Microsoft Security Essentials Complete Review

Microsoft is known to take care of its users. Security Essentials is a statement to this, and their upcoming release of Windows 10 will cement their position – I hope we all have gotten past the Vista fiasco. After Bill Gates left his key position in the company, everyone thought that it’s going to be only downhill from then on, but we … Read more

Amazon Cloud Storage Review

Amazon is in no way new to the cloud. However, Amazon Cloud Storage didn’t really manage to keep up with its main competitors in the past. Reviews from disgruntled clients talked about the poor syncing capabilities and photo uploading features of the service. The first generation cloud computing service from Amazon was released in March 2011. Reactions … Read more

The 5 Best MMO Mouses Out Now

Although game developers have now come up with powerful game consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, PC gaming is still prevalent. You need the right hardware to make the most out of your PC gaming experience. Nothing beats having the best gaming mouse.  However, you’ll realize that not all gaming mice may be ideal. … Read more

JayBird BlueBuds X Review – A Runner’s Pair of Headphones

The JayBird BlueBuds X are ideal for runners or gym goers who want some audio motivation to boost their productivity – minus the annoying cables. The BlueBuds X are sweat-resistant, dual-fit, and they are one of the best pairs of wireless earphones I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. JayBird BlueBuds X Review Excellent sound, … Read more

Top 6 Prank Calling App Options for a Few Laughs

Life can get pretty boring from time to time. What you can do when you want to spice things up a bit is to download a prank calling app. Prank calling app products are mobile phone applications that can trick your friends in one way or another. Most prank applications can change your voice or your … Read more

Nikon D7100 Vs D7200: What Are the Main Differences?

Both Nikon’s D7100 and D7200 are great DSLR cameras, even though the second one is obviously an updated version of the first model. D7200 is quite similar to D7100. However, it brings some modern additions. The launch of the second model can be good news for some of you because it will lower the D7100’ … Read more

Review for GTA V Online: Arguably the Best Online Game

Grand Theft Auto V is, according to most people, one of the best games of our generation, if not, one of the best online games of all times. As far as the single player campaign goes, the game is defined by its three characters, all of them with interesting and different personalities and motivations, but GTA V is … Read more

8 Best CPU Coolers Your PC Needs in 2022

Gamers, multimedia focused artists, and a number of other groups continually push their computer’s limits. They’re constantly installing more powerful processors, graphics cards and other components. But the more powerful the computer the more heat it generates. That’s why the search for the best CPU cooler should always be part of upgrade cycles. In the … Read more

The Best Camera Phone Options Available On The Market

After going through the most affordable smartphones, the best mid-range smartphones, and the best flag-ship devices available on the market, it’s time for some bonus categories. Tech enthusiasts have very specific needs for their devices so it is important to have the information required for an educated purchase. Keeping up with the trend from our previous … Read more

Review of Google Drive & Google Cloud Storage

The confusion surrounding Google’s major cloud computing services is surprising. With all the hype over Google’s personal cloud-storage service – Google Drive -, one can observe just how far under the radar its business counterpart – Google Cloud Storage – has dropped. Considering Google’s real advancements with the App Engine and Marketplace, I actually believe it’s remarkable how Google … Read more