Best Personal Safety Alarm

Older people are promoted as being able to communicate quickly and easily in case of an emergency with personal alarms. Even people recovering from surgery or illness can benefit from these devices, such as children, solo workers, or disabled individuals living independently. A life alarm is a small device that alerts a pre-set mobile phone number or 24-hour monitoring service when an emergency situation arises. Some models can also provide entertainment apps, which can be used to track your location.

Buying Guide for the Personal Safety Alarm

Best Personal Safety Alarm
Personal Safety Alarm

Battery life

You may not remember to charge it overnight if you have longer battery life. The ideal battery life for personal alarms should be 24 hours, or enough to last at least one day when in use.

Magnetic dock

If you have limited dexterity, your personal alarm can be inserted into a charging cradle much more easily than you can fiddle with cables. In spite of this, some models (including pendants and watches) come with magnetic connectors that make plugging in the cable easier.

Fall detection

If the device drops rapidly, it will send an alert. Falls are prevented by using this device if the person is at a fall risk.

Responsible supplier certification

Products that interface with mobile networks must comply with the requirements of the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Alarms, for example, must meet the same requirements. Registration in the National Equipment Registration System (NERS) database is required for compliance with the regulations.

 The safety of the seller’s products cannot be determined without this registration. As part of our tests, we list which registrants provided us with this information, or if we were unable to locate them using NERS.


People who wander may be suspicious when they venture outside their known areas, so it is important that they be alerted to their whereabouts. A virtual fence can help accomplish this. The device sends an alert when it crosses this virtual fence.

A virtual fence can be set up in a circle using radius, or it can be created as a polygon using polygon because it is more flexible (e.g. providing access to a nearby park).

GPS location

While the user is carrying the device, it will track their location. A tall building, dense development, and being inside a building can reduce the effectiveness of GPS location. While some allow tracking via an app, others offer GPS coordinates as text messages. This can be set to be triggered every five or ten minutes (ping frequency).

Non-movement alarm

When there are no movements detected for a certain period of time, the device alerts a contact.

Number of contacts

Personal alarms that accept multiple contacts are ideal. There should be as many contacts as possible. Until someone answers, the alarm automatically switches between them.

Ping frequency

This refers to GPS monitoring, and nearly all models can be divided into three categories. The device leaves a geofenced boundary and an alert is sent. You can choose one of these options in a high-quality alarm. The alarm could become useless at the end of the day if it consumes more battery power.

Speed alarm

When the wearer gets in a car or train, the wearable alerts a contact as it starts moving rapidly.

Water and dust resistance

Personal alarms are best assessed for dust and water resistance using the Ingress Protection (IP) rating. Particulate protection (dust, dirt, etc.) is represented by the first digit, while moisture protection is represented by the second.


How loud is your personal alarm?

It is one of the loudest personal safety alarms available on the market today. With ear-piercing 140 decibels – louder than a jet engine – for up to 30 minutes, it fits on a keychain.

Bears are scared by personal alarms?

Bears are not exceptions to the rule that loud noises scare them. Bears can also be scared off by personal alarms.

How effective are personal alarms?

An alarm system for personal protection can protect you from attackers and summon help whenever you need it. You can keep yourself safe with personal alarm systems, which function as security systems for your body.

Is a personal alarm necessary?

A weapon or other implement is not allowed in your possession, but you may carry a personal alarm or keys as a means of protection. Being aware that your attacker may use the self-defense method you use to harm you and make you look foolish is important when you decide to defend yourself.

Is personal alarm use a crime deterrent?

In spite of its effectiveness in preventing crime or a possible attack, as well as in helping locate a lost loved one, a self-defense alarm may not always provide sufficient protection There is no one else who can hear or respond to the alarm and no one can come to the aid of the user when he is isolated.


Now is the time to stop questioning whether these devices are necessary and to purchase them. When you look for the best home or personal safety alarm, you should focus on convenience and reliability. Understanding your needs can help you stay safe. Consider these tips for choosing the right alarm.

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