The 7 Top Smart Garage Door Brands For Your Home

Person in the car holding a smartphone smart garage door opener

Arriving home just got a lot easier with the smart garage door. Additional security for your garage is just as important as added protection for your front door and windows. Accidentally leaving your garage door open makes your home vulnerable to criminals and unwanted guests. The beautiful thing is that with a smart garage door, … Read more

Best WiFi Door Lock With keypad

Image of a brick wall outside entrance with a white door and black lock. There is a key in the lock. The keychain has several keys.

Electronic locks, such as a Bluetooth lock, a WiFi door lock, an RFID lock, or a fingerprint-activated lock, are on nearly every new home and many old ones, and for good reasons. Think about it. You arrive home with grocery bags strewn over your arms. Suddenly, you can’t find your keys. You know they’re in … Read more