Best Security Guard Flashlight

Security, as one element that cannot be ignored, is one that is vital for the successful running of any organization. It is important to invest large amounts of capital and devote a lot of manpower to your business. In today’s economy, no matter what the size of the company, it won’t be able to thrive unless it is properly protected from all kinds of harm.

Metal detectors, security cameras, and so forth, everything is equally important in the realm of security. Those guarding the building should be given the best protection gear and a trusted arsenal. Guards must always keep a flashlight with them, alongside their weapons.

A blackout or power outage can increase the risk of an attack or other kind of danger to the company. The ease of dealing with things is made easier by having a reliable flashlight at hand. I believed that it would be best if the flashlights were relatively blunt, which would make them more usable in a secondary mode of assault. The lights do not have to be flashy enough or to have adequate visibility.

Here are some of the best security guard flashlights available on the market. The advantages and disadvantages of each option will also be discussed.

Our 5 Favorite Security Guard Flashlight

Top 5 Best Security Guard Flashlight

1. Guard Dog Security Solaire 900 

Guard Dog Security Solaire 900 Lumen Waterproof Tactical Flashlight with 5 Functions, Rechargeable

Solaire 900 is a flashlight manufactured by the famed security products supplier Guard Dog. Brightness levels range from low to high on this flashlight. 900 lumens is a fairly high number for flashlights, especially in these settings.

It covers a distance of more than 25 yards due to its very long range. The range of the camera will be tremendous, so expect to not have to walk backward to attain the necessary visibility. A waterproof flashlight is indeed described by the properties of its design. The next best thing you should have is this with you if you’re thinking of doing a river cruise or diving (for safety reasons).

The Solaire comes with rechargeable batteries, which is good news since flashlight batteries are so necessary. You do not have to dispose of them when the Solaire is used.

There is no weather condition that this flashlight cannot handle. You can expect this product to have your back no matter if it is raining, thundering, or even snowing!


  • These flashlights are indeed bright, as customers have told us. Low, Medium, and High are the three different settings.
  • The beam spans a very wide area, so even on the gloomiest of days, the beam should reach more than 25 yards!
    A watertight seal! Everything you need in one place.


  • The flashlight runs out of batteries relatively quickly, which is one of its downsides. Runtime averages between 8 and 10 hours.
  • It takes about 2 hours to fully recharge those batteries.
  • Pricey, considering the market for flashlights, $30 is quite a bit.

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2. Guard Dog Security Edge Steel Bezel 260

Guard Dog Edge Tactical Flashlight 260 Lumen

Despite its limited brightness power of 260 lumens, this is another successful product from guard dog. This product comes with three brightness settings, so nothing to worry about since it has those three options- low, medium, and high. It has the advantage that it has a great deal of bluntness in its handle, so if you want to use it for assault purposes (if the need ever arises), then you can do so.

The ring is weather-proof, as with all other guard dog products, so whether it’s rain or snow, the performance will be delivered at 100%. Next, it is almost as hard as class-2 glasses, so imagine how effective it could be in a fight. Possibly, this is a description of its tough material. It too has a battery that can be recharged.


  • Despite its price being very affordable, this product has excellent features.
  • The time required for batteries to be recharged is very short (about one hour).
  • Self-defense is encouraged


  • Since the buttons are large, it is likely to turn on by itself as soon as you touch a tight edge.
  • Although the product is a new one, often times the batteries are having some difficulties, though they appear to be working (sometimes)
  • As soon as it gets wet, the paint used to cover the edges becomes smothered off.

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3. Streetwise Security Products JPTS55R

Streetwise Security Products JPTS55R Jolt Police 55,000,000 Tactical Flashlight, Black

Streetwise offers a flashlight that functions as a stun gun as well as a flashlight. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The next big thing in the market is this, so that’s why it’s so new. Due to the very nature of the material used for its production, the maximum level of protection is available here because the product is basically indestructible.

There are two brightness settings on this flashlight-low and high-and it has a light output of almost 250 lumens. You won’t need to replace the batteries because they are rechargeable.


  • Nearly 30 yards of coverage
  • Attacks with Blant Edges are possible
  • Over 55,000 jolts of electricity are being delivered by the shocks


  • Firstly, you must turn off the flashlight before switching on the stunning mode. The usage of this feature can be problematic in a fight or when responding quickly
  • There is a tendency for the buttons to fall off sometimes!
  • Quality control problems can arise from time to time; not all products will be the same

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4. Zap Gun Stun Gun 950,000 Volt

PSPROD PSZAPGUN PS Zap Gun 950, 000V Hunting Targets and Accessories

There are various types of flashlights that are used for stun guns, such as flashlight stun guns and stun guns. Since the device is such a small size, it is extremely portable and can be charged by USB, so it should keep your mobile device protected even when you are not there!


  • There’s not a lot of brittleness to the material
  • It’s a complete steal that USB dongles can be charged
  • Fast charging and offers 4-6 hours of shine per charge


  • It is possible for a faulty product to lead to faster battery drain than normal
  • There are no actual features apparent in the lumen and volt capacities
  • The two features cannot be used at the same time

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5. Rechargeable Stun Gun

VIPERTEK VTS-989-1 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun - Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

It’s a multi-purpose product as the name suggests. It has some good protection as well as visibility, which makes it a good all-in-one product. Basically, you can get the feel of wielding a sword because the handle looks and feels like that of a sword or saber. There are three levels of brightness, and the lumen power of the product is 500 lumens.


  • The structure of the hammer makes it easy to use, and it’s a blast to use!
  • Hence, the flashlight offers a great deal of power: 500 lumens and 800,000 jolts
  • Portable and easy to carry


  • Compared to others, it is very expensive
  • Charging time is long
  • There can be no simultaneous use of two features

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Security Guard Flashlight buying guide

Best Security Guard Flashlight
Security Guard Flashlight

What Makes A Good Flashlight For Patrol Officers?

Like security guards, we always need good portable lights, since they help us make protection services easier and more efficient. We can use these lights as safety factors that we use in our work.

Small flashlights for security guards should be judged on several factors. While choosing the appropriate light for a security person, these points will help you to make an informed decision.

Battery Run time

Keeping a place safe depends on the runtime of a light. 

Already bought

With this solution, you are able to resolve the problem within a short time scale, even if your battery runs out during night duty. 

To help in the event of a power outage, we recommend purchasing additional lithium-ion batteries. 

It’s also possible for a battery-run problem to appear after a change of batteries. A licensed electrician will be able to help you in that situation 

Using this expert, you can discover the issue, and this expert will also check your flashlight (if your budget does not allow the purchase of a new one).

Within a few bucks, you are going to come up with your own position and it will make the rechargeable flashlight better for you.

New Buyers

Watchmen can benefit from a flashlight with a longer run time. On a weekend camping trip, the the it’s not worth it to use high lumens than a dimmer.

Battery runout is determined by how long the batteries last. If the batteries last two hours and you select the medium, you will be able to run it for longer on the batteries as well.

The best brightness can be around 600 lumens. With less fatigue on the eye, the vision can be clearer. With this lumen, you can choose which battery runs for over 6 hours and which comes under this category.

Here is a guide that can be useful for buying a flashlight for security.

Beam Distance 

Security personnel are also concerned with beam distances. It is also an effective means of making people safe by exhibiting the right identification, and this feature can also help to show the person from far places.

It is also recommended that patrol officers or guards choose a light that will project a white light over the area during the night time, otherwise it may not be the best choice to use a smartphone.

Depending on your duty area, you can select the right beam distance. You will be responsible for checking the office and cabin from a distance of low beam when you are on duty.

You may need the beam distance of 200 meters around it as a patrolman if your job requires either flooded or spot beams.


How important is a flashlight for a security officer?

The flashlight is an essential item for an officer who is working the night shift or working during the day. There are a lot of benefits to owning a flashlight

The device can be amazing equipment to defend and analyze the area perfectly whenever someone feels a challenging situation in a dark room or other places that requires light. 


When they have to work for long periods at night, security guards need the best flashlights. Our review of the lights used in these devices shows that they are among the best on the market. As a result, our review is a great option for guards who are on the stage to decide which is the greatest option for their company.

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