8 Best Outdoor PTZ Security Camera Without Subscription

A security system is a must if you are concerned about the safety of your home, property, animals, and any other environment. The security system of this building is also backed up by security cameras, which are an important element. Your home or property can be secured with security cameras. Security cameras made with PTZ technology have become increasingly popular throughout the world. You may not have vast experience in this field, so finding the best outdoor PTZ security camera will be a hurdle for you.

Prior to choosing ptz security camera that may suit your needs, you need to conduct a lot of research. In order to purchase the security cameras, you have to decide which is best for you. We have collected 5 outdoor PTZ security cameras that can ensure that you are safe and secure at all times so you do not have to worry about the issue.

Our 5 Favorite Outdoor PTZ Security Camera

Top 8 Best Outdoor PTZ Security Camera

1. Amcrest Outdoor PTZ POE Camera

Amcrest Outdoor PTZ POE Camera, Pan/Tilt/ 12x Optical Zoom 1080P POE+ (802.3at) Home Security PTZ IP Camera, Starvis Low Light Sensor, 328ft Night Vision, IP66 Waterproof, 2-Megapixel, IP2M-853EW

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Looking for a great security camera to use at home? You will probably be best served with the Amcrest outdoor PTZ POE camera. You can capture 1080p video at 30fps using the optical zoom of this camera, so you will receive a video of high quality.

You can tilt it 360 degrees in addition to rotating 360 degrees, allowing you to cover a greater area. Video captured by the device does not require much storage or bandwidth. You can access camera footage that was captured by your security camera with the app Amcrest view right from your smartphone. It is also important to note that Amcrest Surveillance Pro can be used on Windows and MAC so you can review the videos.

Whether it is nighttime or daytime, you don’t have to be frightened by any weather conditions with the security camera at your disposal. Its high-quality video capture can be viewed and analyzed even in the event of a storm or low light levels. The camera is capable of low-light imaging and has a night-vision range of up to 328 feet. Your recorded videos can be kept in a safe place away from your premises and accessed via a web-based interface so as to maintain the safety of your recorded videos.


  • Video quality is high with 12x optical zoom and 30fps
  • Three-times the coverage of the 900 tilt camera, three-times the pan, thanks to the remote viewing angle that can be adjusted
  • You can review footage on your smartphone and receive motion alert notifications, thus providing smarter security
  • It’s equipped with an IP66 waterproof metal housing to capture videos rain or shine, day or night
  • You don’t have to worry about storing your captured videos on the cloud thanks to secure cloud video backup

2. Sunba Starlight Outdoor PTZ Camera

SUNBA 4K PTZ Camera Outdoor, IP PoE+ Security Dome, 20X Optical Zoom, Built-in Mic, 24x7 Automatic PTZ Tour, Night Vision up to 328ft (507-D20X 4K)

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Easy SD card installation and WiFi settings are included with these outdoor 5MP WiFi Wireless PTZ Cameras. With IR LEDs and motion detection, the device gets updated. The camera’s metal aluminum case, in contrast to other plastic cases, can withstand rough weather. In storm- and snow-covered conditions, the device is perfect for recording videos.

With a 5 Megapixel resolution, you will get a super HD image from the wireless PTZ outdoor camera. Additionally, it is a night vision camera, so you will be able to record videos in those conditions as well. You can capture crystal-clear footage in either situation, regardless of whether it is day or night. A 200-foot range is covered by the device at night. This means you can choose the camera if you want to monitor a large area, such as a garage, a front yard, or the backyard of your house.

It shouldn’t matter what security camera you want to get because it is the only way to get a PTZ camera with audio. There are 3600 vertical rotations of its WiFi IP camera, which provides seamless video capturing with the lens rotated 3600 horizontally. It is also capable of taking pictures with a 5X optical zoom in which both images are of equal size. With this device, it is possible to detect humanoids, which means it is able to track and follow the movements of humans.


  • There is an easy way to install the SD card and set up WiFi settings on the device, so you can figure out how it works quickly.
  • You can monitor everything clearly with a 5 Megapixel camera, which provides HD videos
  • A 200 foot range is covered by it in the dark, which is perfect for parking lots, backyards, and so on
  • You can capture seamless videos with the camera’s rotation of 3060 degrees horizontally and 1200 degrees vertically
  • Humanoids can be easily detected by the camera, which allows easy tracking of the movements of individuals

3. Outdoor 5MP WiFi Wireless PTZ Camera

5MP WiFi PTZ Camera Outdoor, SV3C 5 Megapixel Security Cameras, Pan Tilt Zoom IP Camera with Human Motion Detection, 200FT Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, SD Card Record, Metal Housing Waterproof Camera

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Featuring a lightweight and compact design, this outdoor 5MP PTZ IP POE security camera features a 20x optical zooming range which allows you to capture high-quality images in a wide area. Zooming in will not compromise the quality of the image. You can control the camera with your smartphone, tablet, or computer by panning and tilting 3550 horizontally and 900 vertically. Up to 300 feet of terrain can be covered by the device’s 5-megapixel HD night vision.

Considering that it offers you a high resolution and crystal clear image quality, it can be considered the best outdoor PTZ POE camera. Video compression technology H.265 helps to reduce the device’s storage requirements as well. The IP66 protection makes it suitable for use outdoors in rain or dust.

It is capable of transmitting video and power over one network cable due to POE support. POE is superior to WiFi, except that it does not have the same range. Third-party software is capable of playing the videos with this camera thanks to ONVIF compatibility. It is possible to operate the camera via the Android app or the PC client.


  • By zooming in 20 times, you can see faraway objects in more detail
  • You can pan and tilt 3550 horizontally and 900 vertically using your smartphone or PC
  • You can cover 300 feet of ground with this 5 MP HD night vision camera
  • By compressing videos with 265 technology, you can save space on your SD or HDD
  • Through the use of POE in a network cable, this device enables both video and power to be transmitted via one cable

4. HD 1080P PTZ Outdoor POE Security IP Dome Camera

POE 2MP PTZ IP Dome Camera - HD 1080P Security Surveillance Camera with 4X Optical Zoom Night Vision

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This premium 2080 x 1080 pixels HD 1080P PTZ outdoor security IP dome camera has a frame rate of 18 fps and a horizontal resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can zoom up to 10 times at the push of a button with the 4x motorized zoom lens. Furthermore, video size can be compressed using H.265 codec technology, so less storage is needed. Therefore, we can conclude that it is the best outdoor PTZ IP camera.

Intelligent motion alerts can be used with the device. Additionally, it will enable monitoring of the device through Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers. The function, however, requires downloading the IE tab. In addition, a variety of third-party programs like iSpy, Milestone, Digi Fort, and Blue Iris are compatible with the device to enable you to watch captured videos.

As long as you use Ethernet, there is no need to worry about wires. The result is less frustration because there will be fewer wires. It must be operated through a separate POE switch. You have to buy these separately since they aren’t included with the camera. Because it does the same thing but requires less investment, it should be one of the best affordable security cameras.


  • Featuring a 4x motorized zoom lens, you can zoom in and out to your heart’s content
  • You can monitor everything within its range with its intelligent motion alerts
  • You can use the browser tab to control your camera from your PC after downloading the Flash player application.
  • ISpy, Milestone, etc. can be used to control the device through third-party software.
  • This device can work no matter the weather thanks to its metal enclosure and waterproof IP66 design

5. PTZ WiFi IP Camera, FYUUI 1080P Full HD Outdoor PTZ Wireless Security Camera

With a 3500-horizontal rotation range and 900-vertical rotation range, the FYUUI 1080P Full HD Outdoor PTZ Wireless Security Camera can cover an area of 3600 square feet. 

That way, you can keep an eye on every room in your house. In addition to two-way audio, the device also has noise-reducing features to prevent noise pollution.

This device offers two-way communication as well as live footage for additional protection. You can also talk to anyone nearby with the device. The video feed allows you to interact with anyone watching and respond in real-time. It provides crisp, clear visuals with its 4x optical zoom. This should be the best budget security camera since the price is not too high.

Remote access to the camera is available from anywhere, as is the case with other PTZ cameras. YCC365 auto-captures videos and enables you to view them on your mobile phone or PC. Installing the app on your smartphone is all you need to do to use it. It allows you to view darkness in three different ways using a smart night vision mode.


  • The camera is highly weatherproof and can be used in any climate thanks to the AVB material
  • You can capture a video with motion detection by following someone’s movements
  • TF cards up to 128 GB are supported for storing records
  • Creating infrared and full-color night visions, as well as smart night vision modes, using 4 pieces of infrared LEDs and white LEDs is possible
  • In any weather condition, high-quality ABS materials will keep this product working properly without causing any damage

6. 5MP PTZ IP POE Security Camera Pan Tilt 30xOptical Zoom Speed Dome

Outdoor 5MP PTZ IP POE Dome Security Camera 30x Optical Zoom Pan Tilt 250FT IR Night Vision Motion Detection Remote View RTSP Audio Compatible with Onvif Protocol

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In terms of price, Sunba Starlight is among the most expensive options available. It might be easier to find a less expensive camera, but this one offers unmatched quality and features. A variety of features are available on this PTZ camera. Despite their compact design, PTZ cameras are not just defined by their size. In the PTZ security camera category, the 20x optical zoom feature is quite scarce.

In both daylight and in the dark, the camera is able to perform well due to its extraordinary zoom. This PTZ camera is equipped with an LED infrared with a night vision range of some 328 feet. You’ll find that setting up this PTZ camera could be a breeze if you’ve never used one before. All the details about how to install the camera are included in the user manual.

A memory card slot is also available on the Sunba PTZ camera, which can accommodate 64 GB of footage. CMOS technology is used to produce crisp and clear images with 1080p resolution. Furthermore, with this camera, your smartphone is also compatible. With it, live security footage can be viewed directly from your mobile device. The camera requires a microphone in addition to being able to take pictures.


  • There are no better cameras on the market than this one. The camera has a killer feature in its 3MP and 1080p video quality.
  • A PTZ camera can also be moved five degrees to the left or right.
  • Having the ability to zoom in up to 20x optically is a major plus for all users. Moreover, while zooming, there is no significant loss of quality.
  • 360-degrees of view are available with the Sunba Starlight.
  • IP66 waterproofing ensures that it is dust- and water-proof.
  • Moreover, the system can also be controlled via a smartphone.
  • 328 feet of IR range is a welcome feature for users.
  • Security Spy, Blue Iris, and QNAP are compatible with this device.

7. Security Camera Outdoor, Solar Powered 360°PTZ Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 2K Solar security camera System 360° PTZ with Spotlight & Siren, ieGeek 2.4Ghz Outdoor Security Cameras,Color Night Vision, PIR Motion Detection, 2-Way Talk, IP65

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Clear 1920*1080P FHD Day & Night Vision

  • In the night vision mode, the device automatically switches to black and white images.
  • In the daytime, the device switches to color images. In the night, the device switches to black and white images.
  • With built-in 4 infrared LED lights, ieGeek wireless camera has night vision up to 49ft/15m which allows you to see through everything even in dark.
  • Please note: No color night vision mode.

Worried About Privacy Leaks?

  • Built-in 1024-bit financial-grade RSA encryption certificate. This security technology with the same security level as the financial industry and blockchain ensures your privacy.
  • Dynamic key encryption, data transmission certificate encryption, double password/strong password protection, “platform + user” dual authorization high security control mode. Over 10,000 professional tests in 17 years, we provide the best data encryption solution within this value.
  • Without your active authorization, it is impossible for anyone to access your camera. Not ieGeek, not CloudEdge.
  • Even if you are not at home, you can access your camera through the APP anytime, anywhere, receive alarm information, and use instructions to warn intruders.

Remotely Control Horizontal & Vertical Rotation

  • Supporting remotely control the rotation of the camera with PTZ function on the app. You can move the camera from side to side / up and down.

10 Level PIR Motion Detection

  • Equipped with PIR motion sensor, set the human motion detection mode, you will no longer be disturbed by false alarms caused by rain, insects, fallen leaves, etc. Only alerts you when people or animals appeared.

4x Digital Zoom

  • Only 4x digital zoom, not optical zoom. The shot scene can be zoomed in, but its sharpness will decrease.For daily monitoring, it is sufficient.
  • Within this product value range, we have found the best quality digital zoom lens for you.

Two-Way Audio

  • The ieGeek outdoor camera built-in microphone and speaker system allowing a clear 2-way audio communication. Real-time speak with anybody in view of the camera, like families, friends, intruders.
  • Pressing the “Player” button to stream in real-time.
  • Hold the “Intercom” button to talk.

Multiple users Access Control

  • CloudEdge app supports multiple users access on different devices, different region simultaneously.
  • Supports real-time monitoring of 4 different types devices.
  • Note: only the devices using “CloudEdge” app are supported.


  • Rotating PTZ Camera & RIP Motion Detection– ieGeek wireless security camera can easily control the 4x digital zoom camera with 355° Pan 120° Tilt through the”CloudEdge”APP.The upgraded RIP motion detection AI algorithm enhances humanized recognition and reduces false alarms. You can customize the alarm plan/adjust 10-level alarm sensitivity/receive timely alarm notifications through the APP.
  • Solar Powered & 15000mAh Rechargeable Battery- ieGeek solar security camera with solar panel and 15000mAh rechargeable batteries ensure eternal power. No hassle of removing camera to charge. Equipped with monocrystalline silicon solar panel ,can provide this security camera with high efficiency and stable power supply.
  • 1080P FHD & 50ft Night Vision- IP65 Weatherproof ieGeek camera for home security is equipped with upgraded HiSilicon chip and color sensor 1/3 CMOS, which can provide 1080P FHD images and videos regardless of weather conditions. 4 infrared lights automatically sense the ambient light and switch to night vision mode, the night vision distance can reach 50ft/15m.
  • 4dBi Antennas & 2-Way Talk- ieGeek solar powered security camera only supports 2.4Ghz WiFi, 4dbi antennas make the WiFi connection more stable and wider. The “”CloudEdge”” App with signal diagnostic function can help you determine the best installation location. Built-in microphone and radio, real-time two-way voice function allows you to talk to the person in front of the camera through the APP.
  • 100%Wire-Free & Cloud / SD Card Storage- ieGeek wireless security camera outdoor does not need to be connected to the house power cord or network cable, can be used simply by fixing it on the wall.The solar panel used with it has a 3M USB cable, which is more flexible and convenient for installation.Support SD card storage (up to 128GB, not included).

8. Foscam SD2X 18X Optical Zoom 1080P HD Outdoor PTZ Security Camera

Foscam SD2X 18X Optical Zoom 1080P HD Outdoor PTZ Security Camera, 2.4g/5gHz WiFi IP Surveillance camera,Speed Dome, 165ft Night Vision, IP66, WDR, Built-in Audio, Works with Alexa Google Assistant

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As a leading company in IP cameras, Foscam has been providing the most professional services, premium quality products, and the best prices to over 80 million users around the world.

Foscam strives to build safer tools and develop more advanced technologies for enhanced user experiences. What we do helps provide security for our customers in a smarter, easier, and more humanized way.

360° Field of View without blind area

  • 350° pan and 90° tilt for covering 360° of view without any dead zone.Up to 8 Presets function also enables you to monitor places you saved just in seconds.

Professional 18X optical zoom

  • Professional 18X optical zoom with auto focus lets you experience every perfect close-up detail.

2.4G/5Ghz Dual-band WiFi Compatible

  • Works with 2.4g/5ghz dual-band wifi network, providing the ultimate in flexibility and performance, let you experience smoother 1080 Full HD streaming.

Full Duplex two-way Audio

  • Foscam SD2X supports Full Duplex two-way Audio(Extra speaker is needed), which allows you talk to the guester via app like telephone with video.

Intelligent Detection & Message Push

  • Human/motion/sound detection with real-time alert notifications available.Foscam SD2X only cares what you care. No more false alerts any more.

Long-distance Night Vision

  • With efficient LEDs, this outdoor security camera can provide improved night vision up to 165ft even in very low light conditions.

Support Alexa & Google Assistant

  • You can check on Amazon Echo Show or Google smart devices to see what happened outside through voice control.

IP66 Weatherproof

  • No matter in day or night, in rain or shine, Foscam SD2X IP66 wifi camera will be always there to help safeguard your home and families.


  • Professional 18X optical zoom security camera with 350° pan and 90° tilt for covering 360° of view without any dead zone. Up to 8 Presets function also enables you to monitor places you saved just in seconds. Never need to worry about any fuzzy image when zooming thanks to its intelligent AI autofocus function.
  • SD2X IP camera offers real time 1080P FHD at 25fps resolution, which brings smooth video experience without any frame lags. Powerful 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band WiFi chipset brings stable and longer WiFi transmission distance with WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption. Get access to your camera via foscam app just in seconds,anytime anywhere.
  • Latest AI Human Detection Available on Foscam SD2X. No more unwanted annoying alerts any more with AI human detection. Motion detection/sound detection is also supported. 7-day looping cloud service with 1 month validity is included on this camera.Able to view live or play back or save all alert captures and video clips on the cloud. You can also save detection clips or videos on local service like NVR, ftp or MicroSD card(up to 128G).
  • Intelligent WDR corrects dark faces under heavy light to ensure a clear image in every lighting environment. Thanks to 6pcs powerful SMD LED IR lights, foscam SD2X can capture every detail up to 165ft away even without any lights. Full duplex two-way Audio is supported,which means you can chat with people like talking via telephone without delays(Extra speaker is required,not included).Built-in background noise reducing chipset brings higher two-way talk quality.
  • Works with Alexa/Google Assistant.Free your hand right now with voice control. Please contact us for any help by email or via amazon if you have any problems with the camera.13-year professional development team would help you with any issues even it’s out of warranty.

Best Outdoor PTZ Security Camera- Buying Guide

Best Outdoor PTZ Security Camera
Outdoor PTZ Security Camera

A few things need to be considered before buying anything. Likewise, you should make sure the product you choose meets these requirements. A PTZ security camera will be wrong if you fail to do this. Therefore, we will explain precisely what needs to be considered before purchasing the best outdoor PTZ security camera.

You would like to cover the following areas:

PTZ cameras that offer multiple features should not be purchased. There will possibly be a small area in your backyard that you will have to cover. A system of security cameras that meets your requirements is the best investment that you can make in this case. You need high-quality PTZ cameras with several other features if you plan to cover a large corporation or large outdoor area.

A night vision feature would be nice as well:

Video can be captured at any time of the day, right? Even intruders around cameras can be recorded on video with a high-quality night vision camera. From one camera to the next, night vision quality varies. It must have great night vision in order to keep track of everything around it.

The following are the high resolution images:

The best way to capture high-quality videos is with a camera with a high resolution. The cameras should have a minimum resolution of 1080p. A poor quality video will be experienced or you will be unable to watch. You will get a better resolution if you spend more money. 1440p and 4K resolutions are available on some PTZ security cameras.

Customers should consider the following:

PTZ security cameras can be complicated to set up and install. The manufacturer may offer customer service in this case. Among the many problems arising from cameras, there are those that require experts to install and resolve them. Easy installation is one of the main advantages of PTZ cameras. Therefore, a security camera with PTZ functions should be considered before considering customer service.

Are PTZ Outdoor Security Cameras Worth Your Money?

An effective security system is critical to the protection of your family, your pets, and your properties. It should be possible to provide these needs with an outdoor PTZ security camera. PTZ security cameras are the best option for covering a large area since they provide wide capture capabilities; they can cover a wide area.

It is possible to zoom in to ensure that you can see the tiniest details of captured videos if you need to check them. It is possible for you to check the videos of most PTZ security cameras at any time as the videos are stored on local or cloud-based storage devices.

There is a large area of your outdoor that is covered by the PTZ outdoor security cameras, so you can use them for your backyard, front yard, parking, etc. This is due to the fact that they are optically zoomable so that there is a wide range of coverage available.

If need be, you can use the device to record all the data you want to have access to later on. Detecting thieves even when they wear masks is a simple process that uses the body gestures of the thief to identify them.

A security camera that has motion detection can be used to detect movements around the camera when someone walks by. Thus, monitoring your children, pets, and anyone else in the vicinity might be helpful to you.


We have attempted to cover all the bases in this article. If you still have questions, let us know. For those of you who want to know more, here are the ideal answers to those questions.

Which area of my house would be a good place for me to install security cameras?

Your security cameras should be placed on the wall outside your home, which should be at the front of your building. A bracket for mounting cameras is generally included with most cameras.

How many outdoor security cameras do I need?

Based on how large an area you intend to cover and your needs, it may be advisable to hire local pros. It is evident that you need more security cameras if you want to cover a large area.

Where should security cameras be placed in order to be most effective?

Your home’s front door would be the perfect place to put your security cameras. They can also be used on the doorways, driveways, garages, and even the yard.

What is the ideal number of cameras for outdoor security?

In addition, you have to decide what you prefer. You need more cameras to monitor large areas if you want to cover more ground.

Why do my security cameras appear outside when I want to hide them?

Using camouflaged color, you can hide your security cameras outside using PVC pipes, birdhouses, near bushes, etc. You can also add them to solar panels to hide them further.


Adding the security cameras we described earlier to your security system should be your best option. Let us make it a little easier for you if you are still undecided between the five outdoor PTZ security cameras. As a recommendation, we suggest you decide to pick HD 1080P PTZ Outdoor POE Security IP Dome Camera because of its features, which are awesome to be sure.

It is equipped with a high-definition video camera that is capable of capturing wide areas in high detail. A benefit of a player using this technology is that the video can be compressed using the H.265 compression protocol. In addition, the device is easy to install, and the installation process is relatively quick. It also has a great ability to capture video in the dark since it has a very good night vision capability.

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