Loxone Touch Surface Revolutionizes Smart Home Automation

Loxone is on the cutting edge of smart home technology, and their latest offerings are no different. The Loxone Touch Surface and the Loxone NFC Code Touch, two of their latest offerings, are moving homes into the future.

The Loxone Touch Surface

The Touch Surface is essentially a control board for your home’s smart features. With an intuitive five button operating surface, it seamlessly blends into almost any hard surface. That includes ceramic, glass, wood and stone. When it comes to style and utility, it’s hard to match.

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Style features

The Loxone Touch Surface can go behind or under almost any surface, including surfaces that are over an inch thick. As a matter of fact, you can mount it to almost anything. When the installation is complete, it’s hard to spot unless you know what you’re looking for.

Even better, installation is a breeze, and you should have no problems with it. The Loxone Touch Surface comes with both adhesive and screw options, leaving the degree of permanence entirely up to the user.


Once set up, the Loxone Touch Surface can integrate with and control smart lights, home audio, shading and even more. Additionally, you can use it in tandem with other smart home devices.

The Touch Surface goes under the surface you are placing it on. For example, if you put it in your kitchen, you can place it under the counter, using the countertop itself to control the device. You can engrave/mill the surface, or you can use decal stickers to mark where to press to use the various buttons. Moreover, auditory and tactile feedback ensures that the controls feel natural and intuitive.

Loxone NFC Code Touch


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The Loxone NFC Code Touch is an access control solution, otherwise known as a door lock. It’s not just any lock, though. NFC access control means that only those with the right electronic credentials can access your home. Loxone’s NFC door unlock technology, combined with other innovations, creates a perfect access solution.

Access credentials can come in the form of an NFC code, a key fob, sticker or even a compatible smartphone. You could assign a different control access code for each family member, and you can also assign codes for things like the garage code pad.

Perhaps the most useful feature is the NFC Code Touch’s app. The app allows you to control all of your security features, and it allows you to generate a time-bound or single use control key code. With that feature, you’re now able to give limited access to cleaners or delivery drivers without compromising your home’s security in the future. Here’s more via the Loxone YouTube:

With technology like the Loxone Touch Surface and Loxone NFC Code Touch, everyday items like light switches and keys see some stiff competition. It’s only a matter of time until virtually everything in your home can be automated.

Both products are currently available on Loxone’s website.

Featured image: Screenshot via Loxone.

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