Vera Edge: The Brains You Need to Build a Smart Home

The fantasies that were once a part of science fiction movies are now becoming a reality. People are controlling their house — its lights, climate control, appliances, even music, and televisions — with apps. The Vera Edge is the brain that makes home automation possible.

If you are looking for the best brain for your smart home, Vera Home Automation products may are a great option. Especially for those who don’t want another monthly bill, just to keep control of your smart devices at the tips of your fingers. But first, what exactly is a smart home?

What Is a Smart Home?

The workings of a smart home. Vera Edge is the starter element to realize a smart home
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A smart home is a home equipped with an automation system that controls the lighting, temperature, entertainment systems, and other appliances in the house. Known as smart devices these household components connect and communicate with one another via a home network. The main reasons why home automation systems are becoming popular are that they are secure, as well as energy- and cost-efficient.

Vera Home Automation

When it comes to home automation systems, Vera Smart Home Control is the company to call. They have a range of products that turn your home into an automated paradise. Vera Control Ltd. offers a variety of smart devices that you can set up quickly without being an expert, or even requiring an expert’s help.

The company has spurred a revolution in the Do It Yourself segment. Unlike the other companies, Vera does not charge its customers monthly or through contracts, making the products even more desirable.

Here is a list of products that the company has to offer:

Vera controller

Vera 3 Flexible, Powerful and Affordable Home Controller

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The company offers three variants of the controller which connect all the smart devices in your home. The controller is essentially the brain of any home automation system. It makes all the tools accessible at just the touch of an app on your phone or tablet.

The three variants of Vera controller are the Vera Edge, the Vera Plus, and the Vera Secure.

Vera Edge

Vera Control VeraEdge North American One Application Control

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At the lowest price, but still very efficient, the Vera Edge is every user’s dream. Labeled at $99.95, Vera Edge offers all the basic functions of a controller at an affordable price.

Vera Plus

Vera Control VeraPlus-US Smart Home Controller Z-Wave Wireless Security, 7.71' x 5.0' x 1.33', Black

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The second in line, this Vera controller costs the user $149.95 and offers improved speed when it comes to communication. It is also compatible with up to 1500 third-party devices and powered by 256MB DDR3 RAM.

Vera Secure

The most robust controller of the lot, the Vera Plus is powered by 512MB DDR3 RAM and is compatible with 2000 devices. The Vera Plus has a 2400mAh battery and also consists of an embedded 3G module. If you are looking for a robust controller with state-of-the-art technology and lightning speed, then the Vera Plus is your best bet. The power-packed controller will cost you $299.95.

Vera cameras

Vera Control VistaCam 900 Indoor Full HD Wi-Fi Camera

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Vera Home Control offers a range of smart wireless cameras known as VistaCam that work seamlessly with the Vera controllers to keep your home secure. The price range of the cameras varies from $99.95-$199.95. Each of the cameras comes with an 8GB SD card that stores images and videos in case you miss out on the live feed. The cameras have motion detectors and a built-in microphone.

Vera services

The company offers two basic varieties of security services to its user named the VeraProtect and VeraSentinel.


The VeraProtect service adds another layer of security to your home by providing the users with a true alarm service monitoring system. The service uses the already-in-place Vera system to monitor things in your house. If an emergency arises, an operator from the company will call you to confirm the incident, and then informs authorities to take action. This decreases response time in case of fire, burglary, and theft.

The service also enables the users to use panic buttons on the application to send an SOS signal to ambulances, fire stations, or police stations. Moreover, the company offers a subscription on a monthly basis so users can opt in and out of it based on their preference.


VeraSentinel is a camera management service that provides the user the facility to save their videos on the cloud. With the intelligent camera management system, you can set up hot zones in your home to monitor areas by automatically triggering recording on sensing movement or any other activity. Like VeraProtect, the service is on a monthly subscription basis.

Vera Edge Review: the Best Z-Wave Hub in Town

Z-wave is a wireless protocol that allows devices to communicate with one another using secure radio frequencies. The Vera Edge is the most affordable and handy Z-Wave hub that can turn your home into a smart home. Z-Wave hubs lay at the center of home automation systems, and allow the user to operate all devices via a single interface.

Vera Edge design and specifications

The Vera Edge has a plain shape with a slight curve and sports a black matte finish. It is available for a modest price of $99 and trumps every other hub in the market when it comes to compactness. The device has a 60 MHz CPU and runs on a 128 MB RAM. Moreover, it has radio receivers to support Z-wave and 802.11 a/g/b/n wireless standards.

Working with the Z-wave hub

Setting up the device is quite simple, as the device comes with an online instruction manual on Also, it can control over 100 devices which connect easily to the hub once its set up. The Vera Edge is compatible with 1200 Z-wave devices giving the users ample amount of choices.

Vera MiOS

The Vera Edge is controlled centrally through an application known as Vera MiOS, which is available on Android, Windows and Apple phones. The application adapts the interface by remembering users preferences and is easy to use.

VeraLite: Miniature but Powerful Version of VeraEdge

vera edge: VeraLite smart controller. The smart hub is a miniature but powerful vera controller
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People often restrict themselves from buying hubs because of their price, but VeraLite is one of the most cost-effective options for those looking to upgrade their homes. The device comes packaged with power supply, ethernet cable, four AA batteries, and a manual to help the user set the device up.

Like the other controllers of the company, VeraLite is easy to install and can manage up to 70 devices. The controller is compatible with 900 smart products and comes with features like plug and play via internet, sending customized messages to users, extended indoor and outdoor range, and powerful Z-wave control.

Though the controller may look small in size, it manages the security of the home with ease and efficiency. The device allows users to manage other smart equipment in groups or individually by using an application that can install on a phone, tablet or a laptop.

Getvera: Users Guide to Vera Products and Automation Blogs

If you are seeking to go through the catalog for Vera products, then Getvera is what you want. The website gives an insight into all the products available for sale at the best prices. Plus, the site offers a range of articles and blogs on its products and how to set them up.

Users can also access the site to create a new account as well as contact support in case of any query or read manuals to solve problems on their own.

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