Best Oven-Safe Pan

Cooks who want to prepare their food in the oven need a skillet that will stand up to that high heat. If you own it, your culinary options will be broadened and your horizons will be opened. What are the best oven-safe skillets? It’s all about heat transfer, design, and durability. Hence, it is imperative that they conduct heat smoothly and evenly in order to be used for cooking. An ergonomic and user-friendly design would be ideal. Finding a skillet that can be used in the oven can be challenging. Keep reading to find out more about what to look for when buying a skillet. We will then present our selection of the best oven-safe skillets on the market today.

The 8 best oven-proof skillets of 2021

1. Stainless steel 8-inch skillet by Misen

Misen Stainless Steel Frying Pan - 5 Ply Steel Skillet - Professional Grade Pans for Cooking - 8 Inch Cooking Surface

You’ll be blown away by the value of this Misen cookware. The Misen 8-inch skillet has the 5-ply construction we expect from premium oven-safe skillets. This design combines aluminum and stainless steel. Unlike several comparable stainless steel skillets (such the All-Clad D5 8-inch skillet), this one is 3mm thick. You won’t believe how well this Misen cookware compares to high-end cookware used in restaurants.

This Misen oven-safe skillet has a 5-layer design found exclusively in premium items. The bowl is made of 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum coating. It’s not uncommon for stainless steel skillets (like the All-Clad D5 8-inch skillet) to have steel thicknesses below 3 mm, but this one has 3. It retains and regulates heat better, and distributes it more evenly, without scorching your food. The skillet is also non-warping and robust.

With the non-stick pan, you may eat without worrying about PFOA, lead, or cadmium.

This style of cooking and eating reduces or eliminates the need for butter or oil. Misen’s nonstick cookware is also resistant to peeling. Use a light detergent and a non-abrasive sponge to clean, or throw it in the dishwasher. This type can endure 500°F in the oven and is compatible with all cooktops, including induction.

Aside from being 19% larger than competing high-end 8-inch cookware, the 8-inch cooking area is also 16% larger than similar cookware.

Despite its high-end features, you’ll save 60% on this pan compared to other premium cookware. You save money because Misen sells straight to you.


  • Because it is constructed of 5 plies, it is difficult to break.
  • Chemicals aren’t released into the air by this nonstick cookware.
  • Heat is evenly distributed, heat is retained, and food is perfectly browned in the Misen pan.
  • The kitchen is spacious.
  • With an unbeatable price tag of only $65, this frying pan beats out all other premium products.
  • There is an anti-warp exterior and the dishwashing machine and oven is safe.
  • The warranty is for life.


  • There’s no lid on it.

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2. Nonstick Fry Pan with Hard Anodized Finish from Calphalon

Calphalon Nonstick Frying Pan with Lid and Stay-Cool Handles, Dishwasher and Metal Utensil Safe, PFOA-Free, 12-Inch, Black

Heavy-grade aluminum is used in the construction of this pan, which will not warp, will not corrode, and will serve you well for days when you’re in the kitchen. In addition, the pan’s hard-anodized aluminum allows it to brown your food properly and quickly because it heats evenly. This luxury cookware is made from hard-anodized aluminum and comes with great features.

In the first place, it features PFOA-free non-stick interiors. This process also makes the skillet sturdy enough to maintain its shape regardless of how much pressure it is put under. The skillet can last for a lifetime. Built with sturdy aluminum, the pan won’t warp or corrode and is suitable for cooking daily. In addition to that, the hard-anodized aluminum ensures that the pan heats evenly so your food comes out perfectly browned. Besides being dishwasher-safe, this utensil is also easy to clean. In addition, you can use metal spoons, whisks, and spatulas with this pan.

The panhandle is tough and can handle temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The panhandle stays cool even at these high temperatures. Hard-anodized aluminum pans are very durable and high-performing.


  • There is no need to worry about the pan breaking.
  • Regardless of the pressure applied, the nonstick surface remains intact.
  • You can lock in the flavor and aroma of food with the glass lid.
  • Doesn’t have a metallic taste.


  • Scratch-resistant pans do not exist.

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3. Lodge 10-Inch and 25-Inch Pre-Sealed Cast Iron Skillets With Silicone Handles

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Red Silicone Hot Handle Holder, 12-inch

You can’t go wrong with the Lodge skillet as it’s a great cast iron skillet. In addition to its versatility and durability, it also has a host of noteworthy features.

It can handle virtually any cooking assignment you assign it, from frying to sautéing to baking to braising and broiling. There is no better skillet that can be purchased than the Lodge skillet. These two top characteristics set it apart from the competition.

First and foremost, it does nearly every type of cooking task with ease, from frying to roasting to baking and broiling.

Its silicone handle can be used to handle temperatures as high as 500° F, which makes the skillet oven-proof. During hot cooking, the handle stays cool to the touch. There is an option to purchase the skillet without a handle holder.

Additionally, our pans are preseasoned with vegetable oil from the factory, so you won’t even have to season them before using them. This also means cleaning is easy since oven-safe skillets cannot be put in dishwashers.

The non-stick surface of the pan also makes cooking your meal a breeze through the easy-pour lip.

Lodge cast-iron skillets are among the best oven-proof pans, and only a few of them can match the Lodge skillet’s performance.


  • The cookware is affordable.
  • Almost all cooking needs can be met with it.
  • Temperatures exceeding 500° F can be tolerated.


  • Pans are heavy.
  • Heat builds upon the skillet handle.
  • The dishwashing machine won’t work with it.

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4. Nonstick Ceramic Cookware from Cooker King

COOKER KING 3 Piece Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan Set,Dishwasher Safe,Oven Safe,Toxin Free,PFOA Free,Stainless Steel Handles (3 Piece-8/10/12 inch-Black)

Known for its kitchen appliances and cookware, COOKER KING is an industry leader with this ceramic skillet.

Featuring a white ceramic coating that’s non-stick and quite attractive, this oven-safe skillet is sure to be a hit. So, as well as keeping your kitchen cabinet looking great, you’ll also be cooking toxins-free and healthy meals. In the world of kitchen appliances and cookware, COOKER KING is a household name, and this ceramic skillet runs the gamut.

It has a non-stick coated in white ceramic that makes it eye-catching. Therefore, whilst it’s good for eating toxin-free, healthy meals without peeling or chipping, it’s also good for decorating your kitchen cabinet.

Also, the nonstick skillet can withstand temperatures up to 480°F and is easy to clean as it can be put in a dishwasher. So throw your dishes in the dishwasher once you’ve finished cooking. Once this is done, simply hook the cookware onto the stainless steel handles by means of the small hole provided on the handles.

In contrast to most other oven-safe skillets that are stored by stacking, its beautiful ceramic nonstick surface will last longer without scratching.

The skillet’s base is anti-warping to distribute heat evenly, and it is constructed using sturdy aluminum. This skillet is incredibly useful and durable!

While you can use this ovenproof skillet on a majority of cooktops, it is induction-incompatible.

Nonstick pans are not only flexible and versatile, but they have an attractive white finish as well.


  • Despite its beautiful nonstick surface, it has a ceramic finish that is durable.
  • There are no toxic vapors or compounds such as PFOA, PFAS, lead, or cadmium in its construction.
  • Pans made from nonstick material can be used in the oven up to 480°F.
  • Cleanup is a breeze with this cookware set as it can be washed in the dishwasher.


  • The device is inductively incompatible.
  • Feeling sharp to the touch, the handles are ergonomically designed.
  • They become hot.

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5. Pre-seasoned non-stick ICON carbon steel skillet

ICON Carbon Steel Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe Induction Safe Cookware- Made in the USA (14- Inch Wok)

The first benefit is that it can withstand extremely high temperatures at 800° F while 500° F usually suffices for most foods.

Furthermore, it’s lightweight, making it easy to stir-fry vegetables and make your favorite recipes. The pot is surprisingly durable as it is so light. This pan is truly iconic in terms of quality and durability.

The first benefit is that it can withstand extremely high temperatures at 800° F while 500° F usually suffices for most foods.

As lightweight cookware, it is perfect for stir-frying veggies and cooking your favorite recipes. Though it is lightweight, it is extremely durable.

It comes preseasoned as well, which means it has nonstick properties. Additionally, it heats up incredibly fast and evenly.

The pan will, however, need to be seasoned again when heated to 800° F. The high temperature will cause the pan to warp.

The warranty on this cookware is impressive, lasting for 25 years.


  • Weight is not an issue because of its lightweight.
  • Withstanding extreme temperatures up to 800° F, it is durable and long-lasting.
  • The warranty lasts for 25 years.


  • Hot handles get very hot.
  • Pans can warp when heated to an extreme level.
  • It’s very expensive.

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6. Copper-core All-Clad Sauté Pan

All-Clad 6405 SS Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Saute Pan / Cookware, 5-Quart, Silver

With a 5-ply design, the exterior and interior are made of stainless steel, bonded by 2 layers of aluminum to improve heat conduction. A copper core is then surrounded by layers of aluminum for great durability and performance.

As it has tall straight sides, this oven-proof skillet is the perfect tool to use if you want to sauté or sear meat without oil spilling all over. Unique to All-Clad, this pan has a copper core.

The stainless steel exterior of the device is bonded by aluminum layers to create a 5 ply design that provides better heat conduction than its 4 ply design. For outstanding durability and all-around performance, aluminum layers are encircled by copper layers.

An oven-proof skillet with tall straight sides is a handy tool to brown, sauté, and sear meat without letting oil splash everywhere.

The material is also heat-resistant up to 600 °F, making it ideal for almost any cooking task.

The handle is made from stainless steel riveted with a cool touch to allow for a comfortable and secure grip.

Stainless steel, mirror-polished and tarnish-resistant, covers the interior of this copper-core frying pan.

The oven-safe skillet won’t be a problem to clean, as copper is usually a bit difficult to clean. The quickest way to clean your hands is with warm soapy water and mild dishwashing liquid. Simply throw it in the dishwasher if you are too tired for that.

It works with any cooktop, whether it is gas, ceramic, or induction.

It is one of the best oven-safe skillets that will be suitable for your needs if you’re looking for highly functional low-performance cookware.


  • Constructed with five plies for exceptional durability.
  • Heat is more readily transferred to the copper core.
  • A heat-resistant material that can withstand temperatures up to 600° F.


  • Cookware is suitable for the oven is expensive.
  • It takes up a lot of cabinet space.

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7. Cubisinart MCP22-20N Open Skillet in Stainless Steel

Cuisinart MultiClad Pro 8' Open Skillet, 8-Inch, Stainless Steel

Cuisinart’s MultiClad Pro MCP22-20N stainless steel pan is made of durable stainless steel that won’t react with food and is sturdy.

The steel interior and exterior are bonded to an aluminum core that makes it a warp-free model. The stainless steel exterior coupled with the aluminum core ensures even heating. In terms of alternatives to nonstick pans that contain PTFE, stainless steel skillets represent an excellent choice for home chefs and professional chefs.

Cuisinart’s MultiClad Pro MCP22-20N stainless steel pan is made of durable stainless steel that won’t react with food and is sturdy.

The proprietary tri-ply construction, which combines aluminum cores with stainless steel interiors and exteriors, ensures that it won’t warp. It heats evenly and quickly thanks to the aluminum core and stainless steel exterior.

Besides that, the mirror-like finish that extends up to the sides of the mug won’t fade or peel with time. Additionally, it’s lightweight, so it’s easier to use than most other stainless steel skillets.

Stainless steel’s oven-safe properties and comfortable cool-touch riveted handles are both heat-resistant up to 550°. Oven-proof skillets almost always offer this kind of heat resistance.

Consequently, you can cook virtually any food on the frying pan, from fried eggs to roast, without you having to worry about your food warping or being contaminated by toxic chemicals.

An oven-proof skillet such as the MCP 22-20N provides even heat distribution and good heat retention.


  • Handle with cool-touch rivets.
  • A lifetime warranty is included with the MultiClad Pro skillet.
  • Cooks steaks well evenly and quickly in this versatile sauté, fry, and browning pan.


  • Warping occurs.

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8. Copper and almond nonstick frying pan

Nonstick Ceramic Copper Frying Pan: Non Stick Skillet with Glass Lid - Round Aluminum Saute Pan For Gas, Electric and Induction Cooktops - 10 Inches

When cooking with this oven-proof pan, medium to low heat is necessary to prevent the skillet from overheating. One of the best features of this skillet is its tempered glass lid that can withstand temperatures of 500°F. A hallmark of this skillet is its PTFE- and PFOA-free nonstick ceramic coating, making it one of the best oven-proof skillets.

It can be used to cook healthy, low-fat food and keep toxins out.

The aluminum base on the ceramic cookware makes it excellent for convection heating. The copper surface provides unparalleled heat retention. It also comes with riveted handles for a comfortable cooking experience.

When using this oven-proof pan, a low to medium heat is recommended since it can withstand temperatures up to 420° F. In addition, the lid comes with tempered glass that can withstand temperatures of up to 500° F.

Dishwasher-safe, the skillet is also sturdy and heat-resistant.

It’s a good purchase all around because you get a lot for your money with the Almond aluminum skillet


  • Heat is distributed evenly and quickly on the aluminum base.
  • Food is kept moist, aromatic, and flavorful with tempered glass lids.
  • It can be used to prepare fat-free and low-fat foods
  • It does not contain Teflon or PFOA.


  • It is possible for the bacon and steak to stick to the pan.
  • You might get a hot lid handle.

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Oven Safe Skillet

Regardless of what type of oven fry pan you intend to buy, you can find many great options in our reviews. You may not be able to use all of them depending on your requirements.

A tool’s quality can be determined by a number of key features.

To assist you in making an informed decision when purchasing an oven-safe skillet, we have outlined these aspects in the following section.

Construction Material

Your consideration of a skill will be heavily influenced by the material used to make it. Cast iron skillets, stainless steel skillets, and even copper skillets are available.

Every material type has unique advantages and disadvantages. As a result, you need to understand what you can expect from different kinds of materials.

Cast Iron

You should consider cast iron skillets if you plan to frequently bake with them. Metal skillets are capable of handling extreme temperatures because they are made of metal.

A cast-iron skillet with enamel coating provides excellent corrosion protection, which is why enamel oven-safe skillets are so popular. It requires careful maintenance due to the nature of the material. Soaps are never an option when cleaning them, and you cannot put them in the dishwasher.

Stainless Steel

Cookware these days are probably most commonly made from stainless steel. In addition, stainless-steel skillets are safe for use in any type of oven thanks to their excellent heat tolerance. kind. Furthermore, you can wash it in the dishwasher without worrying about rust since it is not metal.

Aluminum cores are sometimes added to stainless-steel skillets, improving heat retention even more. This material comes without any seasoning, which is its major drawback. After you are done cooking, food gets stuck in the pan easily.


You probably know how efficient aluminum foil is at capturing and dissipating heat from popcorn made in the oven. Aluminum skillets can also be used in the oven without any problem, so it makes sense. Because it conducts heat well, the preparation of your food may take longer.

There are aluminum pans that work equally well as stainless-steel pans, especially if they have an aluminum core.

The downside is that this material can result in an unpleasant metallic taste in your food, since it reacts to acidic foods.


It was only copper that could be used to make pots and pans at the beginning. The all-metal pans were definitely a good choice in terms of metal pans. Nowadays, however, it is less popular. In the same way, you can get an unpleasant taste from aluminum skillets when you cook acidic foods, copper skillets can as well. Copper skillets, on the other hand, are considerably more expensive than any other type of material.

A dishwasher may not be able to clean it, and because of that, it cannot be used. Considering all these factors, copper skillets aren’t found in many modern kitchens anymore.


Nonstick pans can be used in ovens despite popular belief. Nevertheless, make sure you check the unit before bringing it home is essential.

You should have no trouble getting a nonstick pan from our list since it lists a few excellent oven-safe pans. Food does not stick to nonstick pans, which is an advantage. Affordable prices are another advantage. Dishwashers cannot clean nonstick skillets. Using metal utensils will also damage the lining of the pan and scratch the cooking surface.

Heat Resistant Coating

Check the quality of the heat-resistant coating of the skillet if you plan on using it in an oven. The high heat tolerance of cast iron pans makes them a safe choice for the oven. Copper and aluminum pans behave exactly the same way.

If it comes with a ceramic coating, however, you should see if it is nonstick. Nonstick pans can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit when coated with ceramic.

It is also possible to have too much heat resistance. Higher heat resistance means higher cooking temperatures and longer cooking times.


Another important component to consider when purchasing the skillet is its handle. Ultimately, this is where it will be held. If you’re taking it out of the oven, you want the handle to be comfortable and to protect you from the hot surface. You will get a burning sensation on the handles if you don’t use a heat-resistant coating.

As long as it isn’t properly insulated, it isn’t going to be able to protect your hands. The removable handles on some skillets are extremely useful if the space inside your oven is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any oven-safe pans?

It’s easiest to use an oven-safe skillet made of stainless steel. No matter how high the temperature is, stainless steel pans are extremely hard to damage. Both an oven and a dishwasher can be tough on a stainless steel skillet.

Are metal pans safe to use in the oven?

To ensure your cookware is oven-safe, check the bottom. Cookware must be labeled to indicate if it is oven-safe or not. By consulting the instructions, you can also determine the maximum temperature your pan can withstand.

What if I want to bake my frying pan?

As a short answer, most frying pans can go up to at least 350°F (many pans can go much higher than that). However, oven-safe temperatures vary by brand, material, and pan type. The temperature of an oven should not exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit when using non-stick pans with PTFE (Teflon) coatings.

What is Gordon Ramsay’s favorite pan?

Scanlan pan (GordonScanPan skillets, but any skillet with a heavy bottom will work.) Boning knife (Henckels knives are Gordon’s preferred brand, but you can choose whichever suits your needs.

What is the best time to throw away non-stick pans?

Replace them about every five years, as a general rule of thumb. Regularly inspect your frying pans. Make sure to stop using them as soon as they appear warped, discolored, or scratched.

Final Thoughts

You can find a wide variety of easy cooking recipes after buying an oven-safe fry pan. Dedicated cooks should have this on hand. There should be at least one oven-safe pan in your kitchen, even if you have several different skillets. Cooking will be difficult if your skillets are warped before you even start.

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