Best Scout Carry Knife Reviews

best scout carry knife

Scout style carry is a straightforward but effective way to carry your fixed blade EDC knife. Your knife is carried at a 90-degree angle to your belt, either behind your hindquarters, or (occasionally) under your belly button. This allows you to hold your knife comfortably while still allowing you to use it quickly and easily … Read more

High Lumen Led Bulb

People on every corner of the Earth are making the transition from traditional incandescent light bulbs to high lumen LED lightbulbs. Now, you may not think that this is a big deal, but the amount of energy that LED lightbulbs saves is enough to make anyone run to the store to buy out a supply. … Read more

Best House Wraps Reviews in 2022

Areas that do not have vents where air can get through such as attics, sheds, or workshops can and will get so hot that it will be practically impossible to stay in such a place for very long. There are two ways that you can deal with this. First, you can bend to the will … Read more

Best Fridges- Consumer Reports & Wirecutter

A phone controlling a smart house and Smart Fridge

Chances are you own a smartphone, and maybe you already own a Google Home or another type of digital assistant. But is it time to invest in a smart fridge as well? Smart refrigerators offer a range of amenities, many of which help boost the energy efficiency of the appliance and make it easier to … Read more