Best Safety Pins In 2022 (EXPERTS REVIEWED)

All of us need to fix something here and there in our everyday life. From fixing the zipper on your dress to holding the curtains together, a small tool can make everything much easier. Want to know what that versatile tool is?

It’s the safety pins! Are you a quilter, knitter, dressmaker, designer, crafter, or simply want to fix stuff around the house? Then you need safety pins in your craft box. This tiny tool comes in handy in everything from alterations to decorations. 

However, there are tons of different types of safety pins meant for different projects. In addition, they are available in diverse sizes, colors, and materials. 

So how do you find out which ones are the best safety pins? Don’t worry. We’ll seek the answer to this query in this comprehensive guide. Yes, we’ve reviewed the top safety pins available in the market. Alongside, you’ll get to know crucial factors to keep in mind while buying safety pins.

So, without further ado let’s dive in.

Comparison Chart for Safety Pins

NameMaterialSizes IncludedAmount
Mr. Pen- Safety PinsAlloy Steel300
SINGER 00226 Assorted Safety PinsAlloy Steel350
Huhuhero Assorted Safety Pins Alloy Steel5340
Officepal Safety PinsNickel plated4250
ReachTop Large Safety PinsStainless Steel130
WUSARPLY Pearl Brooch Pins Set  Alloy 1212
Luxurecourt Safety Pins  Stainless Steel4250
TUPARKA Black Safety PinsMetal5300
Vrupin Safety PinsStainless Steel1100
A+DAY Large Safety PinsMetal180
LUTER Safety Pins  Nickel plated steel6250

Our 10 Best Safety Pins Review in 2022

1. Mr. Pen- Safety Pins

People who have been using safety pins for sewing tasks must have heard about the brand Mr. Pen. This company has been producing professional-quality safety pins that allow you unlimited creative freedom with your sewing projects. 

One of the main reasons behind Mr. Pen- Safety Pins popularity is the impressive array of sizes you get to work with. Yes, you will receive not one, not two but five different sizes of safety pins in this 300 pin package. 

The various sizes will accommodate you in every sewing task you’ll come across. From pinning a scarf to fixing a pattern on the dress form and creating beautiful designer clothes the possibilities are endless with these pins. In addition, the huge number of pins make sure you don’t have to buy new pins frequently. 

Along with all the exciting sizes, you can stay assured of the quality too. These pins are made with high-quality alloy steel. So, you can use the same pins for multiple projects.

They have come with a glossy nickel plating that makes them rust-proof. Moreover, the sharp tip can effortlessly pin multiple layers of clothing without damaging the fabric. For all these fantastic features, Mr. Pen Safety Pins are considered the best safety pins for clothes.

Highlighted Features

  • Built with alloy steel
  • Includes five different sizes
  • A large pack of 300 pins
  • Comes with nickel plating
  • Features protective cover


  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Excellent for everyday use
  • Comes in a reusable plastic box
  • Prevents unwanted accidents 
  • Effective contoured design


  • Bends easily for high ductility

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2. SINGER 00226 Assorted Safety Pins

SINGER is a renowned name in the sewing industry. Everyone who has ever made garments sure has heard of its name. Among their outstanding products, the SINGER 00226 Assorted Safety Pins is a shining star.

Not sure which size pins you need or want a package that’ll help you in multiple projects? Then definitely check out this SINGER safety pins set. 

This pack includes 50 pins of three different sizes. You get small pins, medium pins, and 2-inch large pins. Getting this one set makes you capable of taking on diverse sewing projects.

Another excellent feature of these pins is their colors. You will receive an assortment of black and white pins. These will be great for decorative crafts too. 

When you put pins on your clothing, you want to make sure they are pinned tightly, especially while pinning sarees. These pins come with an innovative curved angle and a tight clasp that’ll hold the fabric precisely in place. Hence, they are considered the safety pins for sarees.

That’s not all, the nickel plating makes sure the pins don’t rust or wear out. So, you get to utilize them for a long time.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable nickel-plated steel pins
  • Available in 3 unique sizes
  • Includes black and white pins
  • Features precise angle 
  • Unparalleled sharpness


  • Efficient assortment of sizes
  • Adequate curve for pinning fabric
  • Useful for small projects
  • Sturdy clasp holds fabric tightly
  • Great for decorative crafts


  • Not for heavy-duty usage

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3. Huhuhero Safety Pins Assorted

Looking for a cost-effective but durable safety pin set that’ll meet all your needs? This next safety pin set will check all your boxes. 

The Huhuhero Assorted Safety Pins include 340 pins in five different sizes. They start from 1.06 and go up to 2.13 inches. These pins will be perfect for any project you take on.

Worried about durability? Not anymore. The top-quality alloy steel makes them the best strong safety pins. On top of that, these are wear-resistant. Hence, you get to enjoy their excellent service for a long time.

That’s not all, Huhuhero gives you pins that are wash-resistant meaning you can use them in the washer. Even after being in the washer time and again, they won’t lose their glossy silver color.

Honestly, this box of pins will allow you to pursue your creative freedom effortlessly. You can use them at home, school, and office for anything from fastening bibs, to holding up bandages and creating exquisite craft and designer clothes and jewelry. 

Last but not least, the manufacturers have included a safety clasp to protect your fingers so that you can focus on work uninterruptedly.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty alloy steel build
  • Includes 340 safety pins
  • 5 sizes ensure excellent versatility
  • Features discoloration resistance
  • Sturdy plastic storage box


  • Suitable for a wide array of projects
  • Doesn’t bend easily
  • Easy to penetrate
  • Exceptional durability
  • Rust-resistant long service


  • Leaves tiny holes in the fabric

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4. Officepal Safety Pins

Safety pins are needed everywhere from simple everyday tasks to creating beautiful clothes, crafts, or jewelry. However, different tasks require different-sized pins. The Officepal Safety Pins is an excellent multi-purpose set that can meet all your needs.

These nickel-plated pins come in four sizes. It includes 0.75 and 0.87 inches small pins that can be used for intricate designing or pining delicate fabrics. Also, the 1.06 and 1.46-inch large pins can be used for pinning patterns on the dress form and everyday household & office works.

What’s more, these pins won’t face rust or wear with continuous use. Nor do they get bent easily. You can pin lightweight fabrics and papers with the sharp needle of these pins.

Safety is a concern when working with sharp pins. Officepal has thought about your safety and designed a unique U-shape lock on its pins. This lock keeps the sharp tip covered when the pin is closed. Therefore, you don’t have to face pricking accidents anymore. 

On top of that, these pins are really flexible. Hence, you can open and close them effortlessly while working. Lastly, you can keep them organized in the sturdy storage box they come in.

Highlighted Features

  • Smooth silver-colored surface
  • Secure U-shaped lock
  • Easy opening & closing
  • Exceptionally sharp needle
  • Four different sizes


  • Safe ergonomic design
  • Anti-rust nickel plating
  • Suitable for diverse projects
  • Pins denim material efficiently
  • Reusable storage box


  • Not for suitable multiple thick layers

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5. ReachTop Large Safety Pins

When quilting, you need to pin multiple layers of thick fabric together for precise basting. If the pins you’re using are not large and sturdy, they’ll end up bending while you baste. And what makes ReachTop Large Safety Pins the best safety pins for quilting is that they fulfill both of these crucial criteria.

ReachTop has come with a 2.76-inch long safety pin. You rarely come across such large pins which are also heavy-duty. 

On top of the length and size, they possess immense sturdiness. Unlike the previously mentioned safety pins, these are made with an exceptional blend of iron and steel making them withstand quilting thick blankets effortlessly.

What’s more, the sharp end of the pin get’s when you clasp it. That means you don’t have to worry about getting pricked while quilting. And the clasp is fairly easy to open and close for a faster workflow.

You can do more than just quilting with these pins. Outstanding durability and gigantic size make them the best large safety pins for pinning thick clothes like sweaters, cardigans, mattress pads, and more.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with top-grade stainless steel
  • Larger than average pins
  • Glossy silver surface
  • Pins thick blankets & fabrics
  • Efficient snap closure


  • Withstands heavy-duty usage
  • Suitable for varied projects
  • Sharp tip penetrates effortlessly
  • Long-lasting nickel finish
  • Resists corrosion & rust


  • Dulls with prolonged use

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6. WUSARPLY Pearl Brooch Pins Set

Up next, we have brought to you a set of decorative brooch pins. Brooch pins come in handy for more things than you might imagine. A single pin can transform your entire outfit. 

The WUSARPLY Pearl Brooch Pins Set includes 12 different styles of beautiful pins. They are adorned with colorful faux pearls and crystals. 

You can use them as safety buckles on jeans, lapel pins, ornaments on dresses, shawls, cardigans, scarves, and more.

In addition to the stunning looks, they possess a surprisingly sturdy build. The base of the pins is made with a high-quality alloy material that prevents breaking or bending. 

Moreover, faux pearls and crystals used are of exceptional quality. As a result, they can retain color and vibrance for a long time without fading. 

That’s not all, you can use them on the gift packages or parcels you send out to add a personal touch. Their sturdiness and vibrant looks make them one of the safety pins for consignment.

So, if you’ve been searching for safety pins that’ll add a touch of elegance to your everyday outfits, definitely check them out.

add a touch of delicate and elegant to your outfit.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in 12 unique styles
  • Flexible opening & closure
  • Comes with the proper angle
  • Features faux pearls & crystals
  • Built with sturdy alloy material


  • Colorful & vibrant designs
  • Doesn’t dull with repeated use
  • Ensures longer period of service
  • Excellent for decorative pinning
  • Colors won’t fade easily


  • Doesn’t include a storage box

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7. Luxurecourt Safety Pins

Have you been searching for a pack of pins that can withstand heavy-duty pinning without falling apart at first use? Then, this huge pack of 250 pins is undoubtedly suitable for you.

The factor that sets apart Luxurecourt Safety Pins from other pins is their immense durability. These are some of the few pins that are made with stainless steel. Hence, they are sturdier than most pins too.

You can use these stainless steel safety pins for different types of fabrics, papers, crafts without worrying about them bending. On top of strength, the razor-sharp needle point allows them to pass through multiple layers of fabric effortlessly.

No one wants to get rust on their clothing or crafts. Luxurecourt pins come with a nickel coating on top of the stainless steel. As a result, they possess super rust and corrosion resistance.

Heavy-duty quilting, lofting, knitting – throw anything you want at them and these heavy-duty safety pins will definitely surprise you with their exceptional endurance.

Let’s not forget the four assorted sizes and the sturdy storage box that comes with this package. You’re all set for crafting, sewing, designing, and more with this pack of goodies.

Highlighted Features

  • Rugged stainless steel body
  • Corrosion proof nickel plating
  • Comes in 4 assorted sizes
  • Pins various types of fabric effortlessly
  • Sharp penetrating tip


  • Multi-purpose large pack
  • Prevents unwanted mishaps
  • Ensures unlimited creative freedom
  • Convenient storage box
  • Withstands high pressure


  • The case isn’t durable

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8. TUPARKA Black Safety Pins

Having a variety of safety pin sizes is important when you’re constantly working on different projects. For instance, creating intricate designs on delicate fabrics may require smaller pins while basting quilts mandate larger ones.

If size variety is crucial for you, TUPARKA Black Safety Pins won’t disappoint you. They come in five diverse sizes starting from 1 inch and going up to 2.17 inches. 

In addition, TUPARKA pins feature a sturdy metal body that won’t budge under pressure. As a result, you can use them for anything from hand-made jewelry to basting multiple layers of quilts. 

On top of that, you get the right piercing angle. The precise angle allows the pin to effectively pass through layers of fabric without bending. Hence, it is considered one of the safety pins for basting quilts too.

The metal pins are polished with glossy black color. This makes them perfect for creating edgy junk jewelry.

Moreover, the pins come with a covered clasp. The clasp protects your finger from getting poked unnecessarily. 

That’s not all, this package contains 300 pins. This means you won’t have to buy new pins for a long time which makes it highly cost-efficient. Lastly, the transparent storage box allows you to keep the different sizes properly organized.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with robust metal
  • Outstanding black polish
  • Includes five standard sizes
  • Features protective clasp
  • Effective piercing angle


  • Flexible opening & closing
  • Protection from pricking
  • Includes sturdy storage box
  • Rugged body prevents bending
  • Marvelous for sewing, crafting, jewelry making


  • Tip dulls with use

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9. Vrupin Safety Pins

If you’re looking for the best basting safety pins, durability is something you need to keep in mind. With a vision to provide maximum durability, Vrupin Safety Pins use superior-quality stainless steel for production. 

No matter how many projects you use these pins in, they won’t bend or break. 

Another outstanding feature is that they are wear-resistant. This means you will get to enjoy their service for months to come. Superior endurance is what makes these pins perfect for basting quilts. 

Basting requires quite a bit of strength and endurance from the pins. And these pins won’t disappoint you. They can effectively pin together layers of thick fabric. On top of that, they come in size 2 which is the preferred size for basting quilts.

What’s more, you can use them on paper. Keep your papers organized by clipping them together with these excellent pins. So, this one box of pins will help you in sewing, quilting, crafting, and office or schoolwork.

Highlighted Features

  • Wear resistant stainless steel
  • Includes 100 standard 2.2 inch pins
  • Suitable for both fabric & paper
  • Covered pointed ends
  • Rust proof material


  • Effortlessly penetrates quilt layers
  • Won’t bend under pressure
  • Ensures maximum endurance
  • Doesn’t become dull easily
  • Appropriate for heavy-duty pinning


  • Not sharp enough

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10. A+DAY Large Safety Pins

If you don’t want to buy a smaller package of pins for everyday use, the A+DAY Large Safety Pins can be a great option. This package includes 80 safety pins in size 4. 

The pins are made with outstanding quality steel that withstands continuous usage. As a result, you can use them for everything from sewing, crafting, quilting, and more.

Nickel finish keeps the pins from getting rusted over time. And so you can use them for a longer period of time without having to buy new pins every few weeks.

Moreover, these pins feature an innovative contoured design. This allows them to effortlessly pass through fabrics and papers alike. So, now you can keep both your papers and fabrics pinned effectively with them.

What’s more, they come with a protective clasp that prevents accidents. On top of that, the clasp makes sure the pin stays precisely in place. 

Overall, this is an excellent pack of pins that will come in handy in everyday life. 

Highlighted Features

  • Top-grade steel ensures durability
  • Includes 80 size 2 pins
  • Snap closure provides protection
  • Comes in a reusable container
  • Holds fabrics snuggly


  • Well contoured design
  • Suitable for light projects
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Prevents pricking accidents
  • User-friendly storage option


  • Bends with high pressure

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11. LUTER Safety Pins

This pack of safety pins is an all-rounder in everything from sewing, crafting, quilting to jewelry making. Why? Because it is one of the few sets that include 6 different sizes of pins. 

Yes, the LUTER Safety Pins set includes pins ranging from 22mm to 55mm. Thanks to this set, you get to dive into diverse projects around the house and workplace.

The first thing you’ll notice after the amazing size variety is the stunning gold color. On top of that, the steel needle body is thicker than average. So, you get not only beauty but also excellent durability with these gold safety pins.

Moreover, the steel body is covered in rust-resistant nickel plating. This means your pins will stay intact for multiple projects. The thickness also prevents breaking and bending. You can use these for pinning heavier fabrics securely.

No one wants to damage their precious fabrics with pinholes. And that’s why fashion designers love these pins because they pass through fabrics without creating large holes in them.

Overall, it’s an outstanding safety pin set for people who want both varieties in size and durability.

Highlighted Features

  • Dazzling gold design
  • Includes 6 unique sizes
  • Features a thicker needle
  • Protective needle covering snap
  • Transparent storage box


  • Exceptional size versatility
  • Rust & bend resistant
  • Prevents finger poking
  • Available at affordable price
  • Perfect for jewelry & sewing


  • Loses color with time

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12. ibotti Curved Safety Pins

Are you specifically looking for curved safety pins that’ll make quilting much easier and more efficient? Then look no further! 

Who better to trust for finding the best curved safety pins for quilting than a brand devoted to creating exactly that, right? ibotti Curved Safety Pins ensure you achieve professional-grade quilts every single time. 

For creating excellent quality quilts, basting is a crucial step. And the unique curved design of these pins allows you to hold the pieces of quilts precisely in place. As a result, you end up with professional-looking quilts.

What’s more, they are built with nickel-plated steel. The sharp tip, steel body, and curved design give them high durability. So, no matter how many layers of quilts you want to pin together, these pins will not bend nor break.

In addition, the 1 1/2 inch size makes them perfect for high loft batting. Thus, you’ll be able to make fluffy comfortable blankets with the help of these pins.

Apart from these, the sharp needle tip is covered with a clasp. Therefore, your fingers will stay protected while creating beautiful quilts.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes 100 size-2 pins
  • Rust-resistant nickel plating
  • Unique curved design
  • Flexible opening & closing
  • Razor-sharp needle tip


  • User-friendly design protects fingers
  • Effectively pins multiple layers 
  • Outstanding for quilting
  • Consistent efficient performance
  • Great for high loft batting


  • Not suitable for polyester

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Safety Pins Buying Guide

How to find the best quality safety pins? For this, you need to know all the traits that make them top-quality. Here are the aspects you need to think about before making the final choice:


First, decide on which type of pin your project requires. Mainly, there are two types of pins: straight pins and curved pins. Also, there is a wide difference in thickness, sharpness, and length in these pins.

That’s not all, you’ll find traditional, decorative, button safety, wonder pins, kilt safety pins, and many more types of safety pins on the market.

Another thing to keep in mind is that straight pins won’t be suitable for a bulky quilting project. Likewise, a small wall hanging doesn’t need pricey curved pins. Therefore, do a little research and find out which type will be best for you. 

Build Quality

Safety pins tend to get dull and break easily if they aren’t made with quality materials. Hence, always look for pins made with stainless steel, brass-plated steel, or nickel-plated steel. These materials not only last longer but also prevent rust and corrosion. 

In addition, if you’re doing heavy-duty quilting with the pins, they need to be more durable than normal pins. So, choose pins that are made with sturdy materials.


There are five sizes of safety pins available in the market. They range from size 00 to size 4. Size 00 is the smallest pin which is only 3/4 inch long. These can be used to create intricate designs, jewelry, wedding veils, and more crafts. 

Then comes size 0 with 7/8 inches of length. Size 1 and 2 are respectively 1-1/16 inch and 1-1/2 inch long. These are standard-sized safety pins that are used for sewing, threading, hanging designs, and more.

Lastly, you have sizes 3 and size 4 that are 2 and 3 inches. These longer pins are more sturdy. They are generally used for hanging heavy fabric from the dress form and quilting thick blankets.


Another thing to consider is the sharpness of the pin. If the tip of the pin isn’t sharp enough, it won’t go through layers of fabric efficiently. In fact, you can end up bending or breaking the pin in the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Size Curved Pins Are Needed For Quilting?

Answer: Professionals recommend using size 2 or 1 ½-inch curved pins for quilting.  

Although if you want to do intricate designs, you will need smaller pins. On the other hand, quilts that are larger or thicker will require up to size 4 pins.

2. Can I Sharpen My Safety Pins?

Answer: You can try a sawdust-filled pincushion or a folded aluminum foil square for sharpening the safety pins. After you’re done using the pins, stick them into the pincushion or the aluminum square. This will somewhat sharpen the pins.

3. Is It Possible To Baste A Quilt With Straight Pins?

Answer: It is possible to baste a smaller thin quilt with straight pins. However, with straight pins, you face the risk of poking your fingers and getting blood on the quilt as the pins stick outside. 

Also, they get stuck on the fabric and rip threads off your precious quilt. Therefore, it’s better to use curved pins for basting a quilt.

4. What Are Oversized Safety Pins Used For?

Answer: Oversized pins are generally used for hanging heavy laundry or holding up bulky clothing on the dress form. They are made with durable materials to withstand heavy-duty work.

5. Do Safety Pins Rust?

Answer: Most safety pins are made with either stainless steel or nickel-plated steel. These materials are rust-proof. So, if your pins are made of such materials they won’t rust.

Final Word

Safety pins are one of the crafting tools that are useful in almost every project. One small safety pin can be the answer to all your questions!

Over time manufacturers have made various types of pins for fulfilling user needs. Therefore, there are over six designs and many sizes of pins available for us today. This variety makes choosing the right safety pin for a specific project somewhat difficult. Nevertheless, this article will dissolve all your confusion regarding finding the best safety pins. Now that you are well-equipped with all the knowledge, pick out the pins suitable for your needs. Remember to always go for high-quality durable pins.

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