Night Owl Security Cameras Reviews

In the rapidly-growing security industry, Night Owl has jumped right in with its great camera options. Night Owl’s cameras offer something for everyone after diving into their features and technology. They’re also reasonably priced. For $59.99, you can buy a number of basic add-on cameras. A facial recognition system from the company costs more than $1,000.

The pros and cons of Night Owl should be considered carefully before you sign up for the “buy now” bandwagon. Their batteries do not allow me to live stream videos. Night Owl offers limited options for smart home enthusiasts. Still, it competes well against other camera brands. Check this service out to see if it fits your budget and home.

An In-Depth Look at Night Owl Security

Consumers have access to a wide range of products from this brand, which tries to offer affordable options. A variety of audio and visual equipment is available, as well as wired and wireless cameras. The company may not have an exclusive reputation, but they help customers from every background to the best of their ability.

Key Features

They strive to make some of their products accessible to everyone, not just wealthy markets, even though the company focuses on security technology. These include:

  • The transfer of images
  • Editing software that works in your browser
  • An app for mobile devices
  • Overlays of text and graphics
  • An easy-to-use interface

Overview of the Night Owl Security System

In 2009, the company was founded by a team of software designers and engineers. Although they manufacture their parts and components overseas, their HQ is in Naples, Florida, where the team is located. User-friendly, affordable products are at the core of the company’s goal, and they strive to provide high-quality security for everyone. You can use Night Owl cameras and technology in your business, at home, for federal organizations, for retailers, and so on.

Security Options for Night Owls: Audio, Visual, and Cutting-Edge

A few of the service’s top features are listed below. In addition to night vision and audio functionality, a variety of other services and capabilities are available. You can find something for everyone, no matter what type of business you have or how busy you are.

Monitoring remotely

Often these days, people want to keep track of their valuables and homes from anywhere. Customers can view their homes remotely using these security cameras, without leaving the house. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones can be used to access video footage.

Dual Sensors

There are many false alarms caused by sensors that are not realized by most people. The products from Night Owl are designed to reduce the frequency of faulty alerts by up to 90% through dual sensors. The Night Owl cameras can also monitor motion and heat with two sets of sensors.

DVRs and NVRs

Depending on the preferences of customers, digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs) are available. NVRs may be more expensive but can provide better image quality. Ethernet cables and WiFi can be used. Coaxial cables can be used for DVRs. You don’t need an Internet connection to use either of these options.

Audio Two-Way

Two-way audio is available on both DVRs and NVRs. If you wish to listen in on your home while you’re away, this is a good option. As a result, they are better able to perceive – both auditory and visually – the surroundings and become more aware of unusual behavior. Although this feature is not necessary, it can give homeowners a sense of security and awareness.

Compatibility with Google Assistant

These cameras are compatible with Google Assistant, so those who use it will be happy to hear. Simply ask Google to do it, and you’ll be able to access security footage. When combined with the camera’s app, this capability makes accessing footage and security images much more convenient.

No storage fees per month

No monthly storage fees are charged by this provider, so clients don’t have to worry about cloud storage fees. Customers are able to save footage on hard drives or microSD cards without paying for it. Their pictures and videos can also be viewed on the mobile app. It makes things convenient and keeps costs down.

Night Vision

Night Owl cameras are also capable of seeing in the dark, as their name suggests. As a result, the client wants to know that their business and home are safe at all times. Night vision can be viewed by the user up to 20 feet inside and 100 feet outside.

Recording without the Internet

Those without Internet access or who do not wish to record online will still be able to use these cameras. Because the footage can be recorded Internet-free, clients will never miss a moment. If they do not have a computer at home, they can still access their security video through a smartphone.

Filter to cut IR

Images are enhanced by the infrared light filtering capability of the cameras. For those not familiar with infrared light (IR), it can discolor things that the human eye cannot detect. Consequently, pictures will appear distorted. This filter allows you to see what’s happening without those annoying distortions.

A wide field of view

Traditional security cameras have a viewing angle of 42 degrees. With Night Owl’s technology, you can capture clearer and more accurate images from a wide angle of 100 degrees. The feature is perfect for areas that are hard to see, such as corners and places with a lot of trees and shrubs.

Installation of preinstalled storage

Because every Night Owl camera comes with two terabytes of digital storage space, customers do not need to worry about running out of storage space. The pre-installed storage can hold over half a million images. Users will never run out of room because files can be transferred to a hard drive or microSD card.

Multiple viewing options with digital zoom

The feature allows clients to view the same location from different perspectives. The digital playback also allows them to get a more comprehensive view of the area. From a mobile device, you can access footage using the digital zoom function. Therefore, people can pinpoint a particular spot at any time.

Dual Audio

Clients can watch video footage and communicate with someone on the other side using dual-function cameras, which are not to be confused with two-way audio. Customers can use the mobile app to talk to people in their homes, for instance. As a result, the service is more secure and accessible.


In addition to being waterproof, Night Owl cameras can withstand moisture and dirt. While they cannot withstand severe weather conditions, they can handle a bit of water and dust without being compromised. If your location is prone to wet weather and high levels of humidity, this is especially important.

Service for third-party installations by InstallerNet

In order to get the security system up and running, InstallerNet service is required. Customers who are older may not know how to calibrate the product or get everything started may particularly benefit from this. All US customers can benefit from this, even though it does cost a bit more.

Apps are available for smart devices

A variety of smart devices, including phones and tablets, can access the mobile app with high-definition video. You can download the app for free, and it will sync with your DVR automatically. The app can be used to view all the footage from a client’s security cameras if they are on the same wireless network.

Installation & Equipment

Here’s a glimpse of what the brand has to offer in 2022 in terms of accessories and other choices. A variety of video systems are available to consumers, including wired or wireless cameras. Installation can be completed by a professional. Here’s more information.

Final Verdict

This company offers an array of features and customizations that appeal to everyone. They have both wired and wireless options, and consumers can select the number of cameras they need for their property. I think the price and the functionality of this product are pretty good, and it is compatible with many smart devices. It shares many benefits with its competitors, so buyers will find them comparable. The question is just how much the person is willing to spend and what he or she needs.

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