7 Best Security Locking Mailbox Residential

A security locking mailbox is a great way to protect your home and loved ones from intruders. These mailboxes are designed to withstand severe weather conditions so they can help you feel safe, no matter how harsh the winter may be.

They come in a variety of styles and designs so you can find one that matches your home’s exterior design. There are also many different features that these mailboxes offer such as locking doors, remote access, and more! If you’re looking for an affordable way to upgrade your mailbox, then getting a security mailbox would be the perfect choice for you.

Our 5 Favorite Security Locking Mailbox

Best Security Locking Mailboxes Reviews of 2022

1. Simple yet efficient medium-sized mailbox from Gibraltar Mailboxes

Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Large Capacity Rust-Proof Plastic Black, Post-Mount Mailbox, RSKB0000

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This medium-sized, locking mailbox from Gibraltar boasts a modern design and durable construction. A mailbox post-mounted mailbox installation is ideal since the post sits flat and squat. With an interior volume measuring 1450 cubic inches and a mail slot measuring 10 inches by 1.75 inches, it has an interior volume of 1450 cubic inches. Several envelope thicknesses can be accommodated.

Each mailbox is preassembled and comes with a separate mounting plate, so mounting it is a simple process. The structure is made of galvanized steel, topped with a polypropylene plastic coating, making it durable and less prone to rust.

As well as protecting the outside from sunlight and extending the life of the fabric, the ultraviolet inhibitor also protects the outside. Magnetic and ultra-secure cam locks ensure the security of your mailbox contents as well as the setting of the door.


  • A durable construction
  • Locks concealed behind a panel
  • Attractive


  • Plastics are used to make the locking arm holder

2. Locking Mailbox Mail Boss 7500 – Installable and Durable

Mail Boss 7500 Mail Manager Pro Curbside Security, Black Locking Mailbox with House Numbers, Mounting Plate and Pull Out Mail Tray

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This system is robustly built, has extra mail volume, and is difficult to crack. That is what the Mail Boss 7500 has in store for you if you want it for your mailbox. As strong as they come, this mailbox is made of galvanized steel and powder coated for added protection against the sun.

It will hold the mail for a week because it has a 1706 cubic inch capacity. This lock is pick-proof, and it has wafer tumblers. Small packages will not be taken because of the baffle door. You will receive three keys with the safe. The Fast-Trak mounting plate can be fitted to various types of posts, which is another great feature.


  • A locking system that is efficient
  • Includes everything you need for installation
  • Space that is large
  • Latches with protection


  • A few months after installation, there is a possibility of rust
  • Certain posts are inconvenient due to the affixed plate
  • Space can’t be fully utilized because of the design

3. Big Box Mailbox – Architecture Mailboxes 6200B-10

Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10 Oasis Classic Locking Post Mount Parcel Mailbox with High Security Reinforced Lock,Black,18.00 x 15.00 x 11.50 inches

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A 6200B-10 from Architectural Mailboxes might be your best choice if you occasionally receive parcels. Using it, you will have enough space for a regular-sized parcel to occupy 2256 cubic inches. A powder coating gives it a fine appearance. The dirt and moisture cannot penetrate it.

Rubber seals line the doors, which ensure your mail remains dry (protected from seepage due to rain) and dirt-free. The seals prevent corrosion by keeping your mail dry. One stainless steel piece is used for the entire mailbox. An internal baffle separates the parcel compartment from the rest of the mailbox. Certain parts of the mailbox, such as the locks, are zinc-plated to prevent corrosion. They are also very easy to install.


  • Postal and parcel space is sufficient
  • Particularly durable
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Slot for large receipts
  • Comes with everything you need for installation


  • Boxy in appearance
  • It is possible for small hands to exploit a slot that is too large
  • Mailboxes can become difficult to open when larger deliveries clog the hopper

4. This is a very strong competitor in the mailbox market – Mail Boss 7506 Mail Locking Mailbox

Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Curbside Locking Security Mailbox, Black,Large

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Even with a crowbar, the Mail Boss 7506 remains one of the toughest mailboxes ever created! Electro-galvanized steel provides excellent corrosion resistance as well as a tough and robust body. Since they are made of stainless steel, the hinges won’t rust over time.

A neodymium magnet lines the inside of the door, making it latch perfectly. A few days’ worths of mail and small parcels can be stored within the 1760 cubic inches of internal space. Added protection against prying eyes comes in the form of an innovative baffle door covering the clip for all incoming mail.

Unlike many locks, this one has 12 discs. This mailbox comes complete with three keys, installation instructions, and tools. Aside from the baffle door, the steel body that measures 14 or 16 inches in height is one of the safest choices available.


  • Built extremely well
  • Installs very easily
  • Ample space
  • It is impossible to pry the latch open
  • Vandalism and theft are well controlled


  • Rain makes mail wet, not safe
  • Magazines lack space
  • It is sometimes possible to experience key jamming issues

5. Mail Boss 7106 is the top-rated Epoch mailbox

Mail Boss 7106 Curbside Steel Post Mount Security Locking Mailbox, Black, Extra Large

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Our top choice for locking mailboxes is Epoch 7106 Mail Boss (We did not actually go through that many as each one was safely locked). The 7106 is characterized by strong, secure, and huge characteristics. You can safely store your parcels and mail in this safe that has a volume of 2375 cubic inches.

Powder coating protects the 14 gauge galvanized steel body. Locks and latches can not be pried open with ease. Their thick bodies make them impossible to vandalize. Stainless steel hinges mount to a door that is 12 gauge in thickness. Disc locks measure 12 wafers deep.

Despite being strong enough to withstand a crowbar, this big boy is still cute. You will not have to worry about rain and seepage of your mail and parcels thanks to its waterproof properties. There is an easy-to-install mounting plate included with the unit.


  • Solid and durable construction
  • Installation is simple
  • The space is very large
  • Effortless
  • Vandalism and theft are very well controlled


  • Bulky and too large
  • An area larger than needed for domestic purposes
  • Costly
  • Very narrow mail slot

6. Mail Boss Curbside, Wood Grain 7510 Mail Manager Locking Security Mailbox

Mail Boss Curbside, Wood Grain 7510 Mail Manager Locking Security Mailbox , Black

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The Mail Manager locking security mailbox by Mail Boss is USPS-approved for residential use and protects against mail theft and vandalism. Its innovative design features an elegant wood-grain finish on the front face, and accepts mail bundles and small packages, yet deters fishing.

Made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel, Mail Manager includes a patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism to prevent leveraged entry and a high-security 12-disc wafer lock with 3 laser cut keys. Never worry about your mail being stolen again, with the Mail Manager secure lockable mailbox.

With the prevalence of mail theft, a locking mailbox is a modern-day necessity. But not all locking mailboxes are secure. In fact, most can be fished by hand or pried open with a screwdriver in seconds. Not the Mail Manager.

Mail Manager will protect against mail thieves and mailbox vandals. Its innovative design accepts small packages yet deters fishing, and includes an exclusive patented locking system to impede prying and leveraged entry.

Protects your identity

  • Mail Manager accepts small packages and delivers real mail security and protection against ID theft.

Deters hand fishing

  • Innovative design accepts small packages but deters fishing theft of mail/ packages.

Defends against vandalism

  • Heavy duty steel construction is durable and protects against mailbox vandalism.

Impedes leveraged entry

  • Patented anti-pry latch locking system prevents prying and leveraged entry.

Highlighted Features

  • USPS-approved full-service residential locking mailbox prevents mail-identity theft
  • 14- and 16-gauge electro galvanized welded steel construction defends against vandalism, with an elegant wood-grain finish on the front face
  • Innovative baffle door accepts small packages and deters fishing, and patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism prevents leveraged entry
  • Includes concealed outgoing mail clip, 12-disc wafer lock, 3 keys and all necessary installation hardware
  • Dimensions: 21″ D x 11. 25″ H x 10. 75″ W

7. Architectural Mailboxes 6400P-R-10 Oasis Eclipse Locking Mailbox

Architectural Mailboxes 6400P-R-10 Oasis Eclipse Locking Mailbox, C2, Pewter

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The Oasis Eclipse parcel locking mailbox is designed with a hopper door to accept parcels and an anti-fishing security comb to keep mail safe. The mailbox body is constructed of galvanized steel and is fully powder coated inside and out for durability and corrosion resistance.

With its cast aluminum handle, powder coated galvanized steel flag and heavy-duty reinforced locking mechanism, this design is built to last. The Oasis Eclipse is a highly functional mailbox that will hold mail bundles, small parcels and padded envelopes in a secure locked compartment with a pry resistant door.

Highlighted Features

  • Anti-fishing security comb keeps mail safe
  • Dual outgoing mail clips discreetly hidden behind hopper door with a magnetic intake door closure
  • Galvanized steel lock with reinforced bracket with pry resistant retreival door
  • Accepts envelopes and small parcels sized 12. 5 in. x 9. 5 in. x 0. 5 in. to 8-5/8 in. x 5-3/8 in. x 1-5/8 in.
  • Mailbox is 11. 3 in. W x 11 in. H x 18. 2 in. D with predrilled 4 in. x 10 in. mounting holes in floor allowing for easy installation

Best Security Locking Mailbox Buyer’s Guide

Security Locking Mailbox
Security Mailbox

The number of mail thefts and identity thefts has risen dramatically in recent years. When you consider how easy it is to take mail from an open mailbox, it’s only logical that you should protect yourself from mail theft.

Your identity and mail will be protected by purchasing a safe locking mailbox. The following section of this guide contains a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding residential lockable mailboxes and rural lockable mailboxes. As well as wall-mounted mailboxes, column-lock mailboxes, wall safes, and lockboxes, locking cluster mailboxes will also be discussed.

For more information about lockable mailboxes, please refer to this guide. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. In the event that I am unavailable, please leave a message if you cannot reach me directly. You can expect me to call you back when I receive your call.

Locking Mailbox Basics

Keeping your mailbox locked will protect your identity and your mail. There are many locking mailboxes available so choosing the right one for you is easy. It’s important to consider the type and location of your locking mailbox before you buy one.

Types of Locking Mailboxes

If you live on the curbside, the locking mailbox is usually fixed to a nearby post. If it’s mounted on your house, garage, or gate, you can easily latch it. Some commercial mailboxes are mounted on walls and some are curbside.

Placement of Locking Mailboxes

A suitable locking mailbox should be selected first, based on your requirements. You can replace your old mailbox with a locking one if you have one already on the curb. Changing the address of your mailbox requires contacting the US Postal Service. Postal Service permission is required to move a mailbox curbside attached to your home.

Curbside Locking Mailboxes

There will be a locking mailbox installed on a column or a post at your curbside that has been approved by the US Post Office. The mail slots where mail carriers drop off their packages are usually not locked. The mailbox where your mail will be kept will require a key to open. Many models include hopper doors that allow larger items to be dropped in, such as prescriptions from mail-order pharmacies and boxed checks. There is enough space for some magazines, even though it cannot fit typical mail or envelopes. You open the lock on the cavity with the key or keypad.

Check out our Locking Drop Box Buyers Guide

Providing the postman with a key is unnecessary. Open the delivery door and place the mail into the secure cavity. Each compartment will hold mail for several months. Your mailbox will need to be larger when you travel. Typically, a locked mailbox at the curbside can hold one or two weeks’ worth of mail.

Input your code or turn the key to retrieve your mail. Most mailboxes are accessible through a front entry, although some have a backdoor option. Due to the rear retrieval door, you do not have to step into the street to get your mail.

My preferred mailbox type is the curbside locking mailbox. Curbside locking mailboxes that fit your needs in terms of mailing patterns, cost, and volume of mail are what you should look for.

Type of Mail Deposited

You should first determine what type of curbside mailbox you prefer by analyzing the most common mail you receive. For those who receive only envelopes and magazines, SM7 mailboxes with Post or locking mailboxes with combination and Post would be a good fit for your needs. The following models would be a better choice if you have small to medium packages: Lockable Curbside Mailbox or Lockable Mailbox with Hopper Door. Locking mailboxes like this one have hopper doors similar to post office drop boxes. Mail can be dropped into the mailbox by opening the door, but the back closes to prevent people from reaching in from behind and taking it. After the mailbox door is shut, the mail can fall into the lockbox.

Quantity of Mail

A secure mailbox must be able to store a sufficient amount of mail. A curbside mailbox holds one or two weeks of mail on average, there are several models available that hold up to six months. The Locking Mailbox with Hopper Door can hold up to three weeks’ worth of mail, allowing travelers to keep the mail while traveling. It can also be upgraded for higher security. An upgrade to your door and lock can bring you peace of mind.

Cost of the Mailbox

In addition, we take into account the cost of your mailbox. If you are considering buying a lockable mailbox for your residence, however, you may want to spend a bit more for the extra security. In addition, metal mailboxes are likely to last for a long time. A lockable mailbox generally costs more than one that does not lock. Your mail and your identity will be protected for years to come with a secure locking mailbox.

Security Locking Mailbox- FAQ

Is locking mailboxes worth the effort?

This problem can easily be solved by getting a locking mailbox. Additionally, you’ll prevent thieves from accessing your mail. These mailboxes are extremely difficult to pick. Thieves who are considering their options will most likely give up before trying.

How secure is a locking mailbox?

The Mail Boss Locking Mailbox is a compelling product due to its innovative design, robust construction, and excellent security. The Solar Locking Mailbox is an affordable alternative to the standard used model.

How many mailboxes are keyed by mailmen?

There are many people who inquire about whether a locking mailbox will require a key from their postal carrier. There is no answer to this question. Residential mailboxes cannot be opened by letter carriers. If your mailbox is larger and commercial-sized, the opening for incoming mail must be designed so that mailboxes can’t reach through it.

Do all buildings have keys for the mailmen?

Each mailpiece is delivered to its destination by thousands of USPS employees across the country. Because post office drivers are government-employed, they can enter offices, schools, and residences with a master key.

How do mailbox flags work?

Mail couriers look for the carrier signal flag at outgoing mailboxes to be alerted to the presence of outgoing mail. The mail courier will know he or she must collect incoming mail when he or she sees the carrier flag rise.


Mail thieves are looking for quick getaways. It is a felony to steal your mail, so if someone is brazen enough to steal your mail, they will not waste too much time trying to open a locked mailbox. Most mail thieves grab mail from an unlocked mailbox, walk away, and then backtrack. Your neighbor’s mailbox will be much easier to steal mail from if it’s not locked; most likely, when they see yours it will make them move on. Getting a locking mailbox will provide you with a great deal of peace of mind and will ensure your mail is delivered safely.

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