Best Under Bed Safe

You may be wondering what is the best under-bed safe. I will give you some of my top picks for great safes that can help protect your valuables in a pinch when you’re not home. They are all easy to install and come with good security ratings so they will do their job well in safeguarding your things. The SentrySafe PSF3700X has an electronic lock which means it’s hard to break into, but also comes with an emergency key release if needed. It is also fire resistant so this could save your life one day. The AMSEC BF4200-DS has four live locking points on each side for extra protection against prying or cutting off the locks with bolt cutters.

Our 5 Favorite under bed safe

Best Under Bed Gun Safes Reviews

1. Secure your guns under the bed with Stealth Defense Vault DV652

Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe + Free 52' Dean Safe Rifle Sock

This model might be what you are looking for if you are looking for the best strong gun safe. You may find that it comes with a lot of great features that you will enjoy using even more. One of the best things about this box is that it can hold a shotgun and a couple of pistols. You will generally be able to respond to any attack with sufficient firepower.

Getting a model with the sturdy construction of 14-gauge steel is a good choice. Overall protection is assured with this type of construction. With the five-point locking system, it will never be hacked.

There should be at least 6 inches of clearance for the fitting. If it’s supposed to go under the bed, you should have no issue fitting it there. It is easier to unlock the safe even at night thanks to a backlit combination lock.

A shotgun can be stored comfortably due to its dimensions. Powerful guns can be stored under the bed with ease. Access to the rifle is made easy with the tray’s slide-out design.


  • Steel construction provides durability and tamper-proofing
  • This model has a five-point locking system that improves locking performance
  • It helps to have a backlight to make it easier to navigate the system during the night
  • When you have to operate at a low noise level, the tray slides out quietly to avoid alerting burglars.
  • It has been approved by the California DOJ to demonstrate compliance with regulations


  • There is no backup key for it
  • The tray in this safe is not spring-loaded

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2. Safe For Under Your Bed – MonsterVault

MonsterVault Dual Lock Under Bed Safe Proudly Made in the USA

A bed safe of this type is definitely going to be something you are going to love because of its size. Getting the most out of the additional storage space is all about size. Now that you have the rifle and other firearms stored, you can access them with ease. Despite this additional storage space, you should still be able to store ammunition and other important items in the safe.

It is easy for users to be assured of the lock’s security when it is equipped with an electronic combination lock. This lock is near impossible to defeat.

You may very well end up with a highly durable product if you add a seven-year warranty on top of it. Anyone who purchases it has the confidence that it will function well and be durable in the long run. Its steel construction assures durability for a long time. One is always easy to use knowing that it can deliver on the performance regardless of the circumstances.

Backup keys are a useful addition to the software. The safe should always be accessible this way.


  • Featuring heavy double-wall steel construction, this model is strong and durable
  • With the addition of handguns and additional long rifles, the interior space is quite large
  • An override key allows you to access the safe even if the battery is low.
  • A low-profile design allows it to be easily tucked under the bed.
  • The burglar will not even attempt to carry it because it is so heavy


  • Fireproof and waterproof properties are not present

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3. Vaultek Pro VTi Full-Size Biometric Handgun Safe

VAULTEK VTi Full-Size Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe Multiple Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery (Camo)

A new under-bed safe from Vaultek. From today onwards, you should have access to a product of the highest quality. Whenever you need the best performance, you can be sure that it will deliver it. The safe has advanced security features to prevent theft. There is no need to worry about pry bars or other theft scenarios.

The high capacity of the model will always be enjoyed by most people. In other words, you’re able to store a greater number of handguns than you would be able to in some competing models. It will always be easy to use a safe like this as of now.

Generally, you will appreciate this model’s toughness and ruggedness. It is easily able to withstand a variety of conditions while still maintaining gun security. Its durability can be attributed to the 12-gauge steel that is used for construction. It also ensures that corrosion will not occur due to the powder coat finish. It can be used with ease right now.

Your use of the refined interior will be enjoyable. It comes with a layer of cell foam that should be able to protect your guns well. Scratches will no longer be an issue.


  • New technology inside the safe makes it more difficult to crack
  • You can store a lot of handguns in it
  • There is no disposable battery in this device, but instead, it uses one that can be recharged
  • The safe’s interior is refined, which further protects the contents


  • In terms of size and features, you’ll find this device to be too expensive

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4. Gun Safe VLine 31242-SA With Keyless Access

V-Line 31242-SA Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (Black, 42-Inch)

Safes with electronic locks or keypads will be unappealing to those who dislike them. This means that no batteries are needed to operate the safe. People who enjoy using such bed safes are likely to appreciate the lack of batteries. This will allow you to easily access it with just a key more often.

A second lock on each side is part of the design by the manufacturer. It’s something you’ll always want to have as far as protection is concerned. When it comes to enjoying the gun safe’s performance, you are sure to have a great time. The safe has a mechanical lock and tubular key locks, or you may use both at once.

The different types of locks should enhance theft prevention. Keeping your stuff safe should be easier with these types of locks.

This safe gives you the option of storing your AR 15 rifle and still having room for other items. It should be easier for you to store handguns, ammo, and any other important documents you believe need more protection with more room.

Due to the predrilled holes in the safe, you should be able to mount it easily to the floor.


  • Its size makes it a suitable place to store AR 15s
  • The building is constructed from 16-gauge steel. Steel is more durable than wood.
  • Since it comes predrilled for mounting, it is easy to install
  • Safes come in nice low gloss finishes to enhance their looks
  • There is no need for batteries


  • Prying can be easier with reduced steel thickness

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5. Smart Pistol VT20i by Vaultek

Vaultek VT20i Bluetooth and Biometric with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery (Not Bluetooth 2.0 and Not compatible with Nano Key 2.0)

Currently, this could be the right security option for you if you’re looking for under-bed safes. This model is quite large, so it will easily fit anywhere if you want to hide it. Considering that it’s a new model, you can also expect to see the latest technology that keeps it up to date. TSA airline firearm guidelines are also great to see. In other words, you can always bring it onboard.

In terms of theft protection, the product excels. With its pry-resistance, you cannot go wrong. With the internal brackets, you will also be able to limit break-in possibilities. This is a strong product that will withstand abuse and will deter burglars.

Steel construction ensures that the piece will last for years to come. Your bed safe should now work well for keeping your stuff secure and you should have no problems using it. You can also make sure it is durable by coating it with a coating of durable steel. In this way, corrosion and rusting can be prevented. Bed safes are definitely a joy to use.

Having access to the safe is always fast and easy due to the locking mechanism. It is very easy to access your firearm using the fingerprint scanner.


  • To provide greater protection, it is both compact and solid
  • It is even possible to open the safe at night using the backlit keypad
  • Backup keys are provided by default
  • Other models have to be replaced because their batteries aren’t rechargeable


  • The price is very high

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Under Bed Gun Safes Buying Guide

Best Under Bed Safe
Under Bed Safe


It should be easy for you to add it to your list. A model that can be stored under the bed will suffice. As such, you can also choose models that come with mounting options. Most of these safes come predrilled, so you just have to place it in the correct position depending on the manufacturer.

They’re often secured in position with a security cable to prevent them from easily being stolen.

Locking system

Different models have different locking mechanisms. Most newer models come with free key access. It is possible to use RFID tag technology that will deliver on performance always. It will always deliver the best performance when it comes to delivering the best performance.

It’s true that electronic locks are popular, but mechanical locks are too. Mechanics offer the highest level of reliability that you require, so people prefer them. Ensure the batteries can always be changed and recharged without causing any problems.


How well you use the construction process should be determined by what material is used. Generally, you should choose steel material that is safe. Durability is always an advantage of steel. When you have steel, you can ensure that your models will always be more durable.

Storage capacity

The safe can only store certain types of guns. There are storage areas for rifles, handguns, and even both, based on their size. Your choice of gun depends on its type. Getting a safe with impressive storage capacity will be a great choice for you.

A safe under the bed could benefit from more storage space for things like important documents. The guns can still store ammunition if there is additional space.

Ease of use

Your goal, of course, is to find an easy-to-use model. Certain models can be portable, depending on the design and construction. They are also good as under-bed safes. You can store compact safes in various places under your bed and still keep them secure.


The first step in choosing a gun safe is deciding how heavy you want it to be. Choosing a stronger safe drilled under your bed for good security, for instance, is a better option for ground-floor rooms. Because you can’t drill holes on the second floor, choose a lighter weight for rooms located elsewhere than the ground floor.


A gun safe under the bed needs a budget as well. Gun safes with biometric locks will be more expensive than heavy steel ones. A better safe may cost a little bit more than the other one if you are concerned about burglaries.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best under-bed safe for me?

You might want to consider getting a safe that slides underneath your bed for a variety of reasons. The fact that it conceals your safe, as well as saving you space in your home, makes it a great design choice.

Isn’t it better to just get a nightstand safe?

Nightstand safes are a good choice if all you want is a secure, near arm’s reach storage space for a handgun while you are sleeping. You will need a larger safe, and safe, however, if you plan to store other valuables, such as long rifles and additional handguns, which you would also have the added protection provided by a vault.

Couldn’t a safe just be bolted to the wall?

We’re talking about concealment here. Safes that go under your bed make it so that most people aren’t even aware you have one. Additionally, you have the advantage of concealment without having to secure the safe to the ground if you don’t wish to lock the safe into place.

Is it better to bolt my safe to the floor or the bed?

I recommend you do this if you can. You can keep your valuables safe by providing additional deterrents. Safes are particularly important for firearms, as nobody wants somebody to take them away. By securing the safe, it can help prevent theft.

Does it Make Sense to Store Only One Firearm?

There are many people concerned about their firearms being accessible in an emergency. When you look at the safes that were reviewed, you would see that once the door of the safe is opened, they are still easily accessible. The long rifles and several different handguns could still be stored easily and accessed rapidly. Your firearms will be protected if your safe has padding.

Final verdict 

Best under-bed safe is an important purchase for your home. You want to make sure that you get the right one, and we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of our top picks in different price ranges. If you have questions about these safes or anything else related to security, don’t hesitate to ask. Our team would be happy to answer them so you can find the perfect safe for your needs. Make this year’s holiday season more peaceful by securing your valuables from thieves with a hidden under-bed safe today.

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