Best Safety Glasses of 2022

Safety glasses are required for many DIY and professional projects. You’ll be protected and confident in your safety glasses perhaps grinding a water pipe in a crawl space or cutting 2x4s with the chop saw outback. While most safety glasses look similar, some are specifically designed to do a better job in different situations. Some brands don’t meet our standards for quality or safety.

Safety glasses are frequently needed in situations like this, so we tested a number of high-quality pairs. See our picks for the best safety glasses in their category, including one that performed better than them.

Buying Guide for the Best Safety Glasses

Best Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses

Since you have read about all the best safety glasses on the market, you might have noticed that some features have greater importance than others. You must decide which safety glass features you need for your individual application. With our buying guide, we hope to assist you during the selection process.

In this guide, you will learn many things about safety glass and its importance, as well as some of its features. You will definitely feel more confident about your purchase after reading this buying guide completely. Before purchasing safety glass, consider these things:

Impact resistance

As compared to other lenses, polycarbonate lenses are generally impact-resistant. Polycarbonate is resistant to scratches. The material is also not very easily broken. It is nearly impossible to predict when a tool will fail or malfunction during the use of various machinery or power tools. It is possible for tools or workpieces to lose control and fly off in any direction. Since your eyes are your most valuable asset, you need to ensure that they are well-protected.

UV, Dust, and Scratch Resistance

Accidental scratches and cracks occur often on safety glasses due to high impacts or improper storage. It is recommended that you get a highly scratch-resistant lens in such a case so that you can enjoy clear vision for longer.

You can also wear the sunglasses in bright sunlight without any strain on your eyes because the sunglasses feature UV protection. In addition to dust resistance, the glasses and your skin should be sealed well to prevent dust accumulation.

Safety Rating of Lens

Several standards are taken into account when manufacturing the lens. They include a variety of terms and conditions aimed at providing both user safety and durability for the lens. OSHA, ANSI Z87.1, and ANSI Z87 are also important safety ratings. In various operating conditions, a high-standard lens automatically guarantees its reliability.

Comfort and Fit

Make sure the safety glasses are comfortable before wearing them. You will not be able to perform work as efficiently if your glasses don’t fit well. The design and ergonomics of the glasses determine how comfortable they are. As well as their design, safety glasses have to fit correctly.

Wearing safety glasses tightly fitting your head will prevent accidental falls. Some of the options on our list include a headband that lets you wear the safety glasses and then adjust the band to get the perfect fit.


Breaks are annoying, but in the case of safety glasses, low durability represents a safety hazard more than frustration. When selecting safety glasses, durability should be a top priority. In order for quality safety glasses to be bendy and flexible, the frames must be made of hard nylon that is designed to withstand bending and twisting during the course of a project. The impact-resistant lenses, which are made from durable polycarbonate, can block metal, wood, and other flying debris from penetrating the lens and damaging it.


What brand of safety glasses have the best comfort?

Five. DeWalt safety glasses are the most comfortable. DeWalt’s set of goggles falls under the category of protective glasses, but these work as well as goggles. A style such as this is ideal for individuals working with chemicals, paint, or small particles of dust that need protection.

How protective are sunglasses compared to safety glasses?

In spite of the fact that conventional sunglasses protect from glare, they do not adequately guard against the industrial hazards of dust, flying objects, and splashes. Foreign objects can also penetrate safety glasses from the sides, tops, and bottom because shields protect the eyes from being struck. Eyewear does not provide such protection.

Is safety goggles better than safety glasses?

Safety goggles can offer impact protection up to Medium Energy Impact rating “B” (resistance against a 6mm, 0.86g ball moving at 120mph). It is essential to check out Face Shields for an even higher score. This level of protection can’t be provided by safety glasses since they have gaps around the lens.

How impact-resistant are safety glass lenses?

Compared to regular plastic lenses, and polycarbonate lenses are thinner and lighter. Moreover, they reliably block out 100 percent of harmful UV light and offer 10 times more impact resistance than plastic or glass lenses.

Is safety eyewear a requirement for OSHA at all times?

29 CFR 1910.132 – employers must provide employees with appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety glasses, free of charge, to protect them from hazards.


Whether you are a continuous operator or a DIY enthusiast, safety glasses are a necessity. In order to prevent any unfortunate incidents, you need to make sure your eyes are covered from all sides during work. Our guide to the best safety glasses on the market today will show you our top picks.

To help you compare the different options, you can read about the pros and cons of each, along with detailed descriptions of the best options. In addition to the above buying guide, there is a guide to safety glasses in general.

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