High Lumen Led Bulb

People on every corner of the Earth are making the transition from traditional incandescent light bulbs to high lumen LED lightbulbs. Now, you may not think that this is a big deal, but the amount of energy that LED lightbulbs saves is enough to make anyone run to the store to buy out a supply. If you’re thinking about making the switch, whether to save some money or the planet, then it’s important for you to take a look at some of the best lumen LED lightbulbs on the market today.

Keep reading to discover some pretty impressive products, as well as, so frequently asked questions from people new to the world of LED lighting.

5 Best High Lumen LED Bulb Reviews

Great Eagle 100W Equivalent LED A19 Light Bulb 1600 Lumens

Using energy-efficient LED lightbulbs are not only better for the environment, but it’s also beneficial for your pocket. While you’re saving money on lightbulbs by not having to constantly purchase new ones, but you’re also saving money on your electric bill by not consuming as much energy. This compact A19 LED 100-watt lightbulb is UL listed, and unlike recently produced LED lightbulbs, it’s dimmable. This impressive light bulb can save you up to 87% of your energy use, which is unbelievably convenient for those of you who struggle with high electric bills. This general use lightbulb can be used for table lamps, open pendant fixtures, or floor lamps, and it can be used in any room of your house with ease. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient lightbulb that will last for quite some time on full brightness or in sub-zero temperatures, then this LED lightbulb with 1600 lumens by Great Eagle would be a great lightbulb for you!


Extremely bright

Will need to install a special LED dimmer switch

Won’t work in all fixtures

The dimmer may cause them to flicker

SleekLighting – GU24 23Watt 2700K 1600lm 2 Prong Light Bulbs

There’s really no reason for you to continue to waste money on lightbulbs, especially when you can purchase lightbulbs that last longer than a couple of months, depending on how often you use them, of course. With that being said, these 1600 lumen two-prong lightbulbs by SleekLighting will be more than enough lighting for your home or office, and they won’t waste nearly as much electricity, either. Boasting that these lightbulbs will last for an incredible 10,000 hours, SleekLighting has done everything they could to produce high-quality lumen LED lightbulbs for their customers. UL approved, these lightbulbs are capable of replacing your 100-watt incandescent lightbulbs with absolutely no issues at all. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient lightbulb to save your family money, as well as, the environment, then these 1600 lumen 2-prong lightbulbs from SleekLighting are definitely up to the job! But don’t take our word for it. In fact, do your own experiment and see if switching to LED lightbulbs will help you save money. What do you have to lose?

Perfect for residential or commercial use
Brighter than traditional options


May burn out if used in the wrong fixture
Packaging may not be secure enough

100W Equivalent, A19 LED Light Bulb by Energetic Smarter Lighting

Looking for energy-efficient lightbulbs isn’t too difficult of a task, especially when you know what you’re looking for. These A19 lightbulbs are equivalent to 100-watt traditional incandescent light bulbs. This energy-efficient light bulb is more than capable of saving up to 85% of the energy that you currently use, which is unbelievable when you put it into perspective. Also, there are no breakable parts in this lightbulb and they don’t contain any toxic chemicals, either. Thanks to the non-flickering warm white light and zero harsh glares, you can prevent your eyes from becoming fatigued while you’re relaxing in a comfortable, stress-free atmosphere. Made from only high-quality materials, this A19 LED lightbulb from Energetic Smarter Lighting is more than capable of lasting for quite some time in your home or office. If you’re looking for an efficient way to save energy and money, then you should definitely check out these LED lightbulbs by Energetic Smarter Lighting.

Superior light quality

Not dimmable
May not be as bright as some people would prefer

GMY 4Pack – 100 Watt JD E11 T4 Mini Candelabra Base

So you just opened up another $300 electricity bill and you’re one step away from yanking all of the electronics in house and two steps away from reverting back to the olden days when the only light you had was what was provided by a candle. While this isn’t a bad idea in general, it certainly isn’t the only solution for saving money on your electric bill. The first thing you need to do is relax, everything will be okay. The second thing you need to do is check out these energy-efficient lightbulbs from GMY. These 1600 lumen LED lightbulbs are capable of replacing a 100-watt incandescent lightbulb with the same amount of brightness as you’re used to. Being able to be used in ceiling lights, chandeliers, cabinets, and ceiling fans, these Mini Candelabra lights are sure to set the right aesthetic wherever you decide to put them. If you’re looking for a way to save energy and money, then these LED lightbulbs from GMY might just be the best way for you to do so.

No lead or mercury contained in these lightbulbs


May not last as long as some people would want

May not be as bright as some people would hope for

Great Eagle LED GU24 Base, A19 Shape

It goes without saying that no one likes to see their hard-earned money go down the drain month after month, which is exactly what can happen when you look at your monthly electric bill. Unfortunately, electricity is expensive and when you use lightbulbs that tend to waste a lot of energy, you’re making your situation a whole lot worse. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient way to save money, then you should consider replacing your wasteful incandescent light bulbs with these LED lightbulbs from Great Eagle. These impressive LED lightbulbs are not only dimmable, but they’re undeniably safe for your home because they don’t contain lead or mercury. This is product is UL listed and has a 220-degree beam angle for wide and even lighting. If you’re looking for a high quality LED lightbulb for your home or office, then you should check out this reliable product from Great Eagle.
Safe and reliable


The dimmer may cause them to flicker
Special dimmer remote must be installed


How Bright are 1600 Lumen Lightbulbs

As you might already know, the level of lumens is different depending on what light bulb you use. To replace a 100-watt incandescent lightbulb, you would want to use a lightbulb that has 1600 lumens. If you need something brighter than that, you would use a lightbulb that has a higher number of lumens.

How Many Lumens is Really Bright?
As we said before, the more lumens a lightbulb has, the brighter the lightbulb will be. A typical 60watt lightbulb gives off 800 lumens, while a 100watt lightbulb gives you 1600 lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter your lightbulb will be.

How Many Lumens Do You Need to Blind an Attacker?
When it comes to self-defense flashlights, you could use approximately 300 lumens to temporarily blind an attacker. Anything above 300 lumens will do the job faster, but the minimum amount of lumens you need to blind an attacker is 300 lumens.

How Many Lumens Will Damage Your Eyes?

Unfortunately, it can take as little as 300 lumens to damage your eye, but that comes with direct exposure to the light. To avoid damaging your eyes, it’s important for you to never stare directly into any type of light, regardless of the number of lumens that it has.

How Many Lumens are Police Flashlights?

Because police officers are required to search for people in dark areas or approach people in dark cars, they typically use a flashlight that has a higher number of lumens. Typically, police officers and other types of law enforcement use a flashlight that has 1000 lumens.

How Many Lumens Does it Take to Start a Fire?

Thanks to advancements in lithium technology, certain lights are more than capable of producing 2300 lumens of light. This is actually more than enough lumens to start a fire or cook eggs. Obviously, when something has that much power it shouldn’t be left in the hands of children.

The Verdict

With so many different types of lighting out there, you can’t help but be confused about the type of lighting you should use in your home. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient lightbulb to use in your home, then you should definitely look into buying LEDs from Great Eagle. Not only are their products reliable, but they’re also safe, affordable, and efficient. With that being said, if you’re convinced to start using LED lightbulbs, Great Eagle should be the company you invest your money in!

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