Best Microwave Safe Bowls

There’s nothing worse than filling a bowl with your lunch and then wondering if it’s safe to microwave it. Melt, spark, or crack? We got you. Whatever your needs, we’ve researched the best bowls for microwave food. What are the best microwave bowls? Popular brands like Corelle and Nordic Ware are favorites, as are biodegradable dishes, bright and child-friendly options, and stunning porcelain dishes.

Things to Consider Before Buying Microwave Bowls

Best Microwave Safe Bowls
Microwave Safe Bowls

There are so many microwave-safe bowls available that finding the right one to fit your food service requirements can be quite difficult. You are most likely to end up buying the wrong bowl if you don’t know what makes them appropriate for use.

Here are some points you should pay attention to before you jump into the review section.

Sweese Porcelain Bowls

In addition to looking good, microwave-safe dishes make serving straight from the microwave more appealing.

These bowls have a sleek design that looks lovely when neatly stacked on a shelf or used to serve salads, soups, or morning cereals.

Nordic Ware Mixing Bowl Set

You sometimes need to warm something larger than a single serving in the microwave, such as leftovers.

The Nordic Ware bowl set is perfect for preparing and serving a bowl for this purpose. Dinner and leftovers can be prepared, heated, served, and stored in these versatile bowls.


It is rare to find bowls that are microwave-safe. Many of the products that claim to be microwave-safe aren’t. There are certain materials that are durable and do not emit harmful fumes when microwaved.

There is no greater microwave-safe product than porcelain ceramic bowls. There is a price tag attached to these. In all, it would be worth paying the extra money based on the factors mentioned.

There are some plastic bowls that are not harmful. Microwave ovens work best with certain plastic types. Below I have listed several plastic bowls that are safe to use. Please be aware that microwaved foods cannot be heated to high temperatures in plastic bowls.


Once you know what you need, then you can choose a frame that fits your size expectations.

It contains between 24 and 32 ounces. Dinner, lunch, and breakfast can all be served in bowls.

Snacks are best in smaller containers (18-24 oz.). In addition, I have listed below even smaller bowls.


In my earlier article, I had said that the safest option for microwave cooking was ceramic porcelain bowls. These bowls are less durable than those made of other materials.

If you have children, and your bowls or plates tend to break every now and then, you should choose ones made of plastic or straw fibers. Fall resistance is greatly improved with these.

Cleaning Convenience

I always recommend purchasing utensils that can be washed, since you don’t want to spend much time cleaning them. However, some materials, such as plastic, are prone to staining. Before you finalize the contract, keep this in mind.

Frequently Asking Question

Is microwave-safe dinnerware made of glass or ceramic?

With that in mind, many people will continue to use plastic. This is a lightweight, unbreakable, budget-friendly product. As an extra precaution, you should use ceramic or glass dishes, which are made from abrasion-resistant materials.

What are the characteristics of a microwavable bowl?

A symbol should be visible at the bottom of the container. If a microwave is microwave-safe, it usually has a few wavy lines on it. It is generally considered microwave safe if the container has the symbol for polypropylene, PP.

Are two bowls microwave-safe?

The process is simple. In a microwave, place a bowl on top of a coffee mug, then microwave. You now have a multi-level microwave system-half a bowl over a coffee mug. Now you can heat it according to your heart’s desire (no longer have to wait for one bowl to finish while you heat another).

What is the microwave life of a glass bowl?

One minute in the microwave should be sufficient. Microwaves cannot be used to heat dishes or containers that are hot or warm after heating. Microwaveable dishes or containers can be heated if they are cool and the water is warm.

Is it okay to microwave glass bowls?

Microwave-safe cookware is made of glass or glass-ceramic as long as its rims are not gold or silver. There is no guarantee that glass cups are microwave-safe. You shouldn’t microwave butter tubs or whipped topping bowls, as they contain cold food. Exposure to high temperatures can cause chemicals to enter the food.


When you are looking for the best microwave-safe bowls, it is important to consider what type of food or liquid that will be microwaved. The more delicate the item being heated, the more likely it can break when heated in a regular bowl. For this reason, glassware and ceramic dishes may not make good choices if they have any cracks or chips because these types of containers do not absorb heat well which can lead to scalding on contact with hot liquids.

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