks, and other things to consider before choosing a safe for your nightstand.

An overview of the best mechanical gun safes

On the following pages, you will find reviews of some of the top mechanical gun safes available today. Their durability and quality are unmatched. Let’s get started:

1. Fort Knox PB1 gun safe for handguns

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe with 13.5 Inch Dean Safe Pistol Sock

The security and protection provided by Fort Knox are top-notch. Our philosophy has always been to ensure that each of our safes is built with the same vision, thus providing unbreakable security. Our PB1 handgun safe follows the same principle. Check it out.

Fort Knox PB1 handgun safes are built with steel unibody construction. They are designed to withstand high pressure. They are therefore unlikely to break easily.

The door surrounds the body by up to 3/16″; the lock is also tamper-proof so that anyone who doesn’t know the combination cannot get in.

A heavy door is also supported by a gas strut. Gas struts make it easier to lift heavyweight doors when opened, even though they offer excellent security when locked.

Heavyweight doors are better because they provide more protection and feature a mechanism that makes them easier to lift even when they are heavy.

In addition, the PB1 handgun safe incorporates a Simplex mechanical locking mechanism, providing excellent security. An easy-to-operate pushbutton function is another plus. You must press the right sequence of buttons to open the safe.


  • The steel unibody is impenetrable due to its 10-gauge thickness.
  • The door wraps around to prevent tampering.
  • A heavy-weight door with a gas strut for safety and convenience.
  • Simple mechanical lock with a fast push-button mechanism.


  • It takes too long for pushbutton mechanical locks to work.

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2. A Heavy Duty Brute Lock

V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe with Quick Access Lock, Black, Units (1394-S FBLK)

V-Line is a gun safe brand you may recognize if you are interested in safes. As far as public safety is concerned, they always produce reliable weapons. This mechanical gun safe will be one of the top-of-the-line ones we’ll see today.

To start with, the brute is made of some rugged steel of the best quality, which has been coated black in powder for a tailored appearance. With its stealthy appearance, any situation can be handled with ease. The large lid of the weapon also adds to its protection. As a result of the lid’s precise tolerances, it cannot be pulled off its size if it is touched.

The second feature of this mechanical gun safe is a laser-welded handle and a heavy-duty design. It also provides some additional protection to the locks and faceplate from prying attacks.

In addition to that, this safe features a five-pushbutton combination lock similar to the PB1 and an 18-gauge handle. This handle increases the safe’s security.

There is room in the safe for two guns. The depth of the gun is large enough to accommodate attachments such as laser sights, as well as guns with a high depth.


  • The stealthy texture powder is applied to tough steel in a 10 gauge.
  • Safes are protected against prying by 12-gauge handles.
  • Five Simplex locks protect the gun inside.
  • It can be used to store two guns.


  • A hydraulic arm is not sufficiently strong.

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3. Desk Mate 2597-S Security Box by V-Line

V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Keyless Security Box with Quick Release Mounting Bracket (Black)

We are now dealing with a different entry than before from V-Line. This is a fascinating story, and it has quite a difference from what you usually read. This gun safe has the following features.

Our attention was initially drawn to this compact mechanical gun safe because of its design. This program was intended for something completely different, but we will discuss that in a moment. We’ll talk about it in a minute, but it just holds one gun without attachment.

Now you can be sure anything you lock up will be safe and secure since the Deskmate is equipped with an authentic Simplex lock.

Additionally, the 100% safe is protected by anti-pry brackets, an added layer of protection, which adds even more value. It is not the only type of 100% safe available. Safes like this one stand out because they have quick-release mounting brackets that let you mount them under a desk or shelf.


  • Discreet security can be ensured by hiding the device under a desk or shelf.
  • The gun can be locked in and kept protected with this simple mechanical lock.
  • For convenience, door brackets prevent prying.
  • Compact enough to fit anywhere.


  • The gun storage space is limited.

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4. Safes for firearms that are mechanical and stealthy

Stealth mechanical pistol safe

The next safe we will be installing is a Stealth mechanical handgun safe. This safe lives up to its name. Read on for more information. The designers of all products from them are committed to ensuring that they remain concealed. You do not need to worry about this gun safe due to its discretion.

This safe looks like Forex at first glance, so most of us get it wrong.

The outer body of this animal looks like ours at first glance. However, stronger reinforcements have been added to the girth of the animal. Their dimensions are nearly identical. A mechanical safe stands out for its additional security features.

The side hinges are equipped with steel lugs that engage into the lock itself to tighten the entire system for improved sound insulation.

Authentic KABA simplex locks manufactured in the USA are also included in the mechanical safe, ensuring top-quality security. A mechanical gun safe with added security features is tough to break into completely.


  • A steel body reinforced with 10-gauge steel reinforces all of the safe’s components.
  • KABA Simplex locks provide top-notch security.
  • You are protected by advanced security features.
  • Handguns are protected from damage by the interior foam.


The gun attachments are not enough.

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5. The SCK 2hootLo00M Single-Vault (Mechanical) is designed to hold handguns

ShotLock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault (Mechanical)

ShotLock’s pistol safe takes place in the final segment of this list, in which you can both keep your guns safe and maintain your style. Because of these features, you can carry a gun in public more easily and comfortably.

ShotLock Solo-Vault handgun safes are renowned for their high quality. The watch is discreet, yet beautiful to behold. Using this gun safe to defend yourself won’t feel intimidating to others since it’s easily portable.

It can also hold large handguns, such as 1911s. Military-grade steel 14 gauge is also included. A dual interlocking system provides unbreakable reinforcement.

Moreover, it features a 200-megabyte 4-digit combination lock system with four buttons.


  • This space is suitable for storing a 1911 handgun.
  • The 14-gauge frame can absorb almost any kind of pressure.
  • An 8-button lock system designed to offer the highest level of protection.


  • The weapon attachment space is too small to include laser sights.

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Buying guide to the best mechanical gun safe 


These lock types are commonly used on the market and are very reliable. These safes have been specially designed to ensure that your shotguns, rifles, pistols, and other weapons are protected to the highest level.


Depending on the environment, frequency of use, and owner, a high-quality mechanical lock gun safe can last for many decades.

Similarly, electronic gun safes are not built to last for a long period of time because electronics, circuit boards, and other components are not durable.

It is well known that they will eventually fail and require maintenance.

No Need for Batteries

Batteries are not required for combination locks or keyed locks. You can therefore avoid checking and replacing dead batteries all the time, saving both time and money.

In addition, this prevents gun owners from having to go through the hassle of a dead battery preventing them from accessing their safe.

Immunity to Electrical Interference

This type of lock is resistant to electrical interference techniques such as EMP because of its mechanical nature. In the debate between electronic and mechanical safes, many gun owners prefer the latter because of this.

Adequate protection

Generally, fewer used and more expensive firearms are stored in large and secure safes. They are mostly invented to keep burglars and nosy guests at bay by deterring smash-and-grabs.

My agenda here does not include child protection or fire protection. Even so, they are generally able to keep their guns protected from kids.

Thin steel and tight fittings are my requirements for burglar protection. Consider investing in a bulkier, heavier-duty gun safe if you want more protection.

Quick Access

To ensure you select the best quick access gun safe for your nightstand, you must make sure it is durable and easy to access. There are a number of factors to take into account when keeping firearms secure, reliable, and easy to access. Choosing a bedside safe that will suit your needs requires consideration of a wide range of factors.

I am looking for a home defense pistol that can be reached in 1-2 seconds, as that is where my home defense pistol would be stored in the safe. It is mostly down to the locking mechanism and how the safe opens. Later, I will address them in more detail.

Warranty coverage 

Many gun safe shoppers believe that a warranty can only be obtained when they purchase a new safe. Some warranties, however, carry over regardless of who owns the product. Make sure that the seller provides you with a copy of the warranty documents if a safe is claimed to be covered by an extended warranty. You should also include in the fine print how many years the warranty will last, what coverage is included, and what the owner is responsible for. Having a warranty on a used safe is a huge bonus. Any problems can be handled by contacting the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do mechanical gun safes work?

Mechanical safe locks work like the locks on old school lockers: you turn a dial and enter the combination to open them. The lock engages when you enter the correct combination, allowing you to turn the handle and open the door.

Where should I purchase a gun safe?

You should keep the safe’s value at about 10-20% of the value of all the items you have inside the safe. With a safe full of $10,000, you might only need to spend $2000 to $3000.

How do I choose a gun safe?

Gun safes should be constructed with the steel of 11 gauge or better and preferably between 10 and 7 gauge. It is also important to consider door construction. Make sure that the safe door is at least 14″ thick or equivalent in composite material. In more secure gun safes, the door is reinforced with a steel plate measuring 3/8 to 1/2 inches.

Is there a reason why gun safes are so expensive?

Many inexpensive safes are available, but quality safes tend to be more expensive. Due to a very high cost of production machinery, as well as labor, development, and even shipping, the principal reasons are due to extremely high costs.

How should I store my gun?

You should position your safe so it cannot be easily viewed through windows or other places where it may be viewed. One consideration is the garage door rollers. Every time you drive in and out of the garage, the safe needs to be hidden from view by the entire street.

Final word 

I hope I was able to address some of your concerns about bedside gun safes. As you can see, picking the best nightstand safe isn’t easy because it depends on personal preference.

Your safe’s features, mounting options, budget, and security requirements will all influence your purchase decision. It’s our duty as responsible gun owners to keep our guns secure.

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